‘The Ghost’ Ending, Explained: How Does Vikram Save Anu And Aditi?

A man on a mission to save his family. “The Ghost” is a story of an Interpol officer out to take on not just the mafia but other larger-than-life villains who want to eliminate his family. “The Ghost,” a Telugu-language action drama, is directed by Praveen Sattaru and stars Nagarjuna, Sonal Chauhan, Gul Panag, Anika Surendran, Manish Chaudhari, and Ravi Varma, who get into the grand scheme of things as the film begins. The film was released on the big screen on October 5, 2022, and has been streaming on Netflix since November 2, 2022.


Spoilers Ahead

The Story Of Vikram And His Family

Vikram Naidu and his wife, Priya, are high-profile Interpol officers working in the Dubai office. The movie begins with both Priya and Vikram sabotaging a weapons shipment as per the task assigned to them. Another task involves saving a 6-year-old child of an Indian diplomat in Dubai. Vikram and Priya ensue a chase throughout the streets of Dubai and kill most of the kidnappers. The last kidnapper who holds the kid hostage is killed after he shoots the kid in the waist. The paramedics reach the scene on time, but unfortunately, the kid dies of excessive blood loss. Vikram is disturbed by the turn of events and becomes an alcoholic. Vikram also goes through PTSD spells because of the incident and vows to take out the mafia as a one-man army. His wife, Priya, does not agree with his methods and asks him to go ahead with his mission on his own. Vikram and Priya eventually split but remain colleagues. They soon quit Interpol, Vikram works on a contractual basis; and Priya joins the NCB in Mumbai. Vikram is going through therapy for his PTSD and other personal issues, which helps him understand things objectively.


Vikram, here is a classic case of a man who is consumed by work so much that the line that divides personal and professional gets blurred for him. He is not able to think beyond his job and the tasks that are assigned to him. Priya tries her best to be supportive, but he fails to bring a balance in life. The work they do comes with its share of stress, anxiety, and critical thinking, and hence, they are required to calm down in tense situations. Vikram goes out of his way to harm his victims, which is why he is put under psychic evaluation. Vikram, who feels responsible for the diplomat’s kid’s death, goes on a killing spree without worrying about the repercussions of his actions. Vikram spirals because of his vigilante behavior, which is why he ends up losing his job with Interpol and eventually his wife too.

During one of the sessions with his therapist, he revealed that his long-estranged sister contacted him to help her and her daughter with a sensitive issue bothering her and her family business. Vikram is in a dilemma about helping his sister. He remembers the promise he made to his father on his deathbed about protecting Anupama at all costs. Vikram goes ahead, willing to forget all the fallout his sister had with their father, and decides to help her out.


‘The Ghost’ Ending Explained: How Does Vikram Save Anu And Aditi?

Vikram comes to Tamil Nadu to meet his sister Anupama to sort out a major issue bothering her life and her business, which will eventually affect Aditi, her only daughter. Vikram is more than elated to meet his sister after years of the fallout with their father. In flashback, it is revealed that Vikram’s parents died during a riot in Delhi. He was adopted by the army officer who was at the scene of the riot. This is where Vikram meets Anupama, his adopted father’s elder daughter. They grew up as close-knitted siblings until Anupama decided to marry a business tycoon who was 15 years older than her. Their father disapproved of this relationship and asked her to leave their home if she intended to marry the person of her choice. Anupama, being a strong-willed person, decided to walk out to marry the person she loved. As it turns out, she married the person who owns the famous Nair Group, who has had a history of familial conflict due to their business and huge property holdings. Her only daughter, with her husband Ashok Nair, is a spoilt kid who, as a teenager, is living life lavishly. Anupama is scared that her daughter is getting spoiled day by day and is becoming an irresponsible, entitled child who isn’t aware of the privileges she has around her. Anu cannot give the business away to her daughter unless Aditi starts taking accountability for her actions. Meanwhile, Anu and Aditi are being threatened by an unknown enemy of theirs. Her business is in danger because of this, and she asks Vikram for help. Vikram, noticing how spoiled Aditi is, decides not to tell who he is and offers to become her bodyguard, who will stay by her side 24X7.

