‘The Deepest Breath’ Review: Netflix’s Documentary On Depth Of Ocean And Human Connections

Human minds have an inherent craving for the wonder and mysteries that nature offers, yearning for a deep connection that transcends any kind of boundary. The Deepest Breath, a mesmerizing A24 documentary on Netflix masterfully directed by Laura McGann, unveils a breathtaking journey that captivates viewers, holding them spellbound in their seats. Through awe-inspiring cinematography, the film delves into the perilous world of freedivers, daring souls who embark on a profound quest to plunge into the ocean’s depths with nothing but a single breath to sustain them. As we bear witness to their extraordinary feats and profound vulnerability, the documentary serves as a reminder of humanity’s eternal bond with the natural world and the intrepid spirit that seeks to explore its most profound mysteries.

The Deepest Breath unfolds as a captivating love story between two remarkable individuals, Italian athlete Alessia Zechinni and safety diver Stephen Keenan, both dedicated freedivers. Through the lens of this enthralling documentary, their story becomes a testament to the extraordinary risks and dangers the freedivers confront in sea diving. The film delves deep into their intertwined journey, revealing the perilous challenges that lie ahead as they venture into the depths of the ocean. For these freedivers, every dive is a breathtaking encounter with the unknown, pushing the boundaries of human capability with a single breath. The immense pressure, darkness, and isolation they face beneath the surface make their expedition a heart-stopping test of their courage and the dedication to their passion. Amidst the beauty of underwater landscapes, The Deepest Breath unearths the harsh realities they encounter, emphasizing the physical and psychological toll of their passion. The documentary captures their vulnerability, illustrating the delicate balance between life and death.

Natalia Molchanova, a trailblazing freediver, etched her name in history as the first woman to accomplish the feat of surpassing 100 meters in a single dive. Her legendary prowess and unmatched achievements in the sport served as a beacon of inspiration for countless aspiring freedivers worldwide, none more so than Alessia Zechinni. Born in Italy, Alessia’s fascination with the ocean began at an early age, drawing her to the mesmerizing world beneath the waves. Her journey as a freediver has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by numerous records and accolades that have solidified her position as one of the sport’s finest athletes. The documentary recounts Alessia’s extraordinary efforts to follow in Natalia’s footsteps, striving to overcome the formidable obstacles that lay in her path. From mastering breath-holding techniques to conquering the fear of the unknown, Alessia’s quest to become like her idol started at an early age.

Simultaneously, hailing from Glasnevin, a quaint town near Dublin, Stephen Keenan assumed the crucial role of a safety diver, a vital guardian who fearlessly accompanied freedivers on their daring dives into the depths of the ocean. In the perilous world of freediving, the absence of oxygen can spell catastrophe if not navigated with utmost caution. Stephen Keenan’s dedication revolved around vigilantly monitoring the freedivers’ descents and ascents, standing ready to intervene should the harrowing effects of oxygen deprivation take hold. The consequences of ascending too rapidly could lead to dangerous blackouts or even deaths making Keenan’s role an indispensable lifeline for those who dared to explore the mysterious realm beneath the waves. His training, experience, and deep empathy for the sport’s risks enabled him to forge an unbreakable bond of trust with the athletes he supported.

In 2009, while on vacation, Stephen Keenan discovered his deep love for freediving and the mesmerizing world of underwater exploration. The allure of the ocean’s depths captured his heart, igniting a passion that would shape his life forever. In 2015, driven by his unwavering dedication to the sport, Stephen teamed up with two friends to create “Dahab Freedivers,” a diving center focused on training and guiding people around the breathtaking Blue Hole.

During this time, fate brought Stephen together with Alessia Zechinni. They found themselves exploring the unknown depths side by side, forming an unspoken bond that went beyond words. As they dived together, they shared thrilling moments and developed a deep understanding of each other’s dreams and ambitions. Their shared passion for freediving seemed to connect their souls, creating a profound and special connection between them. The film skillfully guides us through their thrilling adventures, and we can hear the emotion in their voices as they recount their experiences. However, as the story unfolds, a hint of sadness fills the air, leaving us with a heavy feeling in our hearts. The film only lets us hear Alessia and Stephen’s voice recordings, and this choice adds to the movie’s emotional impact. Their physical absence during the filmmaking, serves as a haunting reminder of the underlying tragedy that lies in the shadows.

The Deepest Breath leaves a lasting impression, not just for its awe-inspiring depiction of freediving but for the way it delicately captures the essence of a love story.  It immerses us in a world where the ocean’s depths become a metaphor for the profound mysteries of the human heart. The film’s simplicity and evocative storytelling touch our hearts, reminding us of the beauty and fragility of life’s most profound experiences.

The A24 documentary is a cinematic masterpiece that gracefully weaves together elements of beautiful storytelling in a documentary style, evocative descriptions, and emotional depth. The film’s mesmerizing cinematography captures the tranquil beauty of the ocean, immersing viewers in its serene embrace. Through the lens of the camera, the audience is gently guided into the hearts and minds of the freedivers and their families, eliciting a profound understanding of their motivations and fears. The film presents a poignant exploration of how these freedivers willingly welcome peril into their lives. Despite the inherent risks, they are driven by an unshakable passion for exploring the ocean’s depths, viewing it not as a burden but as a calling. In their pursuit of uncovering the mysteries beneath the waves, they may have encountered loss, but their passion pushes them to embrace their calling without a second thought.

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Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda hails from a medical background, yet her journey is to cross the boundaries of medicine and survive in the cinematic world. The surrealistic beauty of cinema and art has attracted her from a very young age. She loves to write poems, songs, and stories, but her dream is to write films someday. She has also worked as a painter, but nothing attracts her more than cinema. Through her writings, she wants to explore the world of cinema more and more and take her readers on the same ride.

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The A24 documentary is a cinematic masterpiece that gracefully weaves together elements of beautiful storytelling in a documentary style, evocative descriptions, and emotional depth.'The Deepest Breath' Review: Netflix's Documentary On Depth Of Ocean And Human Connections