‘The Casagrandes’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Punguari Save Her Parents?

The Casagrandes, was an American animated comedy that aired on Nickelodeon from 2019 to 2022. Miguel Puga has come back with The Casagrandes Movie in the form of an animated film, which is currently streaming on Netflix. The plot revolves around Ronnie Anne and her family going to enjoy their holiday at their huge estate during her summer vacation, where Ronnie Anne meets new challenges. Will Ronnie and her family be able to solve the mystery of the demi-god, Punguari? Will Punguari be able to save both her parents from Ucumu? How will Ronnie’s family help her and Punguari on their mission to cast Ucumu back into the underworld? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Mija Want Ronnie Anne To Spend Her Holidays?

Mija wanted to spend her summer with her daughter, Ronnie Anne, and her entire family in Mexico. She managed to convince everyone to take a surprise trip to Mexico (as a part of Ronnie’s birthday plans) so that they could revive their old days of the joyous New Fire festival (a celebration to worship Chipri, the sun god) together. When they reached Mexico, Mama Lupe came to take the entire family to her estate, where they could all spend time together. All Mija wanted was to ensure that Ronnie Anne would spend more time with her family rather than spending her time all by herself, playing adventure games all day long! Even though the family was enjoying their time together, engaging in different activities like playing fireball and doing other family-orientation activities, Ronnie was more like a free bird, trying to venture her way into nature. 


What Was The Legend Of Punguari?

The legend of Punguari said that the demi-goddess had defied her mother, Sisiki, to try and become a goddess by stealing the many-faced mask. She also wanted to build a shrine for herself, and in her quest for it, she had been unknowingly opening the gateway of the underworld for the God of the Underworld, Ucumu. In order to stop her from doing that, her mother, Sisiki, turned her into a mountain. 

How Did Ronnie Anne Release Punguari?

While skating on a mountain near her family property, on a video call with her friend, Sid, she tripped and cracked open a mysterious locket that she had bought at the flea market. She was shocked to see that there was a mini-earthquake and a swarm of moths circling her. She then realized that someone had been trapped as a result of the storm and helped her out from under a tree. Little did she know that it was Pungauri herself, whom she had released unknowingly from her locket. 


What Was Punguari’s Plan?

Punguari wanted a mortal to help her reach the mask that she needed in order to regain her powers, and hence lied to Ronnie, saying that she was just a regular human. She also told Ronnie that they had to get their hands on the mask before Punguari did, as she would wreak havoc on the village. Ronnie and her were following the map that her uncle had given her. They went into a museum, where they found their way into a secret tapestry. Inside the tapestry, they came across the magical mask, and Punguari immediately grabbed the mask, revealing her real identity to Ronnie. She then left Ronnie in that tapestry (which she couldn’t exit on her own as it was locked behind a magical wall) and fled the place to build her new shrine and become the new moon goddess. 

However, Ronnie managed to find a magic mirror in the tapestry, through which she reached out to her family, telling them the entire incident. Later, her entire family came to her rescue at the museum. After rescuing Ronnie from the tapestry, they decided to stop Punguari from opening the gateway to the underworld. 


Who Was The Real Villain?

Ronnie and her family came across an ancient illustration that stated that Punguari was not the bad guy, but that it was Ucumu, the God of the Underworld, who was the one planning to destroy the village. Punguari was just focused on building herself a shrine, which had been creating a crack in the ground. Ucumu wanted to take the chance to come out of the underworld through that crack itself and wreak havoc on the people. 

Later, Ronnie reached out to Punguari and told her the entire event, asking her to protect the people from the wrath of Ucumu. She further said that her mother, Sisiki, had only tried to protect her before and hence ended up turning her into a mountain. Punguari realized her mistake and decided to save all the villagers from the wrath of Ucumu. 


How Did Punguari Save Her Parents?

When Ucumu had been destroying everything around him and sending fire minions to fight the people, Punguari came to their rescue. While fighting the fire monster, she realized that he had captured her parents in two of the jewels that he had been wearing on his armor. Meanwhile, the Casagrandes had managed to get their hands on the sacred fire and the giant Chancla at the shrine of Sisiki, which they flung at Ucumu, causing him to lose all his flame. When Ronnie’s mother and grandmother were unable to lift up the Chancla, the other women in the neighborhood helped them. The place was initially guarded by the women Chancla warriors (worshippers of Sisiki), and that fighting spirit was still present in the local women of that area! 

This event finally helped Punguari defeat the monster and help her parents escape the confines of Ucumu. Punguari was happy to see her parents alive and said that her mother was right in stating that she was not yet fit to be a goddess. She gave up the magical mask to Sisiki and her father to help them protect the people and to mend all the destruction caused by the war. 


Final Thoughts

The animated fantasy comedy The Casagrande’s Movie gives out a strong message in favor of motherly love for their children. There is nothing greater than the love of a mother for her children! In that respect, Mija was no less than Sisiki in not thinking twice before wanting to sacrifice herself just to protect Ronnie. No matter how wrong Punguari and Ronnie thought of their mothers, they never gave up on their children, ensuring their safety. The fun-filled film has touches of action, mystery, comedy, and moral lessons, which makes it a great watch for the kids! 

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