‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 9 Recap: What Happened To Chairman Joongmoo?

The ninth episode of The Impossible Heir has several mysteries in store for us. Everyone is concerned when Taeoh goes missing from the prison, and it is revealed that Chairman Joongmoo has been helping him. The chairman had come to know of Inha’s ill motives and wanted Taeoh to help him save Kangoh. Meanwhile, Taeoh will try to find out the real culprit behind Inju and Bona’s murder and will realize that it was Inha. What will happen to Chairman Joongmoo? Will Inha be able to find Taeoh with Wan’s help? What was Hyewon’s motive? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Chairman Joongmoo Help Taeoh Escape Prison?

Taeoh had been having nightmares about Inju and Bona’s murders. Amidst dreams and flashbacks, Taeoh realized that Inha was present and probably had a hand in the murders. When he wakes up, we realize that Taeoh is at Chairman Joongmoo’s house. He suspected that Inha was behind the murders and wanted Taeoh on his side. Taeoh told him that Inha had been trying to divide Kangoh into two and give a part of it to Park Sajin. Taeoh further said that he had planned the dispense blueprint, and Inha must have started working on it. Taeoh confessed to his plan to make Inha the owner of the Kangoh Group. However, after knowing the truth, Chairman Joongmoo wanted to get rid of Inha and gave Taeoh permission to do anything to Inha. 


Why Did Inha Kidnap Hyewon?

Hyewon went to meet her mother and asked her to find a man who could help her in searching for someone. Hyewon said that she would pay her a lot of money for it, but her mother later informed Inha about it. Hyewon was later kidnapped by Inha and admitted into the Taerim Mental Institute. When she regained her senses, she realized that it was Inha who had kidnapped her. Hyewon said that she knew that Inha knew all about her and Taeoh, and he said that he could never trust her again. The next day, when he came back, he asked Hyewon to commit to him and be a second Taeoh for him, to which she agreed. 

Joongmoo informed Taeoh about Inha getting Hyewon out of the mental institute. Taeoh said that Inha must have let Hyewon go as he was trying to get his hands on the foundation of slush funds. He advised the chairman to take Hyewon on his side so that Inha couldn’t get his hands on the money. This led to Joongmoo calling Hyewon later and telling her about Inha’s plan, asking her to stay alert. 


What Did Inha Plan With Sajin?

Inha had made a pact with Sajin that if he got Kangoh, he would split it in half and give it to him. When Sajin was reluctant, Inha tried to blackmail him, saying that he knew all about Advisor Im Jongyong of Kangoh Electronics (Sajin’s right hand) and had also collected evidence against Im. However, that threat worked, and Sajin decided to be on Inha’s side.

How Will Inha Find Out About Taeoh?

Inha got hold of Seonu Wan and told him that he had all the information on him. Inha said that Wan had left the European-based hacking organization for financial institutes and was an ex-agent of Bluenoroff. Inha threatened to expose Wan if he didn’t help him find Taeoh. Inha also grew suspicious that Taeoh was at the chairman’s residence when he saw Director In at his place. He was actually there to check up on Taeoh, and when Inha asked him about it, the chairman came in and handled the situation. While returning, Inha asked Director In about who was staying with the chairman, and when he refused to tell him anything, he threatened to kill him. In immediately informed the chairman all about it and said that Inha had been suspicious of Taeoh’s presence. However, Wan confirmed to Inha that Taeoh was staying at the chairman’s place. 


Why Did Joongmoo Meet Sajin?

Taeoh said that Inha would try to get rid of Sajin once he got what he wanted and advised the chairman to break the Kangoh Group, giving Sajin half of it and Kangoh Energy (to take Sajin on his side). Taeoh ensured that he would get rid of Sajin once their task of tossing Inha was complete. The chairman immediately arranged a meeting with Sajin, offering him Kangoh Energy in exchange for getting rid of Inha. He said that their fathers had made Kangoh, and it was their responsibility to build it even stronger. However, Sajin approved of Joongmoo’s plans to overthrow Inha. 

What Happened To Chairman Joongmoo?

Huiju had been searching for Taeoh, and when she got to know that he was staying at the chairman’s residence, she went there and saw her father’s lifeless body in the bathtub. Now the question of whether everyone will again point their fingers at Taeoh will have to stand a test! 


Meanwhile, we see that Taeoh has promised to meet Hyewon, and before that, he goes to the room where Inju and Bona were murdered. Many blurry flashbacks of the night kept coming to him, and suddenly he realized that Bona had been recording everything that night at the club. This must mean that her video recording was still on when the incident happened. Taeoh was filled with hope that he could now easily get hold of the murderer, proving himself innocent. 

What Will Happen Next?

Little did Taeoh know that he was going to get involved in a greater mess as he was trying to get out of his previous issues. The 10th episode is likely to put Taeoh in a very tight situation where he will have to prove his innocence. The mystery behind the chairman’s murder will also be revealed, and I am almost certain that Inha had his hands behind murdering his father! Inha had been killing the members of the Kangoh Group one after another so that he could gain the position that he had always dreamed of. Inha must have come to know the chairman’s plan to oust him, and hence he killed Joongmoo, eventually trying to pin all the blame on Taeoh. However, Taeoh’s innocence will be proven if he manages to get his hands on Bona’s phone, where there is a recording of the incident that occurred on the night of the murder!


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