‘Still Up’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Will Lisa And Danny Reunite?

The 8th episode of Still Up brings out certain conflicts among the characters that need to be sorted. There are a lot of gaps created between the characters, which are eventually cemented. Lisa has major miscommunications with Danny and Veg, which all eventually seem to get resolved. Will the crack in the relationship between Veg and Lisa really be repaired? Will Lisa and Danny become the best of friends again, or will their relationship take a different turn? Let us hope for the tangles to become manageable by the end of this episode! The bond that Lisa and Danny have is largely misinterpreted by Veg. The final episode of Still Up‘s first season, despite being full of conflicts, is sure to put a smile on our faces with its light-hearted elements of romance and comedy.


Spoilers Ahead

What Conflict Arises Between Lisa And Veg?

A tension is created between Lisa and Veg after they meet each other outside Danny’s apartment. Veg thinks that Lisa often visits his place and has been cheating on him with Danny. In her explanation, Lisa says that she had come to give the cat that she had found in the storage unit to Danny. After handing over the cat to one of Danny’s neighbors, Lisa and Veg walk off. Both of them get into a strong altercation regarding the matter that Lisa thought Veg was going to propose. Veg clears it out, saying that he was not going to propose and that Lisa had gotten it all wrong. He also says that it would have been nice if she was at least cheating on him with Danny, as it would have been easier to talk about a certain aspect of their relationship and mend things accordingly. On reaching home, Veg leaves for a while, making Lisa feel abandoned. Later, he comes back and tries to express how much he cares for and loves Lisa, but fails to articulate his feelings in words.


What Secrets Are Revealed?

Lisa calls Danny and tells him about the conflict with Veg and her misconception regarding Veg’s proposal. While talking about her problems, they start talking about old times when Lisa and Danny met three years ago at a common friend’s wedding. While reminiscing about their old days, they are seen dancing over the video call to the same music that they danced to when they first met at the wedding. They had started interacting randomly as they were seated at the same table, and we saw how their vibes matched organically on the very first day. Danny gets Lisa introduced to his girlfriend Chloe and tells her how good she sings and that she was going to perform that night on the stage. While Chloe performs on the stage, Danny tells Lisa that he is going to propose to her and shows her the ring that he has gotten for Chloe. Lisa encourages him initially, but later she overhears Chloe in the washroom talking to her manager about how she was going to dump Danny because she was in love with him. She thinks it is not feasible to warn Danny about Chloe as they barely know each other and decides to steal his engagement ring. Danny goes up on the stage to propose, but when he does not find the ring, he is unable to do so. Lisa later slipped the ring into his pocket while leaving for home. She had not told Danny about this secret all these years, but now that she has decided to reveal it to Danny, she also reveals that she has liked Danny from the beginning. While we expect Danny to be mad at her, he instead looks glad that Lisa saved him a disastrous marriage.

Why Did Danny Go All The Way To Meet Lisa?

Somewhere deep down, even Danny knew that Lisa liked him, but he was just not sure about it. After getting the confirmation, Danny rushes over to Lisa’s place to meet her, and it gets clear that even Danny has strong feelings for her, which he has been suppressing all this while. He skips taking the taxi this time as he is reminded of the nuisance that he faced last time when he went to find Lisa. This time, he takes the bus and travels all the way to her house, and on reaching her, he sees Lisa inside her room. He was unable to hear her because of the glass window, and she texted him that Veg was back, which upsets him. The glass window is symbolic of the barrier that Danny and Lisa always had between them, despite having feelings for each other. Danny calls Lisa from outside her house and tells her that he will always be there for her. Lisa asks him if he had just come there to tell her this, and he tells her he would be his mirror, in reference to the song “I’ll Be Your Mirror” by the Velvet Underground. The same words that Veg was unable to express to her were effortlessly expressed by Danny. He reminded her that she was a gem of a person and that he saw the real her, who was warm, kind, and funny. Danny was definitely everything that Veg could not become!


Final Thoughts

Despite being a good person, it is evident that Veggies’ vibe did not match that of Lisa! The spark that she had with Danny was missing with Veg. The one persistent complaint that Veg had was that Lisa’s own world came alive after he went off to bed. The factor of insomnia could also have been a major element that bound Lisa with Danny and,  on the other hand, created a gap between Lisa and Veg. This series brings up what the inability to give each other time does to a couple and how it affects their understanding of each other. The first season of Still Up was pretty exciting, and we are definitely looking forward to other seasons. It is appreciable how, despite having feelings for each other, the characters manage to have control over their instincts and maintain their boundaries. The lighthearted mini-series keeps us all craving more of the feel-good element of the episodes.

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