‘The Chosen One’ Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Jodie’s Father?

Lately, there has been no shortage of films and television shows that are adapted from comic books or graphic novels. Most of them do not leave a lasting impression. The Chosen One, on the other hand, managed to create intrigue about the lead, thus letting us stay hooked on the story till the end of the first season. So, without wasting any other moment, let’s explore the detailed recap of The Chosen One Season 1.


Spoilers Ahead


The Chosen One begins with a woman trying to save herself from being killed by a man. By the looks of it, he seems to be from a cult that wants to get rid of her, and he’s acting on someone’s orders. There is an infant in the picture, and the woman leaves the hotel in no time, heading for Mexico. It can be noticed that the infant’s wailing is causing a storm to form, indicating the baby might have some unexplained powers. The woman is suddenly stopped by a police vehicle. The infant’s glance was enough to change the police officer’s mind, as he was one step from arresting the woman. We assume the infant was kidnapped by this lady as she drove into Mexico in the hope of never coming back.


Jodie And His Friends

The Chosen One takes us to Baja California Sur, Mexico, where Jodie is raised by Sarah after she left America. Jodie is a 12-year-old kid who has been constantly ridden with dreams of a woman calling him. The power he was born with is slowly manifesting, and as a pre-teen kid, Jodie cannot seem to understand the reason behind these visions. Magda, Tuka, Wagner, and Hipolita are his closest friends, and they are intrigued by Tuka’s fisherman uncle’s story of a creature he came across at a beach. As the kids begin their journey to seek this creature, we get to see the bond between them, which is endearing. The adventure journey was added for us to understand their lives and dynamics with each other.

Unfortunately, the group loses their way in the desert, and Jodie ultimately ends up sacrificing his locket for the sake of receiving a sign that could lead them to the beach. The sacrificial act works, but to their bad luck, the kids do not find any otherworldly creatures. The necessity of this subplot is still debatable because their long journey to the beach does not add anything of relevance to the main plot.


Tragedy strikes them as a truck driver distracted by an eagle goes off track and falls off a bridge right on Jodie. He miraculously survives the accident, and he is called a special kid in the town. Something similar to how Harry Potter was called the boy who lived. The truck driver happens to be the school bully’s father, and is struggling for his life in the hospital. The accident was a catalyst for bringing Jodie some unwarranted attention, which his mother disliked. Jodie’s survival with the bare minimum of injuries makes us question if Jodie was just lucky or if some powers protected him.

The Magic Tricks

Ever since his survival, Jodie and his friends have tried to make some petty money off of other younger kids as Jodie retells the story of the accident and how he survived. The kids are trying to be resourceful and want to experiment to see to what extent the villagers could be tricked. Wagner, their friend, has an affinity for magic tricks; he expands the storytelling into a full-fledged magic show in the hope of garnering some attention using Jodie. Jodie seems to like the attention coming his way, which is typical for a kid his age. His first trick involved healing Wagner’s younger brother’s eyesight. As the boy’s eyesight improves, people start believing in Jodie and his powers. The kids, though, aren’t aware of the powers he has. Jodie’s turning water into a wine trick works for real, and this is when he figures there is something wrong with his mind and body. Any kid his age would be disturbed by the changes happening to him.


Jodie finally opens up to his mother about his powers, and her first reaction is to decide to leave the town. Sarah wants to move to another place because the tale of him having powers will soon spread like wildfire. She lets him know that his father’s family is powerful, and they will take him away. Sarah, at this point, is conveying too many things to Jodie. Just like the boy, we are also confused regarding his lineage. In fantasy fiction, why is it that the lead characters are given the bare minimum information and then left to their own devices to figure out the rest of the details? The expedition will be easier if the chosen one is given enough information so that they can figure out the rest easily. The exact trope has been used in this show. It frustrated us as viewers.

Jodie, The Messiah

Meanwhile, Angelo, the school bully, is livid at Jodie for having survived the accident. His father is barely going to make it, as per the doctors. Out of anger, he forcefully leads Jodie to his father’s hospital room and threatens him with reviving his father using the healing powers he claims to have. Angelo believes the boy’s claims are fake. Angelo is also jealous of Jodie because of his American lineage. Both the kids are of the same age, and having negative emotions toward each other is something common among their age group.


