‘Sweet Home 2’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending: Where Does Eun-U Want To Go?

In episode 1 of Sweet Home 2, we got a recap of whoever is still around and what the military is up to. Yi-Kyung is making her way quickly to her fiancé after hearing that those who were considered special infectees are now useless to the scientists in charge of testing them. On the other hand, Eun-U gets her hands on a gun and uses it to threaten some soldiers (who saved her life) to escort her to a specific location. One of the soldiers seems to be interested in really helping the Green Home gang, while the other doesn’t care for anything but killing the monsters and self-survival. Hyun-Su, on the other hand, has finally made it to the shelter to be experimented on, bringing along a sweet gift wrapped in blood and shame: Ui-Myeong, the runaway.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Does Eun-U Take The Gang?

It’s rather obvious that Eun-U is still looking for her stepbrother. Eun-Hyuk promised her that he would come back safely, and she hasn’t let that thought leave her mind. Of course, the other residents aren’t keen on returning to Green Home; there’s a horde of monsters awaiting their return. Episode 2 of Sweet Home 2 began with a flashback from when Eun-Hyuk and Ji-Su had a conversation. Eun-Hyuk tells Ji-Su to look after his sister and the residents because he knew back then that he would not be able to get back to them. It’s probably because he felt the symptoms of conversion coming. Now, when they arrive at Green Home, the not-so-great soldier tells Eun-U to stop playing games, but Ji-Su takes the gun from her so Eun-U can get her closure and return to them safely. Ji-Su threatens the soldier (she’s rather savage doing it) while Eun-U makes her way back into the old building. She finds Eun-Hyuk’s CD player and his notes on who survived, mutated, and died. Eun-U sees his name under the mutated but still doesn’t want to believe he’s gone for good. In the meantime, there’s a strange monster that looks like a thundercloud somewhere near her, but it doesn’t quite move. We don’t get to see it in the rest of the episode, but it could be a hint to what’s happened to Eun-Hyuk.


Jae-Hwan (the resident who was always obsessed with his appearance) wants to leave the place and tries to fight Ji-Su, so the soldiers take them back to the camp safely. Chan-Young, the nice (and pretty) soldier, stops everyone from fighting while the other guy finds Eun-U and starts beating her up for hurting his ego, of course. He even pulls out his gun at her, but Chan-Young stops him. The other soldier tells Chan-Young to tie everyone up and leave because all he really cares about is his own survival. Chan-Young tells Eun-U (these two are definitely going to be a thing) that she can easily escape his knot because he’s tied it loosely on purpose. In the meantime, Myung-Sook, one of the residents who became a monster, walks towards the residents in human form, completely naked and covered in a gooey substance. She desired to reunite with her baby, so her monster form was a womb with a baby inside. Now she looks blank and confused as she walks, but her eyes aren’t black, and maybe she’s come back to her human form and needs some help to remember again. Unfortunately, the evil soldier doesn’t care for sentimentality and hits her with a truck, pouring oil all over her to scorch her to death. Chan-Young tries to stop him, but he gives a speech about how all monsters must die before getting pierced straight in the head by the hand (more like a branch) of the blind monster (the way I laughed).

Young-Su gestures to Chan-Young that the blind monster has heightened hearing, and he gets them out of danger, ready to shoot at it anytime. They find a bus, and Jae-Hwan is ready to leave Chan-Young behind, who is being crushed by the eyeball monster by this point. Eun-U stops Jae-Hwan from driving away, and Chan-Young manages to stab the monster and get out of its clutches thanks to the blind monster (nice combination). Ultimately, he reaches the bus and takes the wheel. They pick up an old man with a gun, another survivor, on their way out.


What Is Happening With Hyun-Su?

Hyun-Su is stripped naked and taken to a dark room for experimentation. He is certain that he can help cure humankind and asks the scientist (Dr. Lim, who we’ll get back to in a bit) what he must do to achieve this goal. The scientist only tells him to worry about the current experiment, which is facing off against a “red monster.” These are the kind that get rabid at the site of blood. At first, the monster fights Hyun-Su, who doesn’t fight back. He stays in his human form, not even his eyes turning black from the threat. The monster bites Hyun-Su’s neck, and his eyes turn white (you know, like that psychic kid in GOT?). Hyun-Su sees the monster’s human life flash in front of him. It seems the monster sees it too, which makes him calm down immediately. Hyun-Su has a metal chain around his neck, and the monster breaks it. The monster used to be a tennis player who got terribly sick from what looked like a chronic illness before he turned into a monster. The monster tells Hyun-Su that he just wants the pain to stop before the scientists come and burn him up, as Hyun-Su screams in protest. Hyun-Su is still naive and trusts the scientist because he’s capable of creating a vaccine. Lim is strange in his behavior and even reaches out to touch Hyun-Su without actually doing it (creep). He tells Hyun-Su that they already created a vaccine, but it’s gone now. Hyun-Su asks Lim to make it again because, with his presence, things will work out (the kid suddenly became very confident). Lim tells Hyun-Su that he will end up begging to be killed by the scientists if he allows them to work on him, but Hyun-Su doesn’t care as long as humanity is saved.

How Does Dr. Lim Recognize Yi-Kyung?

Yi-Kyung is finally inches from the truth, but she can’t make it into Dr. Lim’s lair. Dr. Lim, who happens to be there when she’s trying to get in, recognizes her instantly, and she’s taken aback by his addressing her. However, he’s only excited to see her fiancé react to her presence. He lets her into the secured section with his own badge, since her stolen one didn’t work. The second she’s in, he shuts the door to make sure she can’t escape. He probably has plans to observe her inside the facility, however, he’s attacked by some soldiers and knocked unconscious, leaving Yi-Kyung trapped inside with who knows what kind of monsters. 


Who Is Mh 1?

Dr. Lim calls the special infectees MH, “monster humans” (wow, what innovation). MH-1 is the first of them, MH-2 the second, and so on. Ui-Myeong was meant to become MH-6, but the doctors assume he’s dead. However, he wakes up from the dead out of the blue and attacks the doctors checking him. He’s still unable to use his powers and can’t even stand up, but slithers his way on the floor and out of the room. He makes it to MH-1’s room and is reunited with an old friend. We don’t quite know anything about this monster, but he has a human face and a very skinny body that looks malnourished. This is possibly Yi-Kyung’s guy. Ui-Myeong is grateful to see him and touches his body; maybe he feels connected to him that way.

What Happens To Jae-Hwan?

Chan-Young stops the bus because little Young-Su wants to use the restroom. In the little time that they’re gone, Jae-Hwan wakes Su-Young up, asking her if he looks nice. She’s horrified by the sight of strange bubbles all over his face (trypophobia TW). She tries to run from him, but he chokes her, repeating his question a hundred times. He’s, of course, turned. Su-Young goes unconscious before everyone else wakes up in the bus and runs out. The old man shoots at Jae-Hwan, grabbing Su-Young to bring her out. Jae-Hwan’s body mutates further and becomes completely contorted. His face moves to his torso, and it’s a flat mess of facial features and bumps (imagine a Spongebob but uglier and in human skin form). The old man pours oil near the bus to light Jae-Hwan on fire, but Jae-Hwan sees his reflection and begins to scream. The pitch of his screams is too high and even shatters the glass of the bus (this is not opera, my dude). Everyone has their ears covered, so nobody can light him on fire. Ji-Su, probably thinking of her promise to Eun-Hyuk, decides to take one hand off, picking up the torch and aiming at him. Su-Young isn’t waking up (this was so unnecessary!), and Ji-Su has blood coming out of her ears (how will she play the bass again TT). 


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