‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 3 Recap Summary: What Did Joongmoo Plan To Stop Seongju?

Taeoh will expose Kim Seongju’s evil intent to Chairman Jeongmoo so that he can pave the way for Inha to enter the Kangoh Group. He wanted to make sure that the chairman came to know about the evil motives of his son, whom he had been trusting blindly for all these years. The measures that Chairman Joongmoo will take to keep his son and wife’s evil intentions at bay (on Taeoh’s advice) will be portrayed in the third episode of The Impossible Heir. Will Taeoh succeed in his endeavors to save Kangoh Group from the clutches of Seongju and Geumseok? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Taeoh Retained By Joongmoo?

When Taeoh started working at the Kangoh Group, he knew that he somehow had to attract the attention of the chairman and be someone on whom he could rely. On his very first day at the office, he had written a speech for Joongmoo on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Co-Prosperity Cooperation Center. When the Chairman asked Taeoh what he thought about him as a Chairman, he told him that he created a speech for him solely on the basis of his perception. Joongmoo revealed that he knew that he had talked to Mr. Chae to reach him. He was about to fire him, saying that he knew about his past and that he had tried to frame his innocent father (Han Gilsu) in the past. Later, something in him changed, and he offered Taeoh to stay only if he could learn to conceal his inner thoughts. 


What Was Seongju’s Plan?

Taeoh informed Inha that the center director, Chae, would be released from his position very soon, as he was of no use to Seongju anymore. Kang Seongju intended to attain control of the center, setting his father down. One year ago, Chairman Joongmoo had told Taeoh that he would build a large city on the west coast, beginning the Royal Road project there. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Seongju had been in cahoots with Jo Sundong, a member of the opposition party. When Taeoh found out about it, he told Inha that the Hanmi Party conference would be held within the next 5 days. Jo Sundong would be appointed against Joongmoo’s will, which would open the routes to unwarranted attacks on the Royal Road Project. He further told Inha that it was important to find out who Seongju was rooting for, as it would decide the route of the Kangoh group. Hyewon added that she had recently found out that Kang Seongju would be the first guest of the Blue House talk concert, which would be a tribute to Seongju on behalf of Jo Sundong. 

When Jo Sundong was chosen as the party leader, Joongmoo was furious and confused as to how he could beat Seongju. He was afraid that Jo Sundong’s victory would tear down Kangoh. Meanwhile, the party members (of the opponent) were seen discussing how they could oust Chairman Joongmoo with the help of his son, Seongju. They were, however, not aware of the fact that a recorder had been set below their table to record their conversation. It was definitely Taeoh who was planning to collect evidence against Seongju’s conspiracy against his own father. 


Why Was Huiju Angry?

When Huiju got to know that Geumseok had tried to fix her alliance with Huichan without her approval, she became extremely angry. She went to meet Geumseok and asked her why she had been intending to fix her marriage with someone that she did not know. Her mother said that Chairman Ko of Daejong adored her and wanted to get her engaged to Huichan. When her mother tried pressing her, she threatened to commit suicide. The hopeless romantic she was, she was still stuck on Taeoh. 

What Did Taeoh Anticipate?

Meanwhile, Hyewon found out that Seongju was looking to control the National Assembly, MOEL, and MOLIT by using Sundong as a shield. He would use the power to advance the Royal Road project and portray his father as an evil dictator, trying to snatch away the project from him. This would lead to Kangoh’s financial collapse, making it easy for them to frame Chairman Joongmoo for negligence. They would also cause the co-prosperity center to be separated from Kangoh after ousting the chairman. Taeoh anticipated the fact that if Seongju beat them, then Chairman Kang had to give up the center first. 


How Did Taeoh Collect Proof Against Seongju And Geumseok?

The detective that Taeoh had set up to look into Seongju found out that the African refugee relief organization run by the Jang Noik Foundation was heavily funded by the Kangoh Art Foundation. Geumseok (the one in charge of the Art Foundation) blackmailed Sundong, saying that she would leak to the world that his son was an addict and, despite being fired from John Hopkins, would be made the next head of surgery at Kangoh Hospital. 

Taeoh informed all about the misdeeds of his son and wife to the chairman. He told him that a villa had been purchased under Congressman Jo Sundong’s daughter’s name in Spain. There had been a cash deposit of 5 million dollars in his daughter’s Swiss bank account. Taeoh further informed him that it was traced back to the African refugee relief organization. Upon being informed, the chairman did not budge, and it seemed as if he had been expecting it. He was quite nonchalant when he realized that his son and wife had been plotting against him by bribing his opponents. Taeoh further said that his son was well aware that whoever gets the center gets Kangoh. He was told that the Co-Prosperity Cooperation Center, part of a synergy team, was led by Seongju. He had managed to hack into Seongju’s phone, further finding out that he had even lured Mr. Chu with a new law firm in his name to cheat the chairman. 

Why Did Mr. Chu Decide To Betray Joongmoo?

Mr. Chu was promised his own global law firm, where he would be the real owner, unlike Milton (by Seongju). All Seongju needed from Mr. Chu was Milton’s backstory from 10 years ago and evidence of embezzlement against Chairman Joongmoo. After the Chairman got to know Mr. Chu’s real face, he called him and asked him to get rid of the issues arising from re-assigning the center. Mr. Chu realized that the chairman was somehow alerted to the misdeeds of his son and was tensed that he could get caught up in the matter and his real face would be exposed. 

What Did Joongmoo Plan To Stop Seongju?

Joongmoo called a meeting where he made an announcement of the split of the Co-Prosperity Center, putting it directly under the chairman’s authority. He told Songju that he would control the Kangoh securities, as they were falling apart. He also replaced Seongju as the team leader of Kangoh’s synergy team. He made Chae Donguk return to the center as the center director. These decisions of the chairman did not sit well with Seongju. Meanwhile, Taeoh was informed that someone had planned to blow up the chairman’s office. A team of police was immediately seen coming to the office and searching every corner for any possibility of a hidden explosive. On the other end, as Joongmoo confronts his wife about her misdeeds, he is seen to suddenly fall sick from a cardiac arrest. As he lies helplessly on the floor, trying to reach out to the box of medicine, Geumseok walks off. She had probably wanted her husband to die so that all the control of the Kangoh Group could go to Seongju. 


What Will Happen Next?

Joongmoo will surely be saved by Taeoh in the fourth episode of The Impossible Heir. The plans that he had been making to secure Inha’s position in the company had been going well so far. There is a possibility that Geumseok and Seongju will be completely ousted from the property by Joongmoo, leaving all the duties in Inha’s hands. Geumseok and Songju will, however, try their best to cling to the Kangoh group and try to kill Joongmoo. The next episode will reveal their evil plans to save their own backs and prevent being ousted from the property. 

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