‘Snow Valley’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Who Is Brian? 

Snow Valley by director Brandon Murphy is not your typical snowy fairy tale! You’d think it’s all about picturesque mountains covered in snow, but it’s way spookier than that! Here we meet this couple, Laura and Heath. They’re tired of their boring jobs and decide to take a break at Snow Valley. Now, this place holds some serious nostalgia for Heath because he used to ski there with his family when he was a kid. Nothing seems odd, right? Wrong! As soon as they step into Heath’s old ski cabin, which looks more like a creepy, huge mansion, Laura starts experiencing some really weird things! And get this: Snow Valley has a horrific history that nobody likes to talk about. What is it? Is Laura going to make it through the night? Time to buckle up and find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened After Laura And Heath Came To Snow Valley? 

Laura, a doctoral student studying abnormal child psychology, is busy publishing her paper, while Heath crafts ski boards. Both exhausted from work, they decide to take a week off and head to Snow Valley, Heath’s family’s ski cabin. Now, when you hear “cabin,” you probably think small, but this place is an old mansion with a stunning view of snowy mountains—it’s like a dream! Laura, unaware of Heath’s family wealth, is in awe when she arrives. She explores the mansion, admiring the pictures, newspaper clippings, and Heath’s father’s mining antiques. They later learn that the town was built on mining land and has since become a famous ski spot. As the night progresses, they have a blast until a pizza delivery guy shows up out of nowhere. Laura is surprised to find a ring in the pizza box—yes, Heath plans to propose on their one-year anniversary!


Laura, without much thought, says yes. But things take a weird turn from that night on. While sleeping, Laura hears a little boy’s voice asking if she’s there to save him! Spooky, right? She searches the whole place but finds nothing. The next morning, their bed is made—something neither of them did. Who could have done it? Enter Ellen, the caretaker, whom Heath never mentioned. Laura gets bad vibes from her; Ellen acts as if she doesn’t realize they’re staying in the house she lives in. Laura’s not thrilled about sharing the mansion with a mystery person, but she brushes it off and they go skiing. However, on their way back, they spot two men in the driveway. Laura feels like she’s seen them before and realizes they’re from an old picture in the house. But when she looks at the photo, they’re not there. Was she hallucinating, or were they never there? Heath blames it on the altitude messing with her head, and Laura has no choice but to agree.

What Secret Is Revealed After Ed’s Arrival? 

Meanwhile, another couple, Brannon and Anna, arrive at the cabin to celebrate their anniversary. All is well until Brannon mentions something they’re not thrilled about—Ed is coming! Ed is this strange guy with some brain issues, and he doesn’t act normally around people. Everyone’s tense and creeped out because Ed has this odd habit of thinking he’s wanted even when he’s clearly not invited. But since their families are close, they have to maintain a good relationship. Laura’s understandably excited to meet Ed because she’s never met him before, and the description piqued her interest. But when Ed arrives, you definitely get a weird vibe from the guy, and so do the four staying at the cabin. He makes himself too comfortable, getting too close to everyone, which they definitely didn’t like. And to top it off, he’s carrying a gun! Obviously, they’re not too keen on that. So Heath puts it in the safe to ensure a peaceful night. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! During dinner, mysteries about the cabin unfold, ones Heath likely kept from Laura.


It turns out that the cabin is built on mining land where there was an explosion, and everyone burned to death. While other miners were rescued, mentally ill patients were locked up right beneath the house, where tortured souls’ cries could still be heard. Talk about restless energy! Laura, having dealt with similar people, believes they should be treated properly. Her research involves subjects who can read signs without seeing them, especially in extreme cases like autism, where she sometimes even tries to reach people with telepathic communication. She similarly feels a connection with a little boy in the house, perhaps one of the trapped souls below. And here’s the scariest part—it’s the anniversary of that disaster, January 14th! While it’s easy to understand how other miners escaped, those who were mentally ill couldn’t. Ed thinks Heath made a serious mistake inviting these people on this very day. Who’s the real psychotic one now?

Who Is Brian? 

Meanwhile, they notice the axe from the cabinet is missing, and someone has fired the gun—Ed’s gun, the one he brought with him. But it was supposed to be in the safe—so who took it? As the same sound of the little boy asking Laura if she’s there to save him echoes in her ears, they become terrified and start running to hide. But they stumble upon something strange—a clip of the explosion that happened in the area, with the two men they saw in the driveway appearing on the screen. Laura is startled by this revelation. Then, something even stranger happens—Ellen rushes towards Heath, claiming that his brother is missing. Laura had no idea Heath had a brother—who could it be? Heath reveals that it’s actually his father and Ellen’s son, not really his biological brother. He has severe mental issues and hasn’t spoken a word since childhood. They’re ashamed to show him to the world, so they hide him in the basement, away from society. Laura realizes that the same boy with telepathic abilities has been trying to connect with her to ask for help. She knows she must rescue him. As she searches through the rooms, she eventually makes her way into the basement. But Ellen, fearing for her child’s safety, attacks Laura with an axe. In the basement, they find the little boy, Brian, who looks like a girl because he hasn’t been bathed or had his hair cut properly. It’s heart-wrenching to see him in such a state. Laura promises to take him from that place and get him the help he needs.


During Snow Valley‘s ending, Ed, being the hero, arrives bearing two guns, holding Heath and Ellen hostage for hiding Brian in the basement. Laura, realizing Heath isn’t the man she thought he was, tosses the engagement ring away, ending their relationship. She takes Brian with her to a hospital for mentally ill children, where he can receive the proper care he needs. Finally, Laura finds happiness in seeing Brian slowly recover from his awful state. Perhaps those two men trapped in the mine were guiding Laura to find Brian because they, too, were mentally ill and faced a tragic fate. They didn’t want Brian to endure the same pain, so their souls helped Laura find him and get him the treatment he deserved. And, needless to say, they succeed in their mission.

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