‘Single Drunk Female’ Season 2: Episodes 1 & 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Is Sam’s New Game Plan?

Season one of “Single Drunk Female” ended with Sam breaking up with James after he lied about his sobriety. He indulged in drinking soon after he and Sam got into a relationship. Maybe it was the stress of the relationship or finally getting with Sam that was too much for him to take. She cannot stand to be with him. Brit, on the other hand, walked out of her wedding right after the ceremony, and she sought Sam because she was the only one who could be honest with her. Felicia ends up having a good time on the date that Peter sets up with Brit, who is a doctor, and he finds her adorable. What would Sam choose to do from here on? Will she stay in the city or live with her mother and her boyfriend, Bob, for a long period of time?


Spoilers Ahead

Sam’s New Trajectory

Sam is invited by her parole officer to give a speech to some of the inmates at the prison on sobriety. She is not sure if she is the right person to do that, especially when she is in front of countless women who have much more life experience. Even though they are in prison right now, Sam considers them as women who are older and better at handling things than she is on her 29th birthday. There is something she is looking forward to, and she is grateful to have reached this point in life. Samantha landed a job with a website that appreciates the work she does, and she is more than happy to have been allowed to write what she loves. As she reaches her workplace, she notices Alex offering her a new desk because he is impressed with the work she has done.


Sam is excited to have gotten a promotion at work, and she is glad her work is finally being recognized. To say thanks to her new boss, she invites Alex to her 29th birthday party. She does not know him well but realizes it would be a good way to get to know her boss. Alex is reluctant to take up the offer because he does not want the office to suspect that there is something brewing between the two, and that’s why she was promoted.

On the AA side, she finally convinced the greeter on her birthday to communicate with all and make them feel welcome. Amongst all of them, there is James, who comes by. He is still very much in love with Sam, but she is still unsure of what she wants from him. It has been six months since they broke up, and this is the first time they have been looking at each other eye to eye. Sam sees this as progress for her. Out of obligation, she ends up inviting James to her party, which Olivia initially rejects, and she asks her not to invite him because that would again have a toll on him.


Sam’s mother, though, goes on a weird tangent during the party where she tries to make the party about herself, something Sam knew her mother would do. She was asked to stay away from the party because it was a celebration with her peers and friends, and she did not want to bother her mother and Bob. But Mother loves to talk about herself, which angers Sam. Meanwhile, Alex shows up at the party and lets Sam know that he was fired for not being good at the job he was assigned to. Sam is upset to be losing a good boss, but now she thinks she can date him. He asks her out, and she agrees. Sam is at the point in her life right now where she wants to break away from a lot of the old stuff around her and make way for new things. Dating Alex might give her a new perspective on life on how to date someone who has not been in any rehab so far. She will be able to understand how an outsider could understand her world.

As she goes back to her office sans Alex, she is keen on getting her new boss a gift just to begin their work relationship on good terms. She hears that it is a white man who has had a lot of journalistic experience in the past and is considered a veteran in the field. As she reaches her workplace, she realizes it is Nathaniel, her ex-boss from her previous workplace in New York. Unable to process the information and again realizing that working under him would be too much for her to take, she immediately quits her job. Olivia, on the other hand, is shocked to hear Sam make such a big decision for herself without consulting her, and she believes what she did was impulsive and not in the right spirit. Even her mother is not supportive of the decision Sam made for herself in a jiffy of a second. Sam believes she wants peace and not chaos in her life, which is why she decides to walk away from her job.


Brit’s Dilemma 

Ever since Brit walked out on her marriage, Joel has been through hell, and he is finding it difficult to understand why she would do that. He believes they had issues as a couple, but he also believed they could work them out, but Brit ended up walking out on him right after the ceremony. They separated soon, and Joel has been devastated ever since. Brit, meanwhile, is also trying to piece her life back together, but she is sure Joel is not the person she wants. She does notice he’s having a hard time dealing with the separation, but she knows this is the right thing to do for herself and him. One fine day, Joel comes by her hospital to let her know that Brit must inform her parents about the separation because he is disturbed to see her parents contacting him and talking to him as if nothing has happened. Brit has not shared the news of the separation yet because she is not sure how her conservative friends will take it. Joel, though, is keen on ripping this band-aid off and wants to get it done as soon as possible because he wants to move on from this nightmare he is living. Brit tries to stall his request to let her parents know about their marriage in as many ways as possible, but Joel is sure what he wants from this now-ended marriage.

