‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episodes 11 And 12 Recap & Ending: How Does Kang Ho Get His Memories Back?

Young Soon discovered Kang Ho’s secret journal and understood his plan to get revenge on his father’s murderers. She burned all of Kang Ho’s documents to stop him from going back to being a prosecutor again in The Good Bad Mother. Young Soon had been teaching Kang Ho how to run the farm and had also started looking for a bride for him. All the women rejected Kang Ho because of his condition, except for one foreigner who agreed to marry him. When Mi Joo found out about Kang Ho’s marriage preparations, she needed to let him, and his mother know that he had kids and that he couldn’t get married easily.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Sam Sik Meet Ha Young?

Mi Joo takes Ye Jin and Seo Jin to Kang Ho’s home, and she meets Hoang, Kang Ho’s fiancée, at the gate. Hoang is excited to meet Kang Ho, but Kang Ho comes to the gate and tells Mi Joo worriedly that his mother has collapsed. Mi Joo runs inside and calls an ambulance. Hoang, who is a nurse, performs first aid on Young Soon, and Mi Joo takes Young Soon to the hospital in a truck because the ambulance takes too long to arrive in their village. Kang Ho didn’t know what his mother was sick with until now, but he finds out that she really doesn’t have long to live. He can’t imagine losing his mother and starts crying next to her. He promises her that he won’t think about becoming a prosecutor again and will also stop liking Mi Joo. Hoang hears this and calls off the marriage. She informs Andrea, who introduced her to Kang Ho that Kang Ho already has someone else. After waking up, Young Soon leaves the hospital right away, saying she doesn’t need treatment because she is going to die anyway and has a lot of things to do before that. She calls Hoang first thing but gets both disappointed and angry. She goes to Mi Joo and shouts at her, asking why she always has to ruin Kang Ho’s life. Mi Joo’s mother doesn’t hold back this time and defends her. She tells Young Soon that Kang Ho has ruined Mi Joo’s life more, but she doesn’t reveal the truth about the kids.


Sam Sik has been busy trying to earn money through any means. He had sold a luxurious handbag that Young Soon gave to his mother, but the customer returned it to him because of poor stitching. While he is checking the bag, he finds an envelope and, again, a USB. The envelope has someone’s DNA test results, but to access the USB, Sam Sik has to go to Kang Ho. Kang Ho guesses the right password after multiple failed attempts, and they hear a voice recording between three people about getting rid of Hwang Soo Hyun. One of the voices belongs to Kang Ho, and Kang Ho gets curious about it. Surprisingly, he recognizes Oh Tae Soo’s voice. Sam Sik only wants money, and he is going to go to Seoul to meet Oh Tae Soo’s daughter because it is not easy to meet Tae Soo himself. Sam Sik follows Ha Young from her house and eventually finds her alone. He shows her the records and blackmails her for money, which she agrees to pay. However, while Sam Sik waits for Ha Young to return, he gets abducted by Tae Soo’s men, who are keeping an eye on Ha Young. Sam Sik has no idea what trouble he has gotten himself into. Tae Soo’s men believe that Chairman Song has sent Sam Sik to threaten Tae Soo. They torture him to get him to admit the truth, but he is clueless about what they are talking about. He would have died right there if Chairman Song’s men hadn’t followed him and saved him. However, this created an open rivalry between Song and Tae Soo. Meanwhile, Ha Young runs away from her wedding because she wants to rebel against her father, who lied to her and made her commit a crime by trying to kill Kang Ho. Tae Soo is furious and joins hands with Chairman Song to get rid of Kang Ho, as he is the root of all of their problems. The next day, in the middle of the night, Young Soon gets a call that her farm is on fire.

Who Saves Kang Ho From The Fire?

Young Soon and Kang Ho drive to the farm, and Sam Sik runs after them because now he knows that Kang Ho’s life is in danger. Young Soon wants to save the pigs and walks into the pigsty but it is too late. Kang Ho helps get his mother out, but himself gets trapped inside. Sam Sik runs through the village, shouting that there’s a fire, and gathers the entire village at the farm. He sees two unknown men at the farm, but they escape after hitting him. Sam Sik boldly walks into the pigsty on fire to save Kang Ho, and both of them make it out safely. The police investigators interrogate Young Soon and Sam Sik to find out the cause of the fire, and when Sam Sik tries to tell them that he saw two strangers, Young Soon tries to shut him up. She says that it was her mistake, so there is no need to investigate it further. Mi Joo finds it suspicious and asks Sam Sik about the men and why he saved Kang Ho. Sam Sik tells her everything he witnessed in Seoul, so Mi Joo runs to Young Soon and tells her everything. To her surprise, Young Soon already knows everything and reveals the reason why she doesn’t want to report it to the police. She doesn’t want Kang Ho to end up like his father. She cries to Mi Joo, saying how bad of a mother she has been to Kang Ho, but Mi Joo tells her that Kang Ho never hated her and always missed her when they were in Seoul. That’s when Young Soon realizes that the girl Kang Ho mentioned in his diary is Mi Joo, so she apologizes to Mi Joo on Kang Ho’s behalf and tells her that Kang Ho left her to ensure her safety. That’s when Mi Joo also apologizes to Young Soon for hiding the fact that Kang Ho is the father of her kids.


Kang Ho listens to their conversation as he wakes up, but before he can talk to them, the police detectives arrest him under suspicion of murdering Hwang Soo Hyun. They take him to the police station, but Kang Ho throws a fit as the police officers force him to admit his crime. Young Soon threatens to sue the police officers for torturing a mentally unstable person and asks them to bring evidence before arresting Kang Ho again. She takes Kang Ho home and notices right away that Kang Ho has gotten his memories back. She catches him looking for the chip he hid in the photo frame, but Young Soon has burned all of Kang Ho’s documents. Young Soon still doesn’t want Kang Ho to get involved with his enemies, but Kang Ho explains to her that they won’t stop until they get rid of him, so he has to attack them first. He gets ready to go to Seoul and meets his children, Seo Jin and Ye Jin, first. He also meets Mi Joo and asks her not to forgive him until he completes his mission and comes back to her to beg for her forgiveness.

Kang Ho enters the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office with his identity card that he had saved from getting burned. He needs to find evidence against Tae Soo once again, and Kang Ho knows his ways. Tae Soo and Chairman Song tried to kill him by burning the farm, but he barely escaped and got his memories back instead. Kang Ho is looking for the fisherman who helped Hwang Soo Hyun escape, but he has closed his shop and disappeared. Meanwhile, Mi Joo finds a video taken by Ye Jin on her phone and sees Ha Young putting some pills in Kang Ho’s drink. Mi Joo is just as reckless as Sam Sik, and at the end of The Good Bad Mother Episode 12, both of them go to Seoul to meet Ha Young again. However, Ha Young has been locked up by her father until the elections are over. She has already tarnished his image by running away from the wedding, and he doesn’t want her to cause any more trouble. Mi Joo is determined to find Ha Young, and she knows where she could be because it’s not her first encounter with her.


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