‘The Clearing’ Episode 2 Recap & Review: Was The Cult Disbanded? Who Had Kidnapped Carrie?

Previously in The Clearing, we were introduced to a teenage girl named Amy, who assisted in the abduction of a little girl named Sara and transported her to a secret location where a cult was active. The cult was founded by a middle-aged lady named Adrienne, who arrived there shortly with her secretary, Dr. Latham. In a different timeline, probably in the future, Amy had grown up to be a young mother named Freya, who was protecting her son Billy. Hearing of another abduction, Freya feared the cult’s involvement in it. A surprising twist revealed that Freya, aka Amy, was still taking care of the cult leader, Adrienne, who had significantly aged and become ill.


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Was The White Van Involved In The Kidnapping?

In episode 2, the narrative is further strengthened by Freya’s severe psychological trauma, which she underwent both as Amy in her teenage years and as Freya in her current role as a mother. She is a multifaceted character who is motivated by maternal instincts as well as a desire to shield others from the horrors of the cult. However, it is still unclear why Freya helped Adrienne when she was aware that the cult might be responsible for the abduction of a new kid.


However, Freya unexpectedly encountered the white van once again and managed to capture a picture of its license plate. She immediately sought out Joe and sent him those pictures, hoping for an investigation. However, Joe informed her that there were no reports linking a white van to the recent kidnappings, making it difficult to pursue the lead. He suggested that Freya might be fixating on the white van due to its prior connection to Sara’s abduction. This revelation caused Freya to question whether her mind had been living in the past for too long. Despite collecting herself, she remained concerned about who had kidnapped the child. Joe proposed the possibility that the missing girl might be lost in the woods, but Freya couldn’t easily accept that explanation. Later, Freya picked up her son from school and received a call from her ex-husband, Wayne. The nature of their past relationship remained unknown, but Wayne was regarded as a negative presence in Freya’s eyes. She was adamant about not entrusting her son’s care to Wayne. However, it was revealed that Freya’s own mother supported Wayne more than her own daughter. It seemed that her mother may have informed Wayne about Billy’s injury, causing him to express concern and come to visit his son.

Was The Cult Disbanded? Who Had Kidnapped Carrie?

In a flashback to Freya’s teenage years, when she was known as Amy within the cult, she was entrusted with the task of realigning Sara. Despite her attempts to support and comfort Sara, the young girl remained adamant about returning home. During a celebration where Maitrya’s followers gathered, Sara took the stage and publicly called Adrienne a liar. Tasmin punished Sara by locking her up in a cramped cavern. Without Sara, the ceremony continued, and one by one, Adrienne’s supporters approached her for a chat. Although I’m not sure what Adrienne meant when she said that they all required ‘clearing’, it’s reasonable to infer that it has something to do with atoning for sins. After doing the clearing on a distressed woman who felt somewhat relieved, Adrienne spoke with Colin, an inspector who was an investigator and a coworker of Joe Saad, who was investigating the cult and Adrienne at the time.


Adrienne believed that Amy also needed clearing because Amy had failed to bring Sara on to the right track. After the ceremony, Adrienne called Amy and accused her of betraying everyone, including her family, her friends, and Adrienne herself. While these hurtful words traumatized Amy, Adrienne seemed to take pleasure in her pain and gave her something similar to a drug for relief. Amy consumed it and stayed in a locked room, where she began to experience hallucinations. Ultimately, unable to tolerate the pain, Amy blacked out. When she woke up the next morning, Sara was gone. Dr. Latham informed her that Sara had been sent back to her family, but it seemed like a lie to me. It didn’t seem like Sara had been returned to her family; rather, she might have been silenced by the cult.

Returning to the future timeline, Adrienne was aging, and Freya diligently cared for her, worrying about her health and keeping her from going out. However, in the concluding scene of The Clearing, episode 2, we learn some intriguing details concerning the possible whereabouts of the kidnapped little girl. Adrienne was making a call to someone whose face had not been seen in this episode. Right in front of a park where other children with the same identical hairstyle were playing, the person picked up the phone and spoke to Adrienne. This series proved that Adrienne was still the cult’s leader and that they were still operating their so-called New Age group. Carrie Anderson may very well be among these kids playing at the park.


Final Words

The Clearing has indeed captivated viewers with its ability to maintain suspense and strategically unveil shocking information throughout its episodes. The show’s expert storytelling keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, creating an adrenaline rush and leaving them eagerly awaiting what comes next. One particular aspect that has left viewers intrigued is Freya’s decision to care for Adrienne instead of reporting her to the authorities. The show has deliberately kept the reason behind this decision unknown, adding an extra layer of mystery to the storyline. The show’s ability to deliver surprises at precisely the right moments is commendable, and it is likely to maintain this pattern in the upcoming episodes. Overall, viewers can look forward to the forthcoming episodes as The Clearing continues to deliver mesmerizing and thrilling storytelling.

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The Clearing has indeed captivated viewers with its ability to maintain suspense and strategically unveil shocking information throughout its episodes'The Clearing' Episode 2 Recap & Review: Was The Cult Disbanded? Who Had Kidnapped Carrie?