What Is Sam’s New Plan To Keep Herself Sober?

Felicia, though, is having a dream run with Peter, the doctor, because she never thought she would find someone who likes being with her. Peter comes across as an adorable man who enjoys Felicia’s company with all his heart. They are both having a good time, and they can see a future together. But Felicia’s son feels a little on the back foot. She thinks this man is too good to be true, and they must slow down. Since his birthday is also coming up, Felicia is hoping to gift him something small so that he does not make a huge deal out of it or freak out. Felicia is sure he would freak out if she went out of her way to gift him something special. On the day of the birthday, Peter asks her why she gave him a lukewarm gift, for he’d thought there was something more to this relationship they share. Felecia is honest about her feelings, and Peter understands where her dilemma comes from. They communicate their fears, and with that, it is understood that Felicia and Peter are in it for the long haul.

Brit, at lunch with Joel, is ambushed by him when he invites her parents over without consulting with her. Brit is again showing signs of being reluctant to tell her parents about it, but Joel finally lets the news out that she and he are separated and will be divorced soon. Brit knows how her family will react to the news; they start blaming her for things going wrong and push her to make amends with Joel. Joel, on the other hand, is unperturbed by the way her parents unleashed their anger on her and by her faults as a wife and a woman. Brit had hoped Joel would be a better person than that and would have understood by now why she wanted to keep her parents away from this piece of news. The fact that Joel went behind her back, knowing how her folks are, shows Joel and Bit are not made for each other. If he had truly known her, he would have understood her stand and not been bitter and mean about it. The whole stunt reeks of him being mean to Brit just because she broke his heart. It was probably the right decision for them to break up because Joel now comes across as an insensitive person.

Sam starts wondering if she should take up working with Felicia, but being a good friend, she refuses to hire her because, as a boss, she is a strict person, and she knows Sam will not be able to keep up with Felicia’s demands as an employer. Olivia was also of the opinion that Sam should stop making decisions so impulsively. She should think, breathe, and contemplate what she wants in the long run before giving up on things just because they trigger her. Sam must learn to face adversities, for life is never going to be fair all the time. She cannot quit on things just because she feels awful about them or does not want to deal with them. The whole process of moving away from the previous life is to take things as they come and deal with them the right way. Sam requests Nathaniel to take her back, and she apologizes for her impulsive behavior. Nathaniel is more than happy to welcome her back into his office.


Sam is in for a rude shock when Olivia reveals that her pregnancy has become complicated and her physician has asked her to take a complete rest. Olivia decided to move to Maine with her sister, something that Sam did not expect at all. She tries to convince Olivia to be her sponsor from Maine and guide her. The distance should not be a problem, but Olivia must take a break from her work to be able to have a stress-free pregnancy or until she feels better. Sam was used to having Olivia around, who would guide her through difficult situations. Sam is not ready to let Olivia go, and she is having a hard time comprehending how her life would be without her sponsor. She has reached this stage of sobriety only because of Olivia’s strenuous effort to keep Sam away from alcohol and help her find a better way to live life happily. Sam is not happy with the sudden change in her life, but she must learn to live in discomfort for her life to move forward. The last scene of second episode of “Single Drunk Female” has Sam sobbing over losing a friend in Olivia, who guided her through the worst of times and pulled her back out of it.

What Can We Expect From Episode 3?

Sam would be upset with Olivia leaving town, and there might be chances of her relapsing on her old alcoholic habits just because she is finding it difficult to navigate without Olivia around to guide her to do the right thing and stay away from trouble. With Nathaniel as her boss, she will find it hard to navigate her job, but soon she will find a middle ground to make her job work. There is a chance Sam might relapse at some point as a response to one of her triggers, and it will probably be difficult for her to get out of it. This time she will have to find a way out to make her sober once again and get back on her feet to live a proper, decent life. Sam might start dating Alex, hoping he will be a decent guy who can understand her past and the quirks that come with it. It would be interesting to watch how calmly Sam navigates her life in the presence of Olivia. Sam is in for a ride with her only mentor by her side.


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