‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episode 8 Review/Recap: Why Was Feng Obsessed With Edgar?

The Afterparty ends in 2 more weeks, and episode 8 “takes the cake” for giving the most clues this season. Still, we’re far from solving the mystery; of course, the killer will be revealed in the finale. Sebastian is completely missing from this episode, raising more suspicions against him. Zoe and Grace are in for some news, and it’s finally time to accept certain things that people have been hiding for a long time. Danner seems to find her own leads, and Aniq is too busy trying to figure out how to deal with everything Ulysses has told him. Let’s quickly dive into Feng’s Tiktok star’s point of view.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Episode 8 of The Afterparty Season 2 begins with Zoe trying to connect with Kyler, the camera guy at the wedding. Kyler is a local TikTok star, and Feng had him on board to market his Taiwanese shaved ice. Feng’s big plan was to impress all the rich people at the wedding and cater the reception with his shaved ice. Specifically, he was trying to get Edgar to invest in his company. Zoe tells Kyler that she needs the footage from the wedding, but he says it’s not been edited yet, so he’s not sure he can send it. Trevor directly tells Kyler that there’s been a murder, so he freaks out and sends all the videos from the weekend. Aniq, on the other hand, asks Vivian to tell Zoe and Grace about her affair because Aniq knows now, and he doesn’t think that’s fair. When he leaves Vivian to muse about what he said, he encounters Isabel in the hallway, and she’s already trying to give away Edgar’s things. She also says something strange to Aniq, making it sound like she knew this was going to happen.


Vivian decides to tell her daughters the truth and takes Zoe away from the videos, leaving Aniq, Danner, and Feng to watch the footage. The videos begin with a series of social media posts created by Feng and Kyler. It shows Feng raving about the new car he got and also crying over Grace’s marriage and her being all grown up. We see the way Aniq’s car “crashed” into the truck. Feng tells Danner and Aniq how he and Vivian discovered the shaved ice on the way back from Taiwan, and then Feng created “King of Bing” after returning. In the video, it seems that Feng is going through some money troubles and needs to pay back a guy named Jim. Aniq and Feng bond over their small businesses, and they move on from there. Vivian gathers her daughters and tries to figure out how to tell them the truth. Zoe and Grace both think she’s going to admit to killing Edgar, and they’re relieved when she says that’s not it.

The videos then take us through the rehearsal dinner, and everything is going great for Feng until Ulysses shows up. While he is mad at seeing the man, he actually rushes out because his truck’s getting towed. The lender decided to take the truck back, so Feng was left with no option but to make the shaved ice with his homemade machine. Vivian comes in, sees Feng hurrying to get all his ice in the fridge, and wonders what happened. He lies to her, saying that Aniq had totaled the car, but he’s going to fix it all. They show each other some love, and Vivian goes to clean up the camel’s milk on her face. When he returns to the party, Ulysses has taken up Zoe and Grace’s attention, so Feng gets mad and leaves. He tells Kyler that he’s not going to quit and that he’s going to get Edgar to invest in his business because he’s a multimillionaire. The next day, after Edgar’s swim, Feng tries to subtly ask him to invest $400,000 in his business. Edgar seems skeptical, but he says it might be a good alternative for Roxana, who hates cake, so Feng starts to explain why it would be great. Before he can get into the details, though, Ulysses interrupts with a gift for Edgar. Seeing the craftsmanship of the instrument Ulysses brought him, Edgar gets completely distracted and ignores Feng. Before the wedding, Feng tries to find the right person to make the shaved ice for him. It happens to be Sebastian’s cousin. At the wedding, Feng cries a lot seeing his daughter getting married.


Vivian tells the girls the truth, and at first, they can’t believe she hid it from them for so long, but then Vivian says they all have secrets. She reassures them that what she has for their father is true love, and she will never leave him or hurt him again.

What Happens To Feng?

While they’re watching these videos, Isabel flushes away the blue pills Grace and she shared in the toilet. It seems like she knows exactly what she’s doing when nobody is watching her. On the other hand, Grace admits she’s in love with Hannah, and Zoe tells her mother that she feels happy and content with Aniq the way Vivian feels with Feng. She also realizes she’s been pushing him away for no reason all this time. At the wedding, there’s no sign of the waiter guy, so Feng himself makes the shaved ice for all the guests. Everybody loves it, but when Kyler tries to hand some over to Edgar, he overhears Isabel tell him that she knows what he’s up to. Kyler interrupts and tries to give him the shaved ice, but Edgar says they already have cake. Feng storms out in a fit, but he sees Grace and Vivian enjoying the bing. He then turns around and tells Kyler that he’s going to get that money. It turns out Grace hadn’t signed the prenup, so all of Edgar’s fortune would be directly inherited by her, so Feng looks untrustworthy right now.


At the afterparty, Isabel tells Kyler to stop filming in her house, but he continues to follow Feng around. Feng finally gets the time to share his shaved ice with Edgar, but Edgar hates it, as does Roxana. Feng tells Kyler to throw away the rest of the ice because “it’s done.” Danner mentions the fact that the timeline of his shaved ice and the poisoning match accurately, and the flowers were also in their room. Feng rushes out of the room, and Aniq follows. Aniq tells Feng that if they need to solve this right, he needs to start being more honest with Aniq and his family. Feng admits that this whole thing has been for his wife because she was the one who came up with the idea of baobing. She was so proud of him, and he was consumed with the thought that he couldn’t lose all of that. Feng admits that he wanted her to see him as more adventurous, like Ulysses, and not the boring old engineer.

How Does The Episode End?

At the end of the episode, Danner comes out and tells Aniq and Feng that all the evidence points to Isabel. Isabel walks out with her gin, and Danner interrupts her. Isabel says it’s high time they realized she knows who killed Edgar and reassures them that it is, in fact, Grace. The episode ends with Grace mouthing the word “what” and everyone looking shocked. Is Isabel telling the truth? Or is she just spinning yarn to get everyone off her back?


Final Thoughts 

This episode was the most fun of The Afterparty season 2, I’d say, and as expected, Ken Jeong’s comic timing is great, as always. This was also a more emotional episode of the lot and added some depth to the show that was slowly losing its shape. I can’t wait to see what Isabel has to say, though, as she seems the most suspicious of the lot.

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This episode was the most fun of The Afterparty season 2, I'd say, and as expected, Ken Jeong's comic timing is great, as always. This was also a more emotional episode of the lot and added some depth to the show that was slowly losing its shape.'The Afterparty' Season 2 Episode 8 Review/Recap: Why Was Feng Obsessed With Edgar?