Vikram, with his skills as an ex-Interpol, starts lining up potential enemies of Anupama and the business empire she is running. Two people who stand are Ashok’s brother Pankaj Nair and their stepbrother, Siddhant Nair. Vikram starts looking them up and concludes that his findings were indeed correct. Both Pankaj and Siddhant intend to kill Anupama and Aditi, and they possibly killed Ashok in the past as well, for they wanted to take control of the business empire. Vikram is smart and uses his skills and decides to avoid any violent approach to end the rivalry. He also decides to make Aditi and Anupama’s safety a priority. Aditi heads to Goa without informing her mother and Vikram, but unfortunately, she gets into trouble. Aditi and her friends are drugged by henchmen hired by Anupama’s rivals, and they decide to sell them off as a part of a human trafficking ring. Aditi and her friends are saved by Vikram in the nick of time. Vikram brings her home and nurses her back to health. He confronts her on the fact that her act of rebellion is suicidal, as she would have been sold as a part of the flesh trade if she had not been rescued. Vikram is the calming presence in Aditi’s life that makes her realize the mistakes she has made in the past and wants to rectify. Vikram is more than happy to bring her life to normalcy and make sure she concentrates on her studies than being a brat. Vikram is happy to be surrounded by his family after a long time, and he doesn’t mind babysitting, which will help him understand Aditi better.


On the way back from a business trip, Anupama’s car is attacked by her enemy, throwing her off the hill road and killing her instantly. Simultaneously Aditi and Vikram run away from their home as Vikram concludes the house is bombed, and they are saved from the attack on them by seconds. Vikram is approached by his ex-wife Priya who conveys to him that her team is tracking a Goa-based drug lord, the Scorpion, who is incidentally the same person hired to kill Aditi and Anupama. Vikram and Priya come together to capture the Scorpion and his team, and from them, they will come to know of Anupama’s killers. Vikram is elated to know Aditi is safe and would go miles to get her inheritance back now that Anupama is no more. Soon it is revealed it was Pankaj Nair and Siddhant Nair who hired people to kill Anupama to take control of the business. The people they hired are Vikram’s nemesis from his tenure in Dubai. Vikram, after the kids’ death, went on a killing spree to end the mafia rule, which made plenty of Mafiosi based in the city surrender to him; the Scorpion’s father was one of them. Since no one could catch Vikram, he was known amongst the mafia as “the Ghost.” The Scorpion is kidnapped by Priya, and Vikram manages to kill Siddhant Nair. The Scorpion’s father makes a deal with Vikram to release his son and reveals that Anupama never died in the accident. He tries to use her as a barter, only to find out Vikram has already killed his son. A major fight ensues in which Vikram saves Anupama. 

The revelation of Anupama being alive gives him the confidence to eliminate Siddhant Nair and the Scorpion, for she can live her life peacefully running the business with Pankaj, her brother-in-law, who has sobered down. Now that Vikram is back with his family, he makes sure to be there for them in their time of need. He lost his marriage due to his issues, and now he does not intend to lose his sister or niece as well. Aditi sorts her life and goes abroad to study so that she can one day take over the business from her mother. Aditi transforms from a spoiled rich brat to a responsible kid for her benefit.



“The Ghost” is anything but a good film. It is a pure masala film that ticks off all your taste buds. Hero worship? Yes. Is the hero a savior? Yes. Over-the-top action sequences (which are ripped off from Kill Bill)? Yes. Bad CGI and voiceovers? Yes. Bad acting? Yes. “The Ghost” can be your go-to so-called Telugu over-the-top action thriller film that stars good-looking people who can barely act or say the right dialogue, followed by shoddy editing and unrealistic screenplay. I want to know whether there are villains of this scale everywhere in real life. Going behind rich people and fashionably killing them? Why are people with the surname Nair speaking Telugu? Why is the lead speaking to a bunch of Russians in Telugu? Couldn’t the makers spend a little more money on subtitles of characters that speak another language in the film? You can wholeheartedly watch it or skip it. 

“The Ghost” is now streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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