‘She’s Obsessed With My Husband’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: How Did Allison Save Her Family?

Directed by Doug Campbell, the film She’s Obsessed With My Husband is yet another stalker thriller. The film has cast actors like Matthew Pohlkamp and Alissa Filoramo. The film portrays the raw emotional depths of love that drive people to go to extreme lengths. Violet is so obsessed with her high school love Garrett that she comes back into his life after 20 years and tries to ruin his blissful life. Violet has a grudge against his wife, Daisy, and wants to remove her from her path to get back with Garrett. What lengths will Violet go to ruin Daisy? Will Violet be successful in her endeavors? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Violet Do To Get Back Into Garrett’s Life?

After a year of divorce, Violet re-entered Garret’s life after 20 years, pretending to be his neighbor. She feigned that she didn’t know that Garrett was living in the same locality as hers. When Garrett came across Violet, he recognized her immediately, but she pretended as if she couldn’t recognize him. Daisy invited Violet for dinner, and when she reached their place, she got a warm welcome. 


Violet had brought a pie to celebrate their reunion, and when Daisy said that her boss would have loved the pie, she promised to teach her how to bake one. Violet had been acting sweet to them, but she was actually extremely angry after seeing that Garrett and Daisy had been sticking by each other for the past 18 years. Just to get back at Daisy, she made a pie for Daisy’s boss and laced it with poison. She gave it to Daisy and asked her to give it to her boss to get promoted. When Daisy gave the pie to her boss, she became sick and had to be hospitalized, which resulted in Daisy getting fired. When Daisy confronted Violet about it, she said that maybe her boss was allergic to one of the ingredients. 

Violet had also stolen Daisy’s bank details so that she could use them later to completely ruin her. Meanwhile, Violet had been constantly keeping a check on Garrett and his whereabouts. She followed him to a coffee shop, where he approached her, apologizing for breaking up with her in high school. 


Why Did Violet Approach Oliver?

Violet approached Oliver, a con man who had tried to scam her ex-husband once. She knew that Oliver would be the right man to trust for embezzling all of Daisy’s money. Later, Oliver called Daisy, asking her to invest in her child’s future education. Daisy was intent on ensuring that her daughter went to the best fashion school in Paris and, hence, without giving it a second thought, decided to invest. Violet arranged for Oliver and Daisy to meet at an office. She had rented the entire office to make the set-up look genuine. Later, when Garrett came to know about how Daisy was planning to invest in a plan that would double the returns in just 6 months, he asked her not to. When Daisy insisted that she would invest in it, Garrett and Daisy got into an argument. This is exactly what Violet wanted. Meanwhile, Oliver had also been blackmailing Violet for more money, so she decided to do something deadly. She stealthily snuck into Daisy’s house, logged into Daisy’s account, and transferred all of her money to the fake company that she had created to scam her. Upon discovering that she had been scammed, Daisy told Garrett about it, increasing their distance further, as he had asked her to stay away from investing.

Did Daisy Sense That Violet Had An Evil Intention?

Violet had given Allison a makeover for an event at her school, and when Daisy got to know about it, she got furious. She thought that Violet had been going out of her way to get closer to her daughter. The next day, Daisy was also unable to reach her daughter’s concert because her car had unexpectedly broken down, which was again, of course, Violet’s plan. When Daisy video-called Allison to apologize to her, she saw that Violet was already there at the concert to give Allison a morale boost. Daisy also saw Violet’s increasing closeness with her husband, which alerted her to Violet’s intentions. 


The next day, Violet came to apologize to Daisy for going overboard with her family. She brought Daisy coffee, in which she had put medicines. After Daisy had been knocked out, Violet called Oliver to the house and stabbed him. She placed the knife in Daisy’s hand, framing her as Oliver’s murderer. Upon police investigation, it was found that Daisy already had a grudge against Oliver for scamming her earlier. This was substantial proof for Daisy to be put behind bars. While Daisy was paying for the crime that she had never committed, Violet was enjoying a good time with Garrett and Allison. 

How Did Allison Unveil Violet’s Motive?

One night, while Allison was browsing the internet, she realized that Violet did not have a boyfriend and had downloaded images of a random man from the internet to pass him off as her partner. Allison decided to find Violet’s ex-husband, Mason, and hence snuck into her home to get his address. Upon going into her house, she managed to get her hands on Mason’s address and also realized that Violet had a connection with Oliver. Allison eventually went to meet Mason and asked him about Violet. He told her that Oliver was a con man, and Violet must have hired him to defraud Allison’s family. Mason also told her that Violet had been obsessed with her father and had also tried to kill him when he accidentally tore one of Garrett’s pictures once. 

How Did Allison Save Her Family?

Violet thought that Daisy had been gone for good and tried to seduce Garrett to get close to him once again. Meanwhile, he got a call from Allison, exposing Violet’s reality. When Garrett tried confronting Violet, she started to attack him, and just as he was about to call the police, she knocked him unconscious. When Allison got back, Violet tried to kill her as well. Meanwhile, Garrett woke up and hit Violet with a shovel, knocking her out. Later, Daisy was proven to be innocent and got out of jail, and the real culprit (Violet) got a taste of her own medicine. Allison also eventually managed to get into her dream fashion school in Paris, and the family again went back to being happy, just like they used to be before Violet showed up. However, Violet couldn’t stop obsessing over Garrett, even in confinement! 

Personal Opinions

She’s Obsessed With My Husband is a scary, adult thriller about obsession. The measure of suggestiveness can be compared to films like Femme Fatale. The film, however, has an absurd plot with over-exaggerated dialogue, making it a bit of a mess. There is a possibility for a sequel, as the evil intentions of Violet have been abruptly cut short. She will make sure to come back to get back at Garrett and his family, making things even worse for them. This time, Allison would be her major target for being a thorn in her path.


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