Shows Like ‘The Afterparty’ To Watch After Season 2 Finale

The conclusion of season 2 of The Afterparty has brought us much amusement. The series follows the dynamic between an ordinary individual and a detective (now an ex-detective in season 2) as they team up to unravel murder mysteries. It’s a unique blend of comedy and detective procedural, a combination that works surprisingly well. While there aren’t many shows that precisely fit this mold, we believe most of the ones we’ve listed are strong contenders for different reasons. Many of these series are nostalgic, and reflecting on them now, we’re tempted to revisit them. Since some of these shows span over five seasons, they offer a substantial amount of entertainment. ‘ We’ve hand-picked some shows with dynamic duos that will keep you entertained, much like Danner and Aniq, who rely on their wit and humor to crack cases in The Afterparty.

1. Only Murders In The Building

No. 1 on this list is the highly enjoyable Only Murders in the Building because, in every way, it is similar to The Afterparty. It’s a catchy tale of murder and intrigue infused with humor and some absolutely fantastic characters played by Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin. Similar to Danner and Aniq’s quick-witted chemistry, the three protagonists, even though separated by age, are in perfect tandem when they create their true crime podcast. The show is current, it’s visually stunning, and the humor is extremely fresh. There are a total of three seasons (the third is ongoing), so there’s plenty to catch up on. At the same time, it’s definitely a fun rewatch, too. We all wish we had a friendship like Oliver, Mabel, and Charles, and it seems that grizzly murders and comedy go hand in hand.

2. Brooklyn 99 

Now, we know most people on here might’ve already watched this show. Especially if one is a fan of sitcoms. Still, Brooklyn 99 is a great companion to The Afterparty, like an older sister. It’s a classic, and while it is a police procedural chronicling the hilarious hijinks of eccentric cops, the off-beat quality of the characters and the series itself make it similar to The Afterparty. There’s plenty of fun to be had with Brooklyn 99, and it’s an easy, breezy watch. At a time when everything is an hour long or runs for at least 45 minutes, a 20–25-minute episode is truly a breath of fresh air. It’s the perfect break from a long day of work that includes laughs and lots of fun. There’s just so much here to fall back on when you’re bored, and it’s a great show to discuss with friends, similar to The Afterparty.

3. Castle 

There was a time when Castle was the talk of TV town. The charming and energetic Rick Castle kept us hooked for eight whole seasons. With over 20 episodes in each season, barring the first one, which was 10 episodes, the show has a lot going on, which is great to get lost in. We all love Aniq and Zoe together, but the push and pull between Castle and Beckett is one of the big highlights of this show. The banter is solid, the chemistry is soaring, and there are many mysteries to solve. What more can you ask for? A small warning, though: as is common with sitcoms that span many seasons, sometimes things get lost in between.

4. Scooby-Doo 

We can’t leave out the best mystery series of all time just because it’s animated. Of course, that’s an exaggeration, but there’s nothing more amusing than a dog and a team of teenagers solving crimes to the best of their abilities. Another situation where teamwork makes the dream work. What’s especially similar between The Afterparty and Scooby-Doo is that everyone wants to create their own stories and solve the case in their own unique ways. This leads to silly conclusions and a lot of fun for us as viewers. Also, don’t let anyone fool you, because this show is definitely for adults as much as it is for young children. Additionally, this is where you develop a taste for the scares (you heard it here first, folks; take it from someone who watches horror movies to relax).

5. Sherlock 

This may come as a shock to you, but with two non-detectives trying to solve mysteries, one of them strange and the other rather normal, you can’t deny that Aniq and Danner are just another version of Sherlock and Watson. Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch, but there’s no excuse not to watch this genius show, and there are many reasons why you should watch it again (Andrew Scott being one of them). There are many flaws in the main characters of The Afterparty, and who better than Sherlock Holmes to match those oddities? One may say it’s not comical, but we’ve all been amused by Sherlock and Watson’s banter more often than not.

6. Izombie 

Now, the best way this show connects with The Afterparty is the fact that the zombies who eat brains essentially get mind movies from the dead. First of all, we’ve never seen cooler zombies than that, and second of all, what better way to solve crimes? Izombie is witty; it’s got gore, and it’ll make you nauseous and squeal with excitement. Of course, it can’t be forgotten that it’s a comedy, but the best part of the series, as we’ve established in this entire list, is the chemistry between Liz, Le Zombie, and Dr. Ravi. These best friends are incredible together, and there’s not much else to say.

Final Words

With all these shows, there is a detective-plus-sidekick situation going on, even if nobody from the duo or group is actually a detective. There’s always one who is more inquisitive and the other who is more tactful, making it great to watch. As we’ve mentioned earlier, The Afterparty is unique, but these are our best picks for shows to watch if you liked it. Let us know in the comments what you would pair at a watch party with The Afterparty.

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Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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