‘Seoul Vibe’ Ending, Explained: Did Dong-Wook And His Team Make It To The United States?

“It’s Ride Or Die!” “Seoul Vibe” will bring about a nostalgic retro vibe to your day! This film helps us to understand the timeline of the 1980s, when multiple scams were uncovered. Out of which, the slush fund scam gained massive attention. Apart from this, the movie became highly popular for its different characters, as each one of them portrayed the classic 80s vibe well. Moreover, “Seoul Vibe” is a Moon Hyun-Sung directorial; his way of depicting the money laundering business in the Olympics era is interesting. The movie revolves around a group of badass young drivers who are involved in this process of harrowing the truth about illegality. From the very beginning, this movie had a lot of gossip around it, and the main reason for its popularity is the fact that “Seoul Vibe” is entirely based on true events. The film revolves around the lives of two aspiring individuals, Dong Wook (Yoo Ah-in) and Joon-gi (Ong Seong-wu). “Seoul Vibe” will particularly focus on the fact that some decisions can either mess up your life or set greater achievements for a person. However, some scams are not quite ambiguous, and as each day passes, everything spirals downward. At times like these, such exceptions come in handy.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The ‘Seoul Vibe’ Film?

The movie begins with the introduction of our two main characters, Dong Wook and Joon-gi. Well, they’re the heart and soul of the whole film. Currently, the two are quite busy with their lives in Saudi Arabia, and together they spend most of their time driving in the never-ending deserts. Moreover, they’re known to be the most skilled drivers in Saudi Arabia. Their lives take a different turn when their boss, Mr. Yoon (Yoon Kyung-ho), offers them the poster of the Daytona Continental, a three-hour grand touring and sports car road race. Well, from the very beginning, this car race was Dong Wook’s ultimate dream! His boss isn’t so supportive of this since they need massive funds to compete in this competition. But, he still decides to send them off for their future endeavors! Finally, the duo was set on their journey back to Seoul.


Wherein, they meet up with Bok-Nam, and as they’re ready to leave the airport, Dong-Wook is called out by a random group of guys, all dressed up as the men in black! Back in their neighborhood, Joon-gi and Dong-Wook are pretty upset by the sight since the whole place is ripped apart and the fact that they were promised high-level maintenance, but instead of this, everything was torn down to the core, and the main reason for all this was the Olympics. The anonymous people from the airport follow him up to his place as well. So, to escape, Dong-Wook uses his special driving skills and runs off. Here we are introduced to Dong-Wook’s younger sister Park Yoon-hee (Park Ju-Hyun), and their teammate Oh Woo-sam (Go Kyung-Pyo). Just like Dong-Wook, she is an amazing rider herself, plus she is the leader of one of the best biker clubs in Seoul!

The story takes a different turn when the boys are approached by Attorney Ahn Pyeong-Wook (Oh Jung-Se), and all this time, his men were following them! But guess what? He is no ordinary prosecutor. Each one of them is sustained with multiple crimes, which are generally related to illegal deals and customization. Ahn knew that, if he processed all the sections, they were going to be banned in the United States. Ahn knew visiting America was very important to them, so he arranged a huge deal for them. Well, their ultimate way to achieve their dream was to agree with everything that Attorney Ahn offered. Here, they begin their dangerous spying journey on some of the most dangerous and powerful criminals in the loan shark industry, as they’ll be uncovering the messy details of the government’s funds.


How Did The Tribe Uncover The Illegal Processes Of The Slush Funds?

The two most important links to the slush funds were the president of the loan-shark industry, Kang In-Sook (Moon So-ri), and her sidekick, Lee Hyeon-gyun (Kim Sung-Kyun)—a former Defense Security Command. But there’s a catch! Dong-Wook and his crimes will only be forgiven if he and his team can get Ahn all the details about their secret ledger accounts. In turn, Dong-Wook places a counter deal as well. He placed a deal for Visas to America, and guess what? Attorney Ahn agrees to it! Now, together, they work hard as a team to knock down the secret test. Since they won, the team finally got the chance to meet Ms. Kang. Moreover, they’ll be receiving work assignments from Director Lee. Moreover, Lee is not so easy to deal with because he keeps on challenging them for the job.

