‘Silo’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Gloria Hildebrandt? Who Are The Flamekeepers?

At this point, even Juliette can sense that there is something really weird happening inside the Silo, and she is focused on finding out what it is. The magazine in front of her shows a green world, something that’s supposed to be more than one and a half centuries old. Why does it still exist, and why did Regina keep it hidden? What truth did Holston Becker find out? Why did George have to die? All of these things are connected, and only Juliette has the means to figure out how. Silo Episode 7 shows how Juliette tries to find out more about the Silo and its secrets.


Spoilers Ahead

The Long-Term Care

Juliette finds three names written in the magazine (it’s a travel guide of Georgia for kids), i.e. Gloria, Anne, and George. George is dead (if it is the same George who we have come across). Anne’s identity is not known yet. As for Gloria, Juliette remembers the name. She is one of those whose names she came across in the Sheriff Department Interview Records file that Holston had hidden strategically for her to find. She looks up the records and finds that Gloria Hildebrandt is in long-term care in the medical ward. Unbeknownst to her, Sims is keeping an eye on her. There are cameras set up all around the Silo through which he can find anyone. This time, it’s Juliette he is tracking.


Juliette disregards the message from Mayor Holland (Bernard) asking her to meet him because she has more important things to attend to. But now that she is sheriff, she need not necessarily do what is asked of her and when. She has her timetable. Thus, she arrives at the Medical ward to meet Gloria, who apparently suffers from hallucinations and dementia. We see this at the beginning of the episode when she finds herself standing on a beach with two other people, probably her husband and son. The way she speaks about water reminds Juliette, even if a little bit, of what she saw in the magazine. They are connected. But to find out more, she needs to speak to Gloria alone. This isn’t possible as Judge Meadows herself has ordered to keep Gloria indoors at all times. But why? Only Meadows can tell.

The Brawl

Failing to contact Sheriff Nichols, Paul Billings has to take the call to stop a brawl that is taking place at level 26. This is exactly what everyone was fearing. The entire Silo is on edge since Holston died because there is no authority for the common folk to look up to. And Juliette is busy doing her own thing without even bothering to carry out her responsibilities. Judge Meadows isn’t in her office. She is at home sick. Juliette returns to her department and finds multiple casualties along with a very upset Paul, who has absolutely no idea how she can be this careless about her job. She has to come clean about it.


Juliette, too realizes it and reveals information about George Wilkins’ murder to Billings. She has no idea why she was made the sheriff, and she never wanted to be so. All that she wants to do is figure out why George was killed, and maybe once she is done, she will return to Mechanical. Paul can then be the Sheriff. Billings tries to understand the state she is in and states that they can reopen the case of George’s murder by using the relic found in Doug’s place (Silo Episode 6) as evidence. For that, she needs to see Judge Meadows, and that won’t be possible until the next morning. But before that, she needs to see Mayor Holland. As if things weren’t already confusing for her, Lukas kisses her as they are talking about the lights in the sky later on. She spends the night looking at constellations in the magazine with Sims’ camera keeping its eye on her from behind the mirror that’s in her room.

The Threat

Holland informs that Meadows has threatened to remove him from his post if he tries to defend Juliette again. He has done it once already but won’t be spared the second time. It seems that Meadows intends to take control of the servers of the IT that will grant her full control of the Silo. So whatever Juliette is looking into, she has to be quick in it. The next day she sees Judge Meadows in her apartment, but she denies letting Gloria (who is being drugged) out, stating that she isn’t allowed to. Keeping in mind that Gloria stated that the Silo authorities didn’t want her to conceive, it is important to find out why.


If Meadows lets Juliette talk to Gloria, Juliette will give up her badge and return to Mechanical. But Meadows cannot do anything to help her, and “they” will not let her do anything either. Who is “they”? The tears that roll down Meadows’s eyes prove that she is bound to keep quiet no matter how much it pains her. Maybe Juliette is right to say that Meadows gets to keep her seat as long as she keeps her mouth shut. But the question is, who is the one hiding the truth? Is it Holland who is trying to turn Juliette against Meadows because he fears that if the two ladies get together, he will be in trouble? That would make him the villain of our story. But why is Meadows in this state? Whose orders is she following? Sims can see (and probably hear) everything on his screens. What is this guy’s motive?

The Secrets

As her last resort to get Gloria out of her ward for a couple of hours, Juliette visits her father, Dr. Pete Nichols. Seeing his daughter after so long, he agrees to help her, although it is against the rules. Being a senior doctor, he manages to gain access to the ward late at night and brings out Gloria. Now, he has to use an antidote to counteract the drugs she is on. After Pete prevents Gloria’s seizure that resulted from the antidote, she slowly comes to her senses and reveals that it was Juliette’s father who operated on her and stopped her from conceiving ever. Juliette is shocked to find this out and asks Pete to leave the room, which is a blind spot for Sims’ cameras. So he doesn’t know where Juliette is anymore. She gives Gloria the magazine to calm her down. Maybe the picture of the water and everything else will remind her of something. The things that Gloria reveals after seeing the magazine are shocking.


Who Are The Flamekeepers?

The Flamekeepers are the owners of the relics who want to remember the past. But the Silo authorities have been mixing something in the water in order to fade their memories. They do not want people to remember anything before the Silo. The whole “birth control pill removal” thing (Silo Episode 1) was another way to stop the Flamekeepers from having a baby so that they could put an end to their generation. Gloria gave this magazine to George’s mother, Ann. Unfortunately, he is dead. So there’s no way to find out what he knew. Gloria also reveals that George’s mother knew Juliette’s mother before the latter killed herself. All of this is too much for Juliette, and she snaps at her father for doing what he did. Sims spots her taking Gloria to the latter’s apartment. Juliette figures out that the mirrors are being used to hide the cameras that, in turn, are being used to keep an eye on them all. That’s why Holston left her a note reminding her to keep flowers in front of the mirror. This way, the view would be blocked. Holston also puts flowers in front of the mirror in Gloria’s apartment. Silo Episode 7 ends with Sims sending guards to Gloria’s apartment while Juliette brings out George’s hard drive from inside a vent. This makes Juliette Nichols the last Flamekeeper for now.

Juliette may have found out that she is being tracked, but she doesn’t know by who. We know that it is Sims, and he will do all he can to find out what Juliette found in Gloria’s room. Juliette will probably take the hard drive to Martha and get it fixed. The hard drive may have the answers that Juliette has been looking for. 


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