‘Spy Kids: Armageddon’ Plot, Story, Release Date & Where To Stream

2001’s Spy Kids is a film that almost everyone is familiar with. This famous American spy action franchise revolved around some children who got pulled into an espionage organization. Even discussing the film takes us back to those days when we were kids, and these films would show up on our TV screens, bringing a big smile to our faces. Thumb-Thumb Robot or Floops Castle—some of the most iconic elements from this original franchise—are still unforgettable for kids of the 90s and early 2000s. However, the good news is that Netflix is on its way to release a reboot of this famous franchise, naming it Spy Kids: Armageddon. Helmed by the creator of the original franchise, Robert Rodriguez, this Netflix film is all set to evoke nostalgia by offering us a wonderful experience through these mischievous kids and their worried parents. The trailer for Spy Kids: Armageddon was released a few days ago, setting expectations high for the reboot to give us a fantabulous experience. 


Story and Plot

Similar to the 2001 original version of Spy Kids, the Netflix reboot centers on two siblings who discover that their seemingly “not cool enough” parents are actually spies. The official trailer for Spy Kids: Armageddon opens with two siblings,  Tony and Patty playing video games and fearing that their father might bust them. It seems they’ve been grounded and instructed to put their phone in a lockbox. The scene shifts, and we get to see Nora and Terence, the kids’ parents, talking about some virus that has been combined with the Armageddon code. This virus probably came out of the world of video games, causing damage in the real world. As expected, some video game characters barge into their house, and we see the kids’ parents fighting them off. Next up, we see the kids escaping the attack by those video game characters but while running away from the house, they finally realize that their parents are actually spies. Since their parents have been kidnapped and the siblings feel a responsibility to find them, they end up in a safe house, where their mother Nora communicates with them through a video projection. She reveals her true identity as a spy, saying that if her children have come to this safehouse, they already know their parents’ real professions. Here, the kids go through some training and read books on how to become spies. Finally, after some super training, the kids are able to rescue their parents from prison. Now reunited with their parents, the kids set out on their mission to take these villains out and throw them back into the world of video games, where they belong.

Cast And Characters

Previously known for her roles in Jane the Virgin, Not Dead Yet, and Annihilation, Gina Rodriguez is playing the mother of the Spy Kids in this upcoming Netflix reboot. She plays Nora Torrez, the mother of the siblings and their guide on their journey to become spies. Zachary Levi, playing the role of the father of the kids, is also well known for his role as the titular character  in Shazam! We can anticipate seeing his comedic brilliance in Spy Kids: Armageddon as well. Besides, we are introduced to The King, played by Billy Magnussen, previously known for his roles in famous films like No Time to Die, Game Night, and many more. We can anticipate Billy will excel in the role of the antagonist in the Spy Kids reboot, as he has always given his best performances in whatever role he has played. Last but not least, the Spy Kids, Tony Tangi-Torrez, played by Connor Esterson, and Patty Tangi-Torrez, played by Eberly Carganilla, are the center of the narrative. We can anticipate that their playful performance will enrich the film, making the presentation appreciated by an audience of several age groups.


What To Expect?

Overall, the co-writers and the mastermind of the original franchise, Robert Rodriguez, seem to have taken certain creative liberties with the narrative by changing the characters’ backgrounds, their character arcs, and some intricate details of the story. From the trailer, we can also see that the plotline is infused with some advanced technology, which adds to the beauty and glamor of the show. Even the background score has done a great job of portraying the main conflict of the narrative. The trailer has also set high expectations for the film to have great cinematography and camera styles, which can elevate the mood of the plot. There are some exciting Easter eggs we can expect from this reboot, which are only glimpsed in the trailer. Up until now, the video game characters who come to the real world seem to be a major threat to this world, and seemingly, only the Torrez family espionage group can save the world from it.

Release Date and Streaming Platform

As we have already enjoyed the trailer, we can expect the film to have an adequate amount of drama, action, and comedy, which would have some potential to make our day. With some great actors in the lead who have proven themselves as great performers earlier, we can expect the Netflix reboot to steal our hearts. However, it remains to be seen if Spy Kids: Armageddon can beat the original version with the novelty of its story and increased glamor. So let’s just hope that the Netflix reboot does justice to this franchise, not ruining its beauty but ultimately satisfying its audience. But remember, to enjoy the ultimate cinematic magic of Spy Kids: Armageddon on screen, you have to stay tuned in exclusively on Netflix on September 22.


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Poulami Nanda
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