Jodie, unfortunately, cannot revive his father. The next day, as Jodie and his mother are having a faceoff regarding leaving the town, a local pastor and a congregation arrive at his doorstep with Angelo’s father, Carlos, alive and walking. This is the validation Jodie was seeking, which made him decide never to leave this town. He was happy to see people acknowledging his power and considering him to be the next Jesus. His friends decide to stay by his side. They are also unaware of how Jodie received his powers. We wonder if Sarah got pregnant with someone from a powerful religious group in America and is running from them. The upcoming narrative helps in finding answers regarding the origin of his powers and lineage.

Who Is Jodie’s Father?

Through a flashback sequence, we find out that Sarah had joined a religious cult group and signed a document that states she won’t raise the child she will give birth to. We also get to witness the power of the infant Jodie, whose cry at birth managed to shake the very earth. She also reveals that Jodie does not have a father, as she did not get physically intimate with anyone. Jodie’s anger is palpable because his mother has been lying to him all his life. She claims Jodie was a miracle, just like Jesus has been portrayed in the holy books. Jodie leaves his mother’s home because she keeps too many secrets from him. If only Sarah had respectfully shared all of these with Jodie instead of hiding them to protect her son. We believe Jodie’s anger is justified. He moves in with Elvis, his mother’s friend.


Jodie and Magda, his childhood friend, fall in love with each other. Their relationship started innocently, but Jodie’s growing infatuation with popularity is distracting him from Magda. Meanwhile, Magda also notices the changes in him and is upfront about not liking the attention they are garnering. Tuka, Jodie’s other best friend, also informs him of his choice of others over his true friends. The narrative so far in the show has highlighted the friendship the kids shared. All of them are happy for him, but occasionally they are honest with him about his approach of trusting everybody in the wake of his popularity.

Meanwhile, Angelo’s father had become numb since his resurrection. Maybe this was the downside of being brought back from near-death experiences. Carlos eventually commits suicide. He took this step because he probably hated what he had become—a father who could not take care of his children. We think Jodie’s powers hurt the people he heals. Carlos could have been the first example that many of Jodie’s now-so-called followers refused to deal with. Angelo tries to kill Jodie out of retribution for his father’s death, but the gun misfires and hits Tuka instead. Tuka immediately dies of his injury.


Tuka’s untimely death leads to a mob of villagers going after Angelo with the intention of beating the boy to death. The mob is stopped by Elvis. As he manages to rescue Angelo from a horrible fate, a brawl erupts. Meanwhile, at Tuka’s funeral, Jodie shows up to use all his power to resurrect his friend. Jodie feels guilty about Tuka’s death. His death was right after he requested that Jodie be his old self and not get carried away by fame. These words had a deep impact on him, which made him sacrifice a large portion of his power to bring his friend back. Jodie, for the first time, is willing to conduct this act for the people and not for fame. As he channels all his powers into Tuka, it allows Jodie to appear in front of all his friends at the same time. He apologizes for his behavior and bids farewell to the town, possibly forever.

The very next day, Tuka is alive, and people are happy to see Jodie’s powers working. He made the ultimate sacrifice for his best friend. He figured carrying out this miracle work was worth everything. We understand from this phenomenon that the mob that was fuming has calmed down and seems to have either forgotten or asked for forgiveness from Angelo about their almost murderous act. The narrative still does not explain the origin of Jodie’s power. We only get to watch Sarah keep tabs on his movements.


Jodie leaves the town, and Sarah finally accepts that the boy should know about his parentage. He is taken away in a fancy car, and he starts speaking to a woman who we saw in the flashback sequence when Sarah signed up for the pregnancy. As they converse, we conclude that Sarah joined a devil worshippers’ cult without realizing the power and money they held. From what is seen in the show, Jodie’s father is Lucifer. Jodie was taken away by the group in the hope of training him to be an anti-Christ. It turns out that Jodie is not the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. His birth was engineered to defeat the followers of the Christian faith. Season one of The Chosen One ends with a sequence of scenes from the future. Jodie is now the President of the United States of America. On board Air Force One, he is being briefed that the bombing of the holy land will begin shortly. It’s implied that Jodie was raised to be a follower of the Devil, and he rose above all to hold the most important post in America. This suggests that Lucifer and his son Jodie want to begin their world dominance by erasing the Christian faith. A lot of this will be discussed in Season 2, if it is announced.

Final Words

The post-climax portion of The Chosen One was rushed; it left us with many questions about the first season that needed to be answered. This is the writers’ fault for leaving many plot holes for the audience to figure out on their own. The narrative was slow and repetitive, yet it managed to keep the audience hooked thanks to the fascinating tale of a young messiah.


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