Well, Attorney Ahn has been very supportive of them, and after undergoing several hardships, the tribe was all set for the first day of their spying mission! The main reason behind setting them up for the plan is the fact that nobody knows them. Little by little, they began earning Ms. Kang’s trust as they carried out all the orders successfully. Moreover, Kang began treating them with the utmost importance. Just like that, days go by, and Dong-Wook wants to retrieve himself from the project since this could’ve easily killed any one of their teammates. But Woo-sam managed to get a hold of the key to the secret ledger account. Dong-Wook tries his best to convince him that Attorney Ahn is messing with them. He’s using them as bait to uncover a scam. But Woo-sam doesn’t want to hear any of it. The team decides to carry on their work without Dong-Wook.


Together they gain access to Ms. Kang’s room and gather all the details regarding the other ledgers. But guess what? Yoon-hee was close to getting caught by Ms. Kang’s workers, but Dong-Wook approached to the rescue! Everyone’s pretty happy to know that the whole team was able to get their hands on the necessary information. But there’s a catch! “Seoul Vibe” takes a terrible turn when Director Lee catches them red-handed. It seems like Lee had a secret mic attached to Dong-Wook’s belongings. Ms. Kang was ready to exchange the money hidden in the temple for US dollars, as this would ensure easy transport. On their way to the prosecutor’s office, Dong-Wook and Woo-sam figure out that Prosecutor Ahn was brutally killed by Director Lee and his men. Moreover, back at their place, the whole studio is burned down to ashes.

‘Seoul Vibe’ Ending Explained: Did Dong-Wook And His Team Make It To The United States?

While they were trying to escape from the prosecutor’s office, Dong-Wook gets past them, but Woo-sam is caught by Lee’s men in the process. Since they had no time left, Ms. Kang changed the whole course of the story. Through various news channels, Dong-Wook and his team were blamed for the murder of Attorney Ahn, and Lee’s men transferred all the black money to the Yoon-Hee apartment that was gifted as a bonus to the team by Ms. Kang. So within minutes, the whole team was caught up in this web of lies since they became the main culprits of the nation. Moreover, cops are desperately looking for them around Seoul. To get more help, Dong-Wook visits Chief Prosecutor Woong-in (Jung Woong-in) and hands over a tape that was found in Attorney Ahn’s car.


On the other hand, all the other members of the team began their search to find out all the secret locations of Ms. Kang’s illegal funds and Woo-sam. But guess what? Things become even more interesting as Dong-Wook is saving a trump card up his sleeve. The recording, which was found in Attorney Ahn’s car, had conversations with Ms. Kang about Director Lee, and soon he realized that Kang was fooling him to get various benefits. Even if the cops arrive, Lee is going to be arrested for all the crimes. Now, instead of Lee, Dong-Wook will be the one delivering the money. So to make it work, they began working at Galchi’s (Song Min-Ho’s) garage. Dong-Wook assigns different places to different members, and they plan to drag Director Lee and Ms. Kang together.

Moreover, Yoon-hee disguises herself and safely gets Woo-sam back home! Well, the final scenes of “Seoul Vibe” are pretty interesting to watch, as there’s a huge car chase scene wherein Dong-Wook successfully manages to make a fool out of Lee. He escapes with the money and ends up landing on Ms. Kang’s airplane with his car. Moreover, they had pre-planned all the processes since Dong-Wook had a camera attached to his car. Through this, Dong-Wook gets all the evidence and her confession to the crime. Well, the whole sequence is action-filled, and he risks his life to make a dangerous landing from the sky. But guess what? The movie ends on a good note, Kang is finally sentenced for all the illegal transactions, and the whole team moves to Los Angeles! 


“Seoul Vibe” is a classic action-adventure movie with lots of car chase scenes and the fact that every character is quite impressive in their onscreen acting skills. Since their anti-hero vibes are pretty nostalgic to experience. On the other hand, the whole team stuck together until the very end, sharing all the benefits and risks. Even though several scenes had heartbreaking incidents, which also included the death of Prosecutor Ahn. But the movie had its own way of portraying different scenarios with a hinge of comedy. So this made it even easier to drive our minds through the political problems that arose in the 80s period.

“Seoul Vibe” is a 2022 South Korean Drama Action film streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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