‘Swathi Mutthina Male Haniye’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is Aniketh Dead?

Directed by Raj B. Shetty, the film Swathi Mutthina Male Haniye is sure to make you cry your eyes out! The art drama will make sure that we get a better insight into our lives and start understanding its meaning better. The complexities of life lead to only one path, ‘death,’ which is the most peaceful of all experiences that humans have gathered in a lifetime. The concept of time slipping out of lovers’ hands can be compared to The Fault in Our Stars directed by Josh Boone. So the question here is: how did Aniketh change Prerana’s life? Will Prerana be able to fight death and save Aniketh? Let’s find out!

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What Was Prerana’s Life Like?

Prerana had a very monotonous life, as she followed the same routine on a regular basis. Being a counselor for terminal illness in an institute, she had a very disciplined life and would maintain the same routine all throughout. She said the same things about courage and strength to every patient, as she knew that their days were numbered. With a partner like Sager, her life had become extremely tedious. He had no feelings left for Prerana and was involved in an extra-marital affair. Despite knowing about her partner’s infidelity, Prerana remained quiet, displaying her endurance while suffering silently. While people around her applauded her for her patience and maturity, nobody was there to show a bit of empathy for her. She felt very lonely and stuck in a world where nobody cared much about her existence.

How Was Aniketh Different From The Other Patients?

Prerana’s life was completely transformed when a new patient, Aniketh, came into the facility. She reported that Aniketh did not choose counseling and was also refusing to provide the authorities with any papers for his identity. Later, when she went to meet him, she was intrigued by his unique personality. He was not like the other patients in the facility, who were only thinking about death. Despite knowing that his days were numbered, he was full of life. Prerana was moved by one of his poems and requested that the management keep him in the facility. A man who was about to lose his life in a few days had given Prerana a taste of life. He did not quit his habit of smoking, as he knew that it was already too late for him.  He wanted to enjoy his life to the fullest before passing into the world of oblivion! She liked going out and spending time with him. She appreciated his positivity and outlook on life. Aniketh had chosen to plant a crape jasmine tree in the facility, unlike any other patient, as he knew that the flowers would continue to blossom, no matter if anyone liked it or not. He appreciated the tenacity of the plant to blossom in any season, and he knew that only death could stop it. It is possible that he found a similarity between himself and the tree, as nothing could stop a positive life force from flowing out of him.

How Did Aniketh Transform Prerana’s Life?

Prerana felt more alive than ever with Aniketh. She appreciated his outlook on life. Aniketh was more supportive of her than her longtime partner Sagar could ever be. She had started dressing up for him and loved spending time with him. She took care of Aniketh when he fell severely ill and even brought her mother to meet him. She noticed how much they both enjoyed talking to each other. She could clearly see the difference between Aniketh and Sagar as she saw that Aniketh actually enjoyed conversing with her mother. Meanwhile, Sagar made her feel distant and ignored her.  After working in the facility for a long time, Prerana understood the meaninglessness and uncertainty of life. She had met an old woman in the facility whose husband had sold everything to keep her alive. It was something similar that Prerena was secretly craving from her partner. In the last few days of his life, Aniketh was able to provide her with the warmth and care that she had been missing out on.

Later, on his deathbed, he told Prerana that he had submitted fake documents at the institute. He told her that he really liked how the countryside dogs died a peaceful death alone. They can sense their approaching death, and a few days before they pass away, they separate themselves from their owners. Similarly, even he wanted to separate himself from the bounds of the world before he left it. When Prerana asked him about what they should do with his body, he told her that he was not worried about it and left the responsibility to Prerana. This brought out the fact that Aniketh was only worried about the present and did not care about what would happen after his death. He was a person who would rather live in the present than spend time worrying about the future.  

Where Were Aniketh’s Ashes Scattered And Why?

After Aniketh’s demise, Prerana took the entire charge on herself to cremate Aniketh. She did not even know his real name and was in love with an anonymous man who had taught her a lot of life lessons before his death. She lied to the facility that she was going to deliver his body to his guardians and took all the responsibility on herself! Aniketh had asked her to scatter his ashes in the curve of a road from a moving bus. He wished to settle as a speck of dust on the roadside trees and watch the world go on. He wished to see the unchanged versions of humans as they traveled through the curves on the road. In his final letter, he wrote that he was thankful that he had met Prerana in one such curve of the road of life in their true forms, without any pretentious facade. He thanked Prerana for transforming the last few days of his life and making him the best version of himself.

Final Words

It is strange as to how a dying man had such a great impact on Prerana. She came to know so much about a man in such a short time frame, despite not knowing his real name and identity. This factor brings clarity to the aspect that the identity that we attain in this life does not mean much, but the experiences that we gather and carry with ourselves are what matter most. The open window that was so dear to Aniketh could have been an aperture to gaining ‘moksha’. Aniketh could have been the symbol of liberation that every human needs to attain in their life, which is supposed to be our ultimate goal. Prerana is also seen to be liberated from the toxic cycle of her household after her encounter with Aniketh. The thought-provoking film will make sure that the 1 hour and 30 minutes were worth your time! I would highly recommend watching Swathi Mutthina Male Haniye to attain some clarity on life.

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