‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Aimee & Jepp Find Gus And The Rest? 

“Sweet Tooth” returns to Netflix, hopefully with a sweeter season for the good guys. Gus, Wendy, and the kids are locked up under the zoo, where they await Aimee and Jepp’s arrival to take them to safety. In the meantime, Abbot has put Adi on a mission to find the cure for the virus as soon as possible, or his wife Rani will die. Bear, or as we now know her name to be, Becky, is in Birdie’s house with Judy, waiting for the return of Gus and Jepp, but she was able to get an active connection on her radio phone to reach Birdie, who is still alive and well. Will the paths of all the teams intertwine to save the day? Let’s find out all that happens in the first episode of “Sweet Tooth” season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

Birdie’s Adventures 

The episode begins with Birdie finding a range of snow-clad mountains she has a picture of. She heads down some rocks and reaches a shipwreck. Inside, she finds a large version of the purple flower that grows wherever “the sick” is found on what looks like a corpse with a diary in its hand. The diary belongs to a person named Dr. James Thacker and is from 1911. A drawing of a stag, along with some notes, is what she sees before she’s drawn back up by her rope. Before something disastrous happens, it stops coiling back, and when she reaches the top again, she sees footprints, but they don’t look human, maybe stag footprints. So whatever reeled her up might’ve been an animal or possibly another hybrid in the middle of nowhere! 


Gus And The Kids

Back in the zoo, one of the hybrid kids gets taken away, and they’re being fed dog food. Wendy stops them from eating the dog food, but because everyone is hungry, she lets them do it anyway. Gus meets all the hybrids and learns that some of them can talk, but mostly they don’t have the vocal cords or ability to form full words as humans do, so Aimee taught them sign language to communicate with each other. The kid who was taken away was called Roy, and he was part chameleon. While they wait for Roy, the kids get the idea of calling Aimee, or as they call her, mom, from the radio in the zoo. Bobby gets the keys to the room by digging under it, so Gus and Wendy head to the radio room. They are able to send Aimee a message, but before Wendy can finish, Gus brings her back into hiding as the Last Men pass the room. At the same time, they see Roy’s corpse being carried away, and it looks as if he was vivisected for the purpose of saving Rani. They try to use the radio again, but get caught this time. Bobby’s tricks were found out, so now he has a tracker around his neck that won’t let him dig anymore. The kids ask if they met Roy, and Wendy is about to tell them the truth, but Gus interferes and tells them Roy won’t be coming back because he managed to escape and be free. Gus tells Wendy all about Jepp and a few things about Pubba; surely he misses them deeply. Soon, a new kid must be taken to Adi, and now it is Gus who is chosen.

Adi’s Ultimatum 

Roy is the first hybrid Adi has to cut open. He is able to make a double dose of the “secret sauce” for Rani. Rani has dreams about Nancy, the woman she and Adi had hidden after she was killed by their horse, and before she’s able to wake up, Adi gives her the dose. She thanks him for taking the step to save her, even if it meant killing the hybrid. Adi leaves her with the idol of a Hindu god named Ganpati, who too happens to be a “hybrid” between elephant and human. After giving her the dose, Abbot warns him that he has three days to find a cure or both he and Rani will die. According to Abbot, 98% of the population has already been wiped out, and the new wave of the virus is the worst they have experienced yet.


Abbot’s Little Meeting

While Adi tries to find a cure to save all of humanity, Abbot finds his way to meet some people in the middle of seemingly nowhere. He meets a man named Mijo. Mijo looks like a spokesperson for some people that even Abbot may be afraid of, or at least find himself beneath. Abbot has a proposal for “the three” that they aren’t willing to listen to. Mijo ends the conversation by telling Abbot that he will never be “accepted,” so he should head home. Hmm, it looks like the man with the red sunglasses wants to be accepted somewhere too.

Adi’s Experiment With Gus

When no one is watching, Adi begins interrogating Gus. He knows he can talk, and his first question has to do with Gus’ age. After Adi threatens Gus’ body with being opened up like Roy’s, Gus reluctantly begins answering his questions. Adi can’t believe Gus is 10 because the virus is only 9 years old. This is his first clue to solving the mystery. Gus also doesn’t have a belly button, so Adi might be getting the idea that he wasn’t a natural baby. Gus tells Adi about Pubba, and Adi wants to meet him, but of course he can’t because Richard is long dead. Gus tells Adi that he spoke to Pubba after falling into the purple flowers. Adi has an idea from this and wonders if Gus can use his hallucinations(?) to find out something more about the virus and its relationship with the hybrids. Adi makes a deal with Gus; he will keep him and the rest of the hybrids safe if he’s able to talk to him more like this and answer his questions. Gus returns to the kids and even brings a little torch for Teddy, the turtle hybrid, who is afraid of the dark. Adi sees Rani praying and notices the purple flower. He has what he needs to get Gus’ brain working.


Birdie & The Secret Tape

In the meantime, we’re taken back to what happened at the end of season 1, when Becky and Birdie connected on the phone. Now Becky tells Birdie she’s with Gus and that they will come to her. Birdie worries that having the phone activated for this long will get them caught, so she warns Becky to leave the house as soon as possible. Birdie tells Becky that there is a cassette with a recording on it for Gus. Becky and Judy search for the cassette before the Last Men arrive. Just sends Becky on her way and tells her that she will stay back so she can escape safely. Becky gets into combat with one of the Last Men on the roof and pushes him off the roof, but she falls too. Fortunately, she manages to get up and escape with the cassette, but now the question is, how will she find Birdie, Gus, or Jepp? Back at the zoo, along with their food, the kids receive a messenger. Dog Gus’ toy is amidst the dog food, meaning Aimee and Jepp have arrived to save them all!

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