‘Sex Education’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Is Otis Dealing With Everything?

We never thought the words “cried” during Sex Education would come out of us, but here we are. Episode 6 of the teen drama is heartbreaking, as Maeve has to say goodbye to her mother. Otis is overwhelmed with a lot of feelings, and although he’s able to help strangers or acquaintances, he can’t seem to do the same for himself, his friends, or his family. With only two episodes remaining, a lot of drama is about to go down, and we’re hoping it’s all for the best. All we want is for everyone at Moordale to be happy. Until Otis and Jean are able to talk to each other and sort out their own mess, they’re going to struggle to get better themselves. It’s really amazing how much detail the show puts in, and hearing George Michael’s “Faith” when Eric is struggling with his own was a lovely touch, we think.


Spoilers Ahead

Eric’s journey

Well, well, well, it looks like Eric has had yet another encounter with God in his dreams. She’s a black woman who tells him that he’s a child of God and that he should show his support and commitment to his community. Weirdly, “God” uses a made-up word for effervescent that Eric finds rather fascinating. But later, he sees Adam use the same word, which is strange and may be a sign he should show Adam some kindness. It doesn’t seem like they’ll get back together, but Adam needs some help, and Eric could give it. They have a sweet conversation at Maeve’s mom’s funeral, and Adam opens up about feeling ashamed. Eric tells him that the journey to fully coming out is long and rocky, but he must learn to love himself, too!


Eric and Otis are not okay, and they haven’t been for a little while. Eric tells Otis about how they’re different, and sometimes Otis makes him feel unheard or misunderstood, which is fine because they don’t have much in common. This rubs Otis the wrong way, and as usual, he makes it about himself. Even though they love each other and miss each other, Eric makes the difficult choice of telling Otis that they need some space. Otis is too caught up in being petty and jealous, and he agrees, even though all he wants is for them not to fight. But, it’s true, he never really heard Eric out properly.

Maeve and Otis

 After that disastrous night, Jean tells Otis that because Maeve is going through a lot, he should go with his gut feeling. She’s obviously worried, as is his mom, and she doesn’t want him to be a different person. Otis asks Ruby to help with his campaign again and then talks about him and Maeve, which really hurts Ruby, who may finally be able to get over Otis after completely cutting ties with him. She then makes a call on the radio and shares O’s video everywhere, so everyone knows she’s a bully. Maeve admits to Aimee that she would find it weird if Isaac and her were to get together, and Aimee, the sweetheart, apologizes for even bringing it up with everything that’s going on.


Sean shows up too late for the funeral and tells everybody that their drug-addicted mother was not very good at being a mother, making Maeve really anxious. All she wants to do is have a proper send-off for her mother. Sean goes away because he thinks it’s unfair that Maeve can get out of this place and this life because she’s intelligent. He leaves the funeral, and Maeve locks herself inside a car. Isaac is the one who gets through to her because he understands more than other people, and he can see why she’s struggling because he would feel the same way. Maeve goes back and gives a beautiful tribute to her mom, finally letting the feelings get to her, but she still hasn’t cried her heart out like she needs to. She’s holding back desperately. Sex Education Episode 6 sees a sweet little cameo from Maeve’s favorite teacher, Emily, who encouraged Maeve to be the person she is today. She tells her how proud she is that Maeve is in college in America, doing the great things she expected from her.

 Aimee discovers that the story she wants to tell with her art is that of the way she felt scared when she was assaulted on the bus and how she shouldn’t be afraid of men.



 Jackson is struggling to deal with the fear of having cancer. That’s the only thing on his mind, and he even fights with Viv about Beau’s behavior, which makes her defensive. She thinks he’s jealous, but Jackson just tells her it’s because Beau is acting a bit weird (which we’ve been saying from the beginning). He even sees Beau checking Viv’s phone in secret, but because of the situation, he can’t clear things up with her. Finally, he finds out that there’s nothing wrong with him and there’s no cancer!

Cal’s struggle 

 Cal is finding it hard to deal with the testosterone they’re taking, but finally, something good’s happening for them with Aisha. They have a little moment in the toilet when Cal realizes they’ve got their period. This completely ruins their mood, and they have a breakdown alone. Cal’s mom, who didn’t react very well at first to her child’s transition, wants to be more understanding, but because they were hit with a wall at first, Cal is unable to shake it off and doesn’t want to say a word to their mom.

Jean & O

Feeling crowded by the thought of a 17-year-old teaching her how to do her job, Jean tells O some things on her mind. O lends an ear, and Jean pours out some sad thoughts, like how she feels like being a woman in the workplace is too difficult after having a baby. She also talks about how difficult it’s been since she was on her own with Otis, really putting into perspective everything that’s going on with her. Jean is taking antidepressants, as we expected after Sex Education episode 5. Joanna wants to borrow money from her to pay off her debts and start a nursing home. Clearly, she has a thing for babies after spending some time with Joy. Or so she thinks. When they’re outside, Jean tries to avoid Dan, and to her astonishment, he’s the guy Joanna is seeing. He’s Joy’s dad, and this really complicates things.  


Adam has a moment with Jem from the farm, and it seems she might be liking him a bit. He opens up about having to run into Eric during the funeral but doesn’t tell Jem that his ex is a man. Adam is still finding it very hard to be out, as he discusses with Eric, and being at the funeral makes him feel all sorts of things that are emotionally new to him. When he goes to his dad’s to talk to him about it, though, there’s another bomb waiting to explode for him. His dad and mom have been seeing each other, but for obvious reasons, they haven’t told Adam. With no one to talk to and nowhere to go, Adam ends up on the farm and chooses to be with the horse to feel better. He hugs the animal and really takes in that energy because he needs it to deal with the stress of his daily life.


At the end of Sex Education Episode 6, Maeve and Otis try to sleep together again, but Otis can’t stop thinking about his mom crying when he was younger, stopping him from moving further with Maeve. Otis is definitely still going through it when it comes to this whole love thing, and he’s going to need some serious damage control with his mom! Maeve, on the other hand, doesn’t want to go back to college, and it’s probably because of Molloy, but Otis knows that there’s something off about this decision. 

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