‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was Edgar’s Killer?

The final episode of The Afterparty season 2 stands out as one of the season’s highlights. It features notable guest appearances and an intriguing conclusion that provides a genuinely happy ending. In typical The Afterparty fashion, the episode maintains a sense of mystery and suspense regarding Edgar’s murder, but it adds a twist that has been subtly hinted at throughout the season. The season 2 finale primarily revolves around Zoe and Vivian’s storylines and effectively connects various plot elements from earlier episodes. Danner and Aniq’s partnership, as always, proves to be a winning formula and delivers a satisfying conclusion to the season. Let’s delve into the episode’s details quickly.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

The police have arrived at the scene, and Danner and Aniq find themselves running out of time. They’re disheartened by the lack of a suspect and the inconclusive nature of their investigation. However, a sudden realization strikes Danner: there’s one person who has been absent from everyone’s recollection of the afterparty events. Zoe, who had briefly disappeared, steps forward to make a shocking confession. Both Danner and Aniq are taken aback by Zoe’s nonchalant demeanor as she recounts her version of the story from the night of the afterparty. According to her, it unfolded like a cheesy horror movie, leaving both investigators bewildered.


It turns out that Zoe is referring to her encounter with Isabel’s dog, who attacked her while she was in Grace’s room. In a fit of anger, Zoe threw the dog out of the window, accompanied by some less-than-polite words. Believing that she had fatally injured the unfortunate dog, Zoe assumed responsibility for its demise. However, Isabel later reveals that the dog, quite oddly, survived the fall. She says the dog never dies. This explains why Edgar spoke about a hound from hell at the afterparty. 

Outside, it is made clear that the sheriff is a good friend of Isabel, and immediately he’s ready to arrest the bride, i.e., Grace, and finish off the investigation cleanly and quickly. Danner and Aniq have other plans, though, as do the rest of the people in the room. When the sheriff announces that his conclusions are that Grace is the killer, everyone makes a confession to save Grace. Danner reminds the sheriff that if word gets out to the media, he will be a dead man when they hear that he heard confessions but ignored them all as a friend of Isabel. In a quick change of events, Danner and Aniq realize that they actually do have a suspect. They believe, as Isabel suspected, that the poison reached the wrong person, but it was Ulysses who did the poisoning to kill Feng and get Vivian back by his side.


Many years ago, Ulysses and Vivian had an affair when they did some ball dancing together. Feng gave Ulysses a home and shelter, but he tried to steal his wife in return. Ultimately, Vivian realized that Feng was the one for her, but it seems Ulysses never got over his passionate love. Vivian recounts the events of the night when she went out to meet Ulysses alone to finally tell him to stay away from her family. On the other hand, Ulysses asked her to stop pretending and leave Feng. He wants her all to himself since the girls are all grown up now too. Vivian defended Feng and told Ulysses to leave. Rejected, Ulysses felt hurt and betrayed, leaving him with only one option: remind Vivian what it was like to be with him. For this, he’d need Feng out of the picture, and since he already had knowledge of flora and fauna, he knew what he could do with the devil’s trumpet in Hannah’s arrangements.

Danner and Aniq say that the tea would’ve been brewed in his horn, which he was carrying the camel’s milk in, using hot water from the shower so no one would suspect him. At the afterparty, Sebastian said he saw Ulysses messing with a whiskey glass. There were two people in the room drinking whiskey: Feng and Edgar. In Ulysses’ accounts, he was trying to do a paternity test, and he mentioned talking to Vivian about the fact that Grace might be his daughter when they met alone. But in Vivian’s tale, she never mentions a paternity test, meaning he was lying about it. Danner and Aniq’s final bow is when they have video proof of when and how Feng and Edgar switched glasses. During the afterparty, Feng’s young intern was still taking the TikTok videos for the shaved ice commercials and got Edgar’s rejection of the product on camera. But at the same time, in the shot, you can see Feng putting down his whiskey glass and then accidentally picking up Edgar’s on his way out of there. Then Edgar and Roxanne both drank from the glass, meaning they had both been poisoned by Ulysses. At the same time, Feng drank the glass with Adderall in it, making him high as a kite and brimming with ideas the next morning. When the screams were heard in the morning, Ulysses quickly ran straight to Vivian’s room, thinking it was she who was screaming, but it was actually Grace.


Why Did Ulysses Try To Kill Feng? 

Ulysses denies the charges, of course, but then Vivian has the idea of drinking from the horn to get Ulysses to confess. He says it’s empty now, but Vivian says she’ll drink Isabel’s gin from it. When she’s just about to take the sip, Ulysses finally stops her, proving that the horn does, in fact, contain poison, and Danner and Aniq’s investigation checks out. Ultimately, Ulysses is arrested, and things are a little bit positive again. Feng and Vivian thank Aniq for helping Grace, and they finally give him their blessing to marry Zoe. Grace and Hannah can be together with no inhibitions, which is a good thing to come out of this for them. Travis shows Sebastian who the better businessman is between them by getting people to invest in Bucephalus after it’s sold off by Sebastian. Isabel fires Sebastian, showing him how worthless he is now that Edgar’s gone.

In the final act, Aniq and Zoe come to the realization that they are meant to be together. They propose to each other multiple times in a very cute manner. Aniq shares with Danner that it no longer makes sense for her to write books (which she’s quite bad at) when her true talent lies in enjoying movies”. Fast forward one year, and Aniq and Zoe visit Danner’s film set, which boasts an impressive cast, including Daniel Radcliffe as Xavier, Keke Palmer as Danner, Gemma Chan as Zoe, Elijah Wood as Yasper, and Jaleel White as Aniq (definitely a banger cast for a movie; we would watch for sure). Meanwhile, Danner has found happiness in her own love life. She’s engaged to Jaleel, someone she has had feelings for for a long time. This conclusion ties up the story, bringing fulfillment to the lives of these fascinating characters.

Final Words

The Afterparty’s last few episodes have been more entertaining than the first half. We think it’s a show that is more enjoyable when watched in one sitting than once a week. Now that the whole season is out, people will definitely have more fun with it and may catch details sooner rather than later. The special guests in the last 5 minutes are a special highlight, giving a huge surprise to anyone watching! The happy ending for Aniq and Zoe is a really nice way to tie up the ends from the first season until now. Ulysses’ desperation led him to kill a person, and that too was his half-brother, but he was supposed to be just a fun uncle to his nieces. Little did they know what kind of person he really was. Vivian’s love for Feng grew 10 folds after he started the business, and they actually settled down with the kids grown up, and if Ulysses had just seen their love, he would’ve stepped back on his own. In his excitement to do something nice for Grace, Edgar ended up bringing death to his own door. 

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