‘The Crowded Room’ Episode 4 Recap And Review: Whom Did Rya Goodwin Meet In The End?

The psychological thriller series starring Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried, The Crowded Room, released its fourth episode today, and we found some answers to our questions. In the previous episode, Danny Sullivan (Holland) had gotten on a plane and left after he became a police target for brandishing a gun at a man in Rockefeller Center. Danny was on his way to meet his father, but did he find his biological dad in this episode? How many riddles were solved in this week’s episode? Here’s what happens in the fourth episode of The Crowded Room.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Jack? 

As the interrogation of Danny Sullivan continues, he reveals where he’d flown to after taking the passport and money from Yitzhak. Based on the bobbies and the red telephone booths, it doesn’t take us long to guess that Danny is in London and finds himself completely hapless. He dials a number asking for his dad, Pete, and then walks into a printing press after learning his dad might be there. From the backroom comes out a “Kingsman” agent-looking man named Jack (Jason Isaacs), full of charm and beaming with confidence. This suavely dressed fellow quickly charms Danny and takes him to a lavish dining place while slowly unraveling Danny’s story.


What Does Jack Want From Danny? 

As it turns out, Pete isn’t in London any longer, but Jack, Pete, and Yitzhak had been business partners, and together they were involved in some work, although Danny isn’t informed on the exact nature of the business. Jack earns Danny’s confidence with his jolly nature and knight-in-shining-armor attitude, making a ruffian apologize to Danny for calling him names. While holding the Yank from keeling over from the amount of beer Jack made him drink, Danny finds Jack looking at a man getting into a car, and it’s obvious there’s some history between the two. Back in the interrogation room, Danny recalls overhearing Jack talking to Yitzhak from a telephone booth about “delivering” something, and even Rya points out the implausibility of the situation. Danny can’t come up with a proper explanation, but by the next morning, he knows what Jack wants of him.

After giving a rather hefty tip to a server for giving them a packet of fish and chips, Jack takes Danny on a walk in the park and gives him a lesson in confidence and courage. Rya observes that Jack is the ideal necessity for Danny at the moment because he’s the father figure Danny had needed so profoundly in his life. Jack then reveals what he wants Danny to do – the young American needs to square his shoulders, hold his chin up, walk into a shady pub, and demand money from the man they saw the previous night. Apparently, the man Jack stared daggers at is named Reggie, and Danny’s dad Pete had done a job for him, but he couldn’t collect. Now, Danny – the spitting image of his dad – needs to go in there and ask for 6,000 quid, and Reggie, the family man, is “honor-bound” to pay.


What Happens When Danny Goes Into The Pub? 

Jack stands guard outside as Danny goes inside and clears throat behind Reggie but is mistaken as the cleaning crew. When Danny tries speaking up, the bouncers are about to hurl him outside, but Reggie lets the kid finish his piece. When Danny demands the payment on his father’s behalf, Reggie signals his crew to toss the kid out of the pub like trash, but the worse realization for Danny, lying prostrate on the dingy streets of London, is the only man he knows here is nowhere to be found. Danny runs door-to-door from the bar where they went drinking to the woman who served them breakfast, but nobody will answer. Frustrated, Danny returns to the lodgings that Jack had organized for him when Jack appears out of the thin air at the doorway. 

Why Did Danny Return To America? 

Apparently, Danny did a marvelous job and asked for what was his, and even though it wasn’t successful, this had all been a lesson in courage for him. That’s what Jack said, anyway. Danny’s sole benefactor in this strange country then asks the kid to return home, destroy his passport, and forget all about Jack, and we’re back in the interrogation room. Danny believes that this had been a conspiracy and there was something much deeper involved than 6000 quid and a lesson to be bolder. When Rya keeps pressing Danny about the whereabouts of Yitzhak and Ariana, Danny slides dangerously close to her and questions if she thinks he’d murdered the two. Rya asks him if he did, and Danny says he loved Ariana; there was no reason that he’d murder her. The interrogator changes the conversation and asks about Danny’s brother, Adam, but Danny quiets down immediately. He mumbles that they’ve spoken about his brother and that he’s dead, but upon further inquiry, he gets up and leaves. 


Whom Did Rya Goodwin Meet In The End?

After Danny leaves, Rya goes through his drawing album that she’d recovered from the fireplace and finds a beautiful portrait of Jack in there. Rya is seen leaving and walking a narrow hallway that resembles an airport corridor. She walks into a room, and waiting for her in there is Jack, the very same man who was concerned with giving Danny a lesson in courage. Rya suggests that it’s time they let Danny know the truth, and Jack vehemently argues that going forward with what Rya suggests shall be a terrible thing to do. So, Rya and Jack know each other?

That’s what the final moments of the fourth episode would indicate! After listening to Danny’s entire story and asking him so many questions throughout the episode, Rya turns out to be not only acquainted with Jack, but the two seem to share common knowledge about something that apparently Danny is a stranger to. It’s very difficult to suggest anything right now based on the little information we have at hand, but it’d be not too inaccurate to assume that Rya is aware of whatever happened to Yitzhak and Ariana. The dots are all connected: Ariana goes missing, Yitzhak hands Danny his passport and money, Danny meets Jack in London and then returns to America, where he’s arrested. Now, Rya, the investigator, seems to be acquainted with Jack, so by relation, she might also know the Israeli man and the American girl who are missing. However, our speculations may or may not be realized in the next episode, but we’ll have to wait until then.


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After listening to Danny’s entire story and asking him so many questions throughout the episode, Rya turns out to be not only acquainted with Jack, but the two seem to share common knowledge about something that apparently Danny is a stranger to.'The Crowded Room' Episode 4 Recap And Review: Whom Did Rya Goodwin Meet In The End?