‘Something From Tiffany’s’ Ending, Explained: Whose Ring Is It Anyway?

‘Tis the season for warm bread, a glass of wine, and a dozen Christmas movies to spruce up our moods and feel jolly (even if we don’t want to). “Something from Tiffany’s” is definitely your perfect, regular, run-of-the-mill Hallmark Christmas movie, which gives the sweet message of “do it from your heart and not your head” (this seems to be a common denominator for movies releasing this month, i.e., Troll) to fulfill the void of pure happiness and an uninterrupted vacation in the last month of the year, but we digress. A warning, though, do watch this movie ready to crave a croissant, or should we say ‘it’s cousin a cornetto’ by the end, so we suggest being prepared beforehand.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Something From Tiffany’s’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Rachel is an extroverted, happy-to-be-alive ray of sunshine who is (unbelievably) also a baker of amazing Italian bread and owns a restaurant in New York City’s Little Italy. Little does she know that her life will soon turn upside down when her boyfriend Gary, who buys her a pair of “reasonable” Tiffany earrings for Christmas, ends up being hit by a car (Don’t worry, there’s no gore or violence involved) and exchanging the earrings for a grossly expensive engagement ring right off the streets. To be fair, this is not Gary’s fault, as Ethan, the man who helps him get up from the blow, per the request of his lovely daughter Daisy, ends up picking the wrong bag. Rachel, who is ready in a “special dress” for a planned dinner with Gary, ends up getting a phone call from the hospital notifying her of his small accident. At the hospital, she is told that Gary has suffered a mild concussion but will be completely alright; they just need to do an MRI because he may have a small case of “memory loss.” Rachel is reassured that it’s not a big deal and ends up leaving the room. Daisy, in the meantime, is worried sick about the man who got hit by a car and requested her dad go check up on him. Ethan and her end up at the hospital but can’t go see Gary because they’re not family; that’s when Rachel stumbles upon their conversation and asks to talk with them. Rachel and Ethan immediately hit it off, thanks to his undying love for bread. As they part ways, she suggests they drop by her stall at a Christmas market so she can properly thank them for helping her boyfriend, Gary. Ethan, an author genuinely enjoying her company, decides to take her up on this offer. When he reaches there, though, it is chaos, and he lends her a hand in the crowded stall. Finally, they step out to go their separate ways, but while talking, Ethan lets it slip that he is writing a second book, and Rachel is eager to know all about it, telling him that he should “do what his heart says and not what his head does.” He takes her to a beautiful location that he believes to be his secret hideout, only to find out that she’s been there a few times. She then says it’s a beautiful spot, and he should tell her how it inspired his stories. After a beautiful explanation, the two of them get called by their respective partners and part ways, thinking it’s their last time seeing each other. Is it, though?


‘Something from Tiffany’s’ Ending Explained: Does Rachel Get The Ring (And The Guy) In The End? How Does Tiffany’s Mix-Up Pan Out? 

“Something from Tiffany’s” is a self-aware piece of Christmas rom com that is not that deep but has just enough snow to make you huddle up with a cup of hot cocoa in front of your TV on a Friday night. In traditional Christmas-movie fashion, the main plot revolves around a misunderstanding. Rachel, on Christmas day, receives a surprisingly expensive (and shocking) gift from Gary, a very large engagement ring, which she had no expectations of. On the other hand, Ethan is surprised to see Vanessa open a box of earrings and not the massive engagement ring that Daisy had picked for her. Ethan, realizing what had happened, decides to go get a confession from Gary and get his ring back; the only way he can do so, though, is through Rachel. When he sees Rachel, he tells her he wants to check up on Gary and would love to meet him in person. She suggests joining them for dinner, which he happily accepts. Upon arrival at dinner, though, Ethan is hit by surprise when he sees the massive ring on Rachel’s finger, the one he had purchased for Vanessa; when Rachel receives a call from Gary, who tells her he won’t be able to join. Unable to tell her the truth and break her heart, he derails and asks her to tell him about Gary and if “he’s a good guy.” Rachel answers his questions with an unnecessarily long explanation to prove that he is and show her eternal love for him. While at first it is played off as the common trope of a misunderstanding, Rachel, who visits the Tiffany’s where the products were purchased to understand how to care for her new possession, is hit by the truth that the ring never belonged to Gary, and in turn, he was never meant to propose. When she declares to Gary that she knows the truth, he initially tries to play it off as a mistake, later apologizing for the mishap. She is terribly hurt and asks him if he really wants to marry her, to which he says yes, and that after returning the ring, they should have a celebration for their engagement. Rachel reluctantly agrees as her best friend would say she is a lover of romance but not of fanfare. In the meantime, Daisy and Ethan come to visit per Rachel’s request, and she and Daisy have a sweet moment of relatability. Rachel tells Daisy about how she felt when she lost her mom at around the same age as her, and they make bread together. Rachel then apologizes to Ethan and gives him some bread to take home and share with Vanessa and Daisy. To his surprise (and disappointment), Rachel has hidden the ring in the bread, and Ethan ends up proposing to Vanessa. Rachel breaks up with Gary after finding out that he lied even about their first meeting. Vanessa finds out about the ring being Rachel’s idea and asks Ethan why he’s been hiding things from her; when the realization hits him, and he confesses to her that he felt she would be embarrassed to know that he wanted to write again because he was a failure. Leaving both Rachel and Ethan smoothly single for each other. 

As a Christmas movie, “Something from Tiffany’s” does not have a villain of any kind, but of course, Gary is detestable, and a liar and Vanessa and Ethan conveniently don’t want the same things anymore. He wants to live in New York, and she hates it there and would never move back. This gives Ethan the perfect reason, as Daisy says, to pick up his ass and go talk to Rachel. The movie ends with a one-year time jump where Ethan proposes to Rachel with, you guessed it, Tiffany’s ring, and she says yes! A Christmas miracle indeed.


What Makes ‘Something From Tiffany’s’ Stand Out From Other Holiday Films? 

Jonica “Jojo” T. Gibbs, who played a best friend even in one of this year’s best films, the horror-romance-comedy “Fresh,” brings exactly the right amount of humor and sass to this movie to make it a notch better and different from others. Daisy brings nostalgia to movies such as “Definitely, maybe” or “Bedtime Stories,” being the child who sees true love before the adults do.

“Something from Tiffany’s” is a 2022 romance drama film directed by Daryl Wein.

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