‘Song Of The Bandits’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Eon-nyeni’s Plan?

Previously in Song Of The Bandits Episode 3, Hee-shin and Eon-nyeni made their way to MayeongJeong, while Lee Yoon and Seon-bok decided to wait for the vehicle carrying the railway construction money to arrive to perform the heist. However, seeing Lee Yoon alive, Eon-nyeni decided to kill him, resulting in a fight between them. However, the Japanese authorities’ intervention stopped their altercation from escalating and put them behind bars. Later, at the request of the Japanese consul, Yamada, Lee Yoon, Eon-nyeni, and Seon-bok were released from prison.


Episode 4 of Song of the Bandits opened with a grim visual, showcasing the brutality and torture the Japanese army had inflicted upon Joseon’s people. An army general called Lee Gawang to his office and expressed his suspicion about Gawang’s loyalty to the Japanese force. The general asked if Gawang was aware of the railway construction money getting transferred from Hoeryong to MayeongJeong, and Lee Gawang responded affirmatively. During this conversation, we got to know crucial information about Lee Gawang’s background. As Lee Gawang also belonged to Joseon, the Japanese general had reservations about his trustworthiness. However, Gawang vowed to maintain his loyalty to his force, promising that he would stop the money from getting looted by the bandits by any means.

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Did Lee Yoon and Eon-nyeni manage to carry out the heist?

We caught a glimpse of the group of bandits led by Lee Yoon, who was confiding in Choong-soo about the railway bureau manager’s arrival in MayeongJeong. After their release from prison, when Lee Yoon communicated with Eon-nyeni, he realized that she was also after the railway money. Therefore, Choong-soo and his men, Sang-gun and Choraeng-yi, teamed up with Lee Yoon to embark on their mission to loot the vehicle that was carrying the money toward MayeongJeong. Lee came to know that the Japanese officials might pose a risk in their way, so they’d better take them out. As Lee Yoon started preparation for the heist, they received information regarding Hee-shin’s meeting with the Japanese consul, Yamada. Lee Yoon ordered Sang-gun and Choraeng-yi to kill the railway bureau manager, not knowing it was Hee-shin the woman he had loved. 

Assuming the role of the manager in selecting the site for the railway construction, Hee-shin met the consul. During their meeting, Sang-gun and Choraeng-yi were plotting an attack on them. While Choraeng-yi was almost ready to throw a grenade at the consul’s quarter, Sung-gun intervened to prevent this from happening, as he could spot a little kid who was supposed to be the consul’s grandson.


Meanwhile, under the strict supervision of the Japanese force, a vehicle carrying 200,000 won headed toward MayeongJeong. The Japanese force waited for the exact moment when the group of bandits would orchestrate their heist. As the vehicle carrying the money was on its way, several groups of bandits chased after it; however, after defeating all the bandits, Lee Yoon managed to halt the vehicle, but in the meantime, a group led by an extremely ferocious bandit, who was previously seen cutting a man’s tongue out, showed up there to grab all the money. Taking Lee Yoon at gunpoint, they entered the back of the vehicle, but unfortunately for them, there was no money to be found.

What was Eon-nyeni’s plan?

Here, Eon-nyeni did something extraordinary to fool the bandits by skillfully and sneakily grabbing all the money before anyone could lay their hands on it. While in the previous episode of Song Of The Bandits, we saw her meeting a man to discuss enlisting some men for the heist, this was not the heist she meant. Instead of performing a heist, she managed to achieve her goal strategically. Prior to her arrival in MayeongJeong, she had set up a meeting with the bank manager, Mr. Hawn, from the Hoeryong Bank Branch. Even prior to the money being loaded on the vehicle, Eon-nyeni met with Hawn and asked him to steal the 200,000 won directly from the bank to safeguard the money. Very naturally, Hawn didn’t agree to the proposal. Eon-nyeni told him that if he didn’t steal the money to secure its safety, the bandits would steal all the money on its way to MayeongJeong. Therefore, to make the bandits fall into their own trap, Hawn would need to steal the money and keep it in a safe place. Although Hawn was the most experienced manager in that bank, he could also see some profit in it. He believed he could steal the entire sum of money from right under Eon-nyeni’s nose, but in the meantime, when Hawn tried to run away, Eon-nyeni caught him in the act and put an end to his life.


After selecting a site for the railway construction, Hee-shin had no other option than traveling to the region of Gando, where the settlers from Joseon were residing. Even though she was strictly against it, she was compelled to give a speech in honor of the Japanese emperor. While standing in front of her own countrymen, she shed a tear while praising the emperor and announcing that Joseon would never be a free country. While Hee-shin was standing near the podium, Sung-gun and Choraeng-yi were planning to make another attempt to kill her and the consul. However, just before they could pull their trigger, an insurgent from Joseon fired at Hee-shin. Although Hee-shin survived the attack, it left her in a heartbreaking situation for having been shot by her own countryman. Yet, for the greater good, she knew that she would have to continue her pretense.

Meanwhile, at the end of Song Of The Bandits episode 4, we saw the Japanese army capture the bandits while they were attempting to steal the money from the vehicle. As Hee-shin was all set to return from Mayeong Jeong, she met Eon-nyeni at the station. She had a sigh of relief seeing that Eon-nyeni hadn’t betrayed her. Eon-nyeni decided to head for Changchun and asked Hee-shin if she would care to join. Both of them, accompanied by the stolen bag full of construction money, headed towards Changchun, leaving Mayeong Jeong behind.


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