‘Shadow Detective’ Season 2 Ending, Explained: Does Do Hyung Kill Taek Rok?

Kim Taek Rok got reinstated to the force after a long-term suspension. The suspension wasn’t new to Taek Rok, but things were different this time. Taek Rok tried not to go back to the force after he witnessed the deaths of the colleagues he cared about, but he wasn’t good at anything else other than being a detective. In Shadow Detective Season 2, Taek Rok returned to the Geumo City Police and reopened the investigation into Jin Han’s death. He kept the investigation a secret as he was no longer a part of the homicide department and was transferred to the Women and Juvenile Crimes department.

However, later on, he discovered that the head of his department, Yeon Ju Hyun, was after the same people as him, and they started working together. Taek Rok tracked down the people behind Jin Han’s murder one after another: Lee Young Ho, Officer Han, and Chief Baek. Though these people were involved in the murder of Jin Han, Taek Rok discovered that the mastermind behind the deaths of Jin Han and three other police officers was his close friend, Choi Do Hyung. While Taek Rok’s colleagues died in operations, Taek Rok came out unscathed only because Do Hyung spared him for the sake of old times. The situation has changed, and it’s now Taek Rok vs. Do Hyung, and only one of them can win.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Killed Ju Hyun’s Father?

Taek Rok cannot seem to take his mind off the deaths of his colleagues, and the trauma still gives him nightmares. He has been trying to run away from it, but he is going to face his fears now. It’s the only way he can continue to live peacefully. He needs to punish the person who killed his colleagues and ruined his life as well. He is going to get revenge against his friend-turned-enemy, Choi Do Hyung. He has been meeting with the old members of BST who still help Do Hyung, not knowing what activities he is really doing. From a member, he gets a ledger of donations made to Do Hyung’s foundation, which is nothing but embezzlement. Dong Bum and Gi Tae have been trying to track Kwon’s car in real-time, but it’s more difficult than it sounds. Meanwhile, Ju Hyun visits Lee Young Ho in prison to confront him about her father’s murder and finds out that Do Hyung, the leader of the Geumjeong Society, is behind it. Young Ho catches her sentiment and convinces her to get revenge against Do Hyung. He is using Ju Hyun for his personal gain, but Ju Hyun is too emotional to see through his manipulation right now. Secretary Cha hands her pictures, which show Chief Baek driving the truck that killed her father. He assures her that it is enough to restart the investigation into her father’s death.

Chief Baek gets summoned for interrogation again, but he isn’t scared. He believes Do Hyung will get him out because he knows all of his secrets. When Ju Hyun asks him about her father, he not only denies knowing him but also pretends not to have heard of the Geumjeong Society. As expected, Do Hyung gets worried about Baek’s arrest because he has a ceremony coming up for his entry into politics and doesn’t want it to get ruined. This is the second time Baek has been summoned, and he is like a ticking bomb to Do Hyung. Do Hyung gets him out of police custody, but it is not enough. He asks Baek to visit him and shoots him down to put an end to the problem, once and for all. Before dying, Baek mentions to Do Hyung that Taek Rok was right when he told him not to trust Do Hyung. On the other hand, Gi Tae manages to track Kwon’s location, and Seonga and Kyung Chan follow him. As they find their way through an alley, they hear a loud thud, and to their shock, it’s Secretary Cha. He was pushed down by Kwon from the top of the building, but Kwon is nowhere to be found nearby. Seonga finds a message sent by Cha to Ju Hyun and informs Taek Rok urgently. She sends him the address written in the message, and Taek Rok speeds up as Ju Hyun’s life is likely in danger.

What Happens In The End?

Ju Hyun believes that Cha sent her an address to find Chief Baek, but much to her surprise, she meets Do Hyung instead. Do Hyung needs to stop Ju Hyun to avoid further trouble for himself. He has killed many police officers before, and killing one more isn’t a big deal to him. He aims at Ju Hyun, but Taek Rok barges in and aims his gun at Do Hyung. Do Hyung is surprised that Taek Rok found him, but he knows that Taek Rok can’t do anything to him. Taek Rok hasn’t shot a single bullet from his gun for a long time because he just can’t bring himself to do it. The last time Taek Rok shot a bullet was when his daughter was taken hostage by a criminal. He saved his daughter, but his wife left him and took their daughter away because he was a scary man and a bad influence on their daughter. Taek Rok can’t use his gun, and knowing that, Do Hyung takes a shot at him. He has been holding himself back for a long time, but he takes his chance this time. He shoots his own friend, whom he betrayed. Every other time, Taek Rok’s colleague got hurt, but this time, he took the fall while saving Ju Hyun. Do Hyung has no remorse and is rather content that he gets to kill two birds with one stone. He orders Kwon to make it look like Ju Hyun killed Taek Rok to get her father’s revenge and later killed herself.

Do Hyung is relieved that he has solved all the issues before his entrance ceremony and stands up on the stage with a smile while delivering his speech. He promises to build a society where the police have more power to offer more protection to civilians. All the party members, politicians, and reporters give him a round of applause, and amidst that sound, Taek Rok comes in shouting Do Hyung’s name. He has a blood-stained bandage on him and is barely able to walk, but he has come with an arrest warrant for Do Hyung. He calls out the names of all the colleagues whom Do Hyung killed. Seonga and Kyung Chan follow him inside with Kwon in handcuffs. Taek Rok and Ju Hyun are alive thanks to Seonga and Kyung Chan, who also followed the address Cha sent to Ju Hyun. Do Hyung gets arrested, and along with him, Young Ho’s crimes come out as well. Taek Rok gets revenge by exposing the murderer of his colleagues, but he leaves the case to Seonga and Kyung Chan. He finally found the people and sent them where they deserved to be. He feels that he can finally face himself without any guilt. He is tired of running after criminals and gets himself transferred to a small village to spend his last few years in the force peacefully.

Shadow Detective Season 2 brought closure to Taek Rok’s trauma as he not only found the real culprit behind all the murders but also exposed and arrested him. Taek Rok had been running non-stop because he felt guilty and needed to avenge his colleagues’ deaths. He met obstacles, but giving up was never an option for him. He couldn’t eat or sleep because of the guilt and the trauma, but he got rid of it in this season. This season started with an exciting case and an intriguing plot, but it slowed down with Baek and Young Ho’s introduction and later became predictable as Do Hyung became the center of attention. Apart from Seonga, the story doesn’t do justice to the potential of any other characters. This season would have been more enticing and suspenseful like the first season if the story wasn’t rushed, but at least we got to see Taek Rok being happy again.

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