‘Terrifier 2’ ‘Art The Clown,’ Explained: Why Was The Clown Killing People? What To Expect From ‘Terrifier 3’?

Damien Leone has come up with the sequel to his 2006 release, “Terrifier.” If you have seen the first film, then you shouldn’t have any high hopes for the sequel, “Terrifier 2.” It is as bad as the first one, even more, depressing at times, and probably that worked for the film. Today, we are going to talk about the main antagonist of this movie. Unlike the first film, this time, Damien managed to go further ahead and make the movie more terrible by introducing another clown in the town. This time, it is a little pale girl dressed just like “Art the Clown.” So, let’s dig into these characters and find out what their primary objectives were.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Art The Clown’ Motive Explained: Why Was The Clown Killing People?

In the first film, the origin of “Art the Clown” remained a mystery. However, in this sequel too, the makers did not highlight much about his origin. In the first film, there was a moment where we actually thought that “Art” might have had some motherly issues, maybe an Oedipus complex even, but that too sort of vanished away when he killed the woman who held him close to her chest. Some might also argue that Art was not even a human looking at how the first film ended. We saw that Art had shot himself in the mouth, and the bullet had broken through his skull. But later, we saw that he was still alive. Not only that, the sequel started with how he had recovered from his wounds. And it seemed like his skull was just fine. Also, at the end of the sequel, we see Victoria holding Art’s head, and Art is very much alive and smiling. So, we don’t know much about Art’s origin, but we can definitely conclude that it did not belong to the mortal world.


Now, if you see how much Art liked the killings, you will notice that he found pleasure in targeting particular limbs of a person. In the first film, when he killed Dawn, he put her upside down and then cut her into two pieces. But the thing to notice here is how he started it. He cut Dawn from her vagina to her head. Also, when he killed Tara, he first shot one bullet in her face, and later, he shot her in the head. It was the psychological pleasure the Clown used to have while murdering his victims. Even if he kills someone at the first chance he gets, he will enjoy his time playing with the dead body. It happened to Barbara, Sienna’s mother, in “Terrifier 2,” when the Clown shot her dead. But later, he placed her body near the dining table and served her food; from all that, we can conclude the fact that Art was not only a maniac, but he also wanted validation from others. However, the makers contradicted many things while crafting the character, but we can assume that Art is the representation of human fear and its pretentious nature.

Art somehow managed to show the world how much he hated humanity. In his eyes, there is no good or bad, as he just wants to kill people no matter what. It is not like he feels threatened by humans or something. He just wanted to kill simply because he wished to. Even when we are introduced to the pale girl dressed like Art, he becomes very close to her. The reason is very prominent here, as the girl looked just like him; he differentiated her from the rest of the humans. He didn’t feel the urge to kill her, but he kept her with him. The pale girl, too, had enjoyed his company and accompanied him in his killings. They were like a family that only had each other to support them in their time of need. Art had found his own reflection in the eyes of the pale girl. Perhaps the Clown had a sister when he was a child, and now that he had found one, he wanted to hold on to her no matter what. But whether the pale girl existed in reality or not is not clear.


‘The Pale Girl’ Character Explained: Does She Exist Or Not?

In the beginning, we see that a normal person could not see the pale girl. But Art was playing with her. Art could touch her, feel her existence, and even communicate with her. However, later we see Sienna, and her brother Jonathan could also see her. So, we may conclude that the pale girl had some unique abilities. We also witnessed her shifting her voice and mimicking it exactly like Jonathan’s. So, if she could do that, she could also possess the ability to choose who could see her. If that was the case, then the pale girl decided to be visible to Sienna and her brother. Perhaps she wanted to give them a warning that Art would return no matter where they hid. Even at the end of the sequel, we saw the same bright yellow eyes in Victoria. Victoria was perhaps possessed by the pale girl, and it was the pale girl who used Victoria to give birth to Art’s head. The pale girl wanted to have Art back, so she planned the entire thing.

What To Expect From ‘Terrifier 3’?

Well, one thing for sure is that Art the Clown will return. As always, we won’t be able to find out what happened to the pale girl or if she really possessed Victoria. The storytelling is much too focused on the killings of Art the Clown that it lacks the potential to introduce a character’s origin. However, they tried to work something out with Sienna’s father this time around. They established some dark secrets about him. Sienna’s father is the most interesting character in this sequel. We will later discuss him. Let’s just hope that “Terrifier 3” at least becomes more watchable than its predecessors.


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