‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 4 Review/Recap: What Does Kaitlyn Tell Jay In The Car?

Paramount’s spy thriller Special Ops: Lioness dropped its fourth episode today, and it shows how difficult the job of a spy can be. In the previous episode, Cruz, the agent that Jay had chosen to infiltrate the Amrohi family, was flown off to an unknown location by Aaliyah, the fiancée of Ehsan Amrohi. Now, Cruz needs to work her way closer to Aaliyah so that she can extract as much information as possible from the bride-to-be about one of the most corrupt oil companies in the world. Here’s what happens in this week’s episode.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Aaliyah Confess To Cruz?

Special Ops: Lioness Episode 4 opens with a celebration on a Long Island beach as men and women in swimsuits enjoy the sun and each other’s presence under the watchful eyes of Jay’s men on one side and the Amrohi guards on the other. Cruz and Aaliyah swim out to the sea, towards the yacht, which is the surveillance area of the Special Ops. In the water, Aaliyah confesses to Cruz that she doesn’t want to get married, but she doesn’t have a choice. She’d have to accept the marriage with Ehsan Amrohi, although her only satisfaction is that he’s kind, even though he’s always on the phone.


Meanwhile, inside the yacht, Joe learns from her men that the extraction they did for Kyle went wrong, and they ended up using EMP, killing seven people in action. This is bad news, and Jay’s men can be arrested and sent to the Texas penitentiary, so she calls up Kyle to demand answers. While meeting with Supervisor Kaitlyn Meade and Chief Westfield, Kyle is informed that everything they did has been caught on camera, and he’s forced to divulge that he’d used Jay’s men. However, the only card up his sleeve is that his Mexican contact will be bringing in five Al-Qaeda men to Chihuahua for arrest, so the CIA needs to pray the situation goes without a hiccup lest they’re all sent to prison.

What Fresh Trouble Does Kate Find Herself In?

Not one day goes by, however, when Kate, the eldest daughter of Jay and Neal, doesn’t make her parents lives difficult, and this time, she’s in a car accident. Neal is informed of the accident as she’s brought into his hospital, and he learns that Kate’s left leg is broken. However, the worst shock is that his 14-year-old daughter is pregnant, and it hurts even more because she didn’t keep the promise of not indulging in sex. The anesthesia and the surgery she’d undergo the next morning would most certainly terminate the fetus, but in case it didn’t, Kate would need to decide whether she wanted to be a normal high schooler or stay home as a teenage mom.


Either way, Neal has to be the bearer of the bad news to his daughter and also has to tell her that her friend Holly didn’t survive the crash because she was looking at a funny video while driving. Neal calls Jay and asks her to arrive the following morning so that Kate can see her after surgery. He also has to inform his wife that their daughter is pregnant. Jay is stunned to learn that they’ve failed to raise their daughter properly, as this sudden tsunami of bad news strains their marriage, probably past the point of no return. Kate, the bane of her parents’ relationship, might have driven an irreparable wedge through Jay and Neal’s marriage.

What Happens To Cruz At The Bar?

At night, Aaliyah, Cruz, Ehsan, and all the other friends head to a bar in Long Island, while Jay keeps close observation outside. However, she starts feeling uncomfortable with Cruz being alone amidst all the people and decides to drop by to keep a closer look. Moments later, she is approached by a young man who tries hitting on her. Jay uses her wit to quickly shoo the man away, who then tries the exact same line on Cruz. However, Cruz is flattered by the man and decides to join him on the dancefloor. They return to the bartender and order two drinks, and just as you start thinking Cruz might be treated right for once, the man spikes her drink when she’s not looking. A fight breaks out in the club, and Aaliyah and her friends are quickly escorted away as the man escapes with the already unconscious Cruz. Thankfully, though, Jay notices her agent being taken away, and using the transmitter on Cruz, the crew starts chasing the man.


What Does Cruz Tell Jay About Aaliyah?

After a bit of intense searching through the forest, Jay spots the man just as he is about to rape Cruz, but she kicks the attacker to the side as her men start injecting adrenaline into the potential date-rape victim. With Cruz’s heart rate stabilizing, Jay turns her attention to the rapist and asks her men to hold his legs up in the air as she stomps his privates into mincemeat before threatening him to keep his mouth shut about his attackers. His screams make it clear that he won’t be able to prey on unsuspecting girls at local bars anytime soon. However, Jay’s bigger concern is resuscitating Cruz, and she does regain her senses after a coordinated effort from the team. Jay is losing faith in Cruz’s ability to pull off the job, but she swears that she’ll deliver and adds that Aaliyah’s wedding will be happening in Dubai, which is a lot easier to cover than Riyadh or Kuwait.

What Does Kaitlyn Tell Jay In The Car?

As the men try to help Cruz, Jay is asked away by her supervisor, Kaitlyn, who has come to meet her in person. Jay lets her boss know that her daughter has been in a car accident and she’s going home, and Kaitlyn agrees to ride with her. For a while, however, the two women are silent, as Jay wonders how she’s going to handle the fact that her eldest daughter has broken her leg and is pregnant at 14 and ends up asking Kaitlyn how she and her husband Errol have managed to stay together all these years. Kaitlyn stays silent as Jay asks what was so important that her boss had to come all the way to Long Island to tell her. Kaitlyn reveals that Jay’s men have been caught on surveillance cameras helping Kyle.


What Happens In the End?

What Kaitlyn doesn’t tell Jay, though, is that things are about to get very bad very soon for her men. If the FBI gets a whiff that such a violent act was orchestrated by the CIA’s hired people, not only will the CIA bosses be facing endless senate meetings and possible termination, but the men responsible for the killings will be headed straight to jail. Now Jay might be reeling from the continuous horrible things that just keep coming at her every morning. Her pregnant 14-year-old daughter is in the hospital; her agent was almost date-raped, and the men who depend on her for their wellbeing might face jail time. By the end of the day, Jay is in deep muck, and unless she can think of ways to sort out the situation quickly, there’s a big chance that a lot of people will get hurt.

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Paramount's spy thriller Special Ops: Lioness dropped its fourth episode today, and it shows how difficult the job of a spy can be.'Special Ops: Lioness' Episode 4 Review/Recap: What Does Kaitlyn Tell Jay In The Car?