‘Stolen Vacation’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Lola And Carlos?

Carlos Camargo, a middle-aged man, has been debt-ridden but wants to give his family a good life. Directed by Diego Graue, the comedy-drama, Stolen Vacation is very entertaining, and the thrill of the events is sure to keep one glued to their seats. The protagonist thinks that his luck has favored him when he unexpectedly finds money in his office restroom and decides to take his family out on a vacation. Will he be able to bear the guilt of the theft? Will Carlos be able to resolve his chaotic life? There are many questions that are raised in our minds, which will eventually be answered through an in-depth analysis of Stolen Vacation!


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Carlos Decide To Do With The Money?

Carlos is not happy with his salary or his job and complains about not having received his annual bonus. He complains about his failure in business and the way his lifestyle has degraded over the course of the past 10 years to his friend Nacho. Later, when he finds a wad of cash in one of the toilets in his office, he thinks of many ways in which he could spend it! He announces to his family that he will take them to San Antonio for a vacation. The selflessness of the man is seen when he decides to spend the money on his family and not on himself. He could have chosen to clear off his debts rather than put a smile on the faces of his family members by taking them on a vacation, but eventually, he chose to put his family above himself. He takes his family on a vacation, and they are seen enjoying a lavish holiday that they never thought they could afford! They go out on shopping sprees, have lavish dinners, and are also seen staying at cozy hotels!


What Did Carlos Do With Salo’s Car?

Salo, an old neighbor of Carlos, had entrusted him with his car before leaving for a vacation in Miami. He told him that his car was in the garage, and when the repair was done, the mechanic would hand over the keys to him. When Carlos is about to go out for a vacation with his family, he sees that the HM Motors Company has sent in their men to take his car away, as he has been unable to pay the monthly installments. Just then, Salo’s car comes from the garage, and he instantly has the idea of taking his family out for a vacation in that car. He also hides it from his family and tells them that Salo loaned him his car for a vacation with his family. Later, when they reach San Antonio, some goons scratch the car, leaving Carlos to think about the consequences of Salo finding out. He also gets in trouble with the police for parking in the disabled spot. The police want telephonic confirmation from the owner of the car before handing over the keys to Carlos. He requests that his friend Nacho sneak into Salo’s house and answer his landline to confirm with the police that they are providing the keys to Carlos. While Nacho is inside the house, he tries touching an expensive artifact, sending off alarms. Nacho somehow manages to escape the house, and Carlos is notified that someone has tried to break in. He takes the first flight from Miami, and as he informs Carlos about it, he is terrified. He also gathers his family, flies back home, reaches Carlos, and parks his car. On seeing the scratched surface of his car, he thinks that the thieves have toyed with it.

Why Did Charlie Break Up With His Girlfriend?

The financial insecurity in his family had always caused Charlie to retreat from his dreams of getting into a good academic institute. Finally, when his father tells him that they would be financially well-off after his promotion, Charlie asks him if he could apply for his further studies in America, to which Carlos says yes. Later, when he goes to meet his girlfriend, he sees her flashing her sexy undergarments, and on questioning her further, she says that she had been physically intimate with someone before coming into a relationship with him. He does not like this statement, and he decides to walk away. Later, when he goes on vacation, he accidentally witnesses his parents’ intimate moments, which remind him of his girlfriend, and he calls her up and patches up with her. When she asked him if he would be going to America for further studies, he told her that he knew that his parents would not be able to afford education in another country and that he had lied to her about it. It is possible that Charlie had somehow come to know about the truth and the facade that his father was putting on in front of others, which had kept him from applying to private universities.


What Bad Habits Did Lola Have?

Even though Carlos did not let the burden of his financial pressures affect his family, they were all aware of his condition. Lola had gotten into the bad habit of playing bingo, from which she thought she could earn easy money. She was aware of their conditions at home, as she could not even pay the maid her salary, which made her leave the job at their house. She had kept this a secret from her family, and no one else knew about it. She tried her best so that she could contribute her bit of money to the family to help her husband in the tough situation. She even mortgaged her wedding ring as she was in a lot of debt, which she had kept from her husband. She did not want to put any additional pressure on him.

What Happened Finally?

Carlos came across an office colleague in San Antonio who told him that their office had been taking out footage from their hidden cameras about a theft in their office. Carlos thinks that his theft will eventually be revealed. When Carlos received an email from an anonymous sender saying that he had been busted, he thought that his office had come to know of his theft. Later, when he reaches his office, he sees that the detective and police are investigating the case. He expected that he would be arrested that day, but instead saw that another colleague was being arrested. Later, his boss told him that it was part of their strategy to send out anonymous emails to all their colleagues about the theft. Later, when he gets his bonus money, he puts it in the place where he discovered the cash. He did not want to live with the guilt of having stolen the money from his office. His van also gets auctioned, and his debts are eventually settled.


Final Thoughts

Initially, the money had driven Carlos astray, but later, when he confesses to his family about the theft, he realizes what a mistake he had made. His family, however, supports him and understands his circumstances, as they stick by each other even in such a difficult situation. They eventually manage to overcome the difficulties, hand in hand! It is possible that even though Carlos never wanted to bother his family with his financial burdens, his family knew all about it and did whatever little they could from their end to support him. The plot of Stolen Vacation is solid, leaving no scope for any ambiguities in the film.

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