‘Selfiee’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Does Vijay Get His Driving License?

The conflict between a common man and a superstar has been portrayed in Raj Mehta’s film Selfiee. Starring famous actors like Akshay Kumar, Emraan Hashmi, Diana Penty, and others, this film is sure to be a blockbuster! The story of the film revolves around a superstar, Vijay, and his die-hard fan, Om, who later get into a conflict and become arch-enemies. The comedy-action remake of the Malayalam film ‘Driving License’ is sure to leave a mark on you! What conflict arises between Om and Vijay? Will they be able to resolve their differences? We are yet to find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Om’s Admiration Of Vijay Turn Into Animosity?

Om, an RTO officer, is a die-hard fan of Vijay, the superstar, and never misses a chance to watch his films with his son, Gabbu. His wife is fed up with his untamed love for Vijay and supports another film star, Suraj, instead. Parallely, Vijay is seen to be drenched in the limelight of his own stardom and enjoys it. The problem arises when a producer approaches him and tells him that he has selected a military camp for a shoot and that the scene demands that he drive a vehicle, and for that, his driving license is required. He tells the producer that his previous license had gone missing and that he would require a new one. His manager contacts Vimla Tiwari, the corporator, and asks her to help them immediately get a license for Vijay. Vimla goes to the RTO office, meets Om, and asks him to help with the matter. He is thrilled and says that he’d be happy to help in exchange for a chance to meet the star and take a selfie with him.


Vimla manages to convince Vijay to go to the office and meet Om. However, on the day when Vijay is supposed to come to the office, someone informs the media, and they all gather in front of the RTO office. The media harasses Vijay and asks him questions as to how he has been driving all this time without his license, which infuriates him. He thinks that Om has informed the media about his arrival so that he could garner some attention. He comes into the office and insults Om in front of his son. He says that he was opportunistic and was using Vijay’s stardom to gain some fame, and he also rejects Om’s gift, tossing it out. Om feels humiliated as he had been insulted in front of his son, and to get back at Vijay, he asks him to step out of his vehicle as he does not own a license. He also puts a penalty worth 5000 rupees on Vijay for breaking the law and driving without a license. This caused Om to become a sensation on the social media platform overnight. The audience was of the opinion that he stood up for what was right and did not even spare a superstar.

What Lengths Does Om Go To Keep Vijay From Getting His License?

The animosity between the common man and the superstar is stretched further when there is a sudden attack on Om’s house. Gappu gets hurt in the process, which infuriates Om further, and just then he receives a call from Vijay, stating that he will not be able to fight against the power of a superstar. The very next day, Om calls the media and tells them of Vijay’s atrocities, causing him to gain more support from the media. When Vijay thinks that Om is only after media attention, he also summons the media and tells them that he had gone to the RTO Office as he had lost his previous license and that Om had taken advantage of that. Just after his media declaration, the media and common people started thinking that Om had done everything for his own benefit. Om, however, sticks to his decision and states that if Vijay wanted to get his license, then he would have to pass all the tests.


A podium is created where Om and Vijay come face-to-face for the first round. Om asks Vijay questions about the traffic rules, and he manages to pass the round. In order to stop Vijay from getting the license, Om tells him that the vehicle that he was riding had a sound of more than 80 decibels, which was against the law. Vijay buys a car from the driving school and tells Om that he will be taking the final H-driving test in that vehicle. After the test, Vijay is told that he has failed the test. Om justifies by stating that while driving, Vijay’s eyes were not on the gear, the front wheels were tilted as he had parked the car, and he had not put the handbrakes on. Vijay, however, has a counter to all the questions and is later declared to have passed the test. However, the last round of the road test was still left! Om knew that Vijay was in a hurry as he had to rush to the airport to catch a flight to America, and he intentionally wanted to delay the last round. Om asked him to come back the next day for the final test, and that is when Vijay declared that he would no longer require the license.

What Happens In The End?

The office was surrounded by Vijay’s fans, who were furious with Om for not giving him the license. Vijay goes up to his fans and tells them that he won’t come for the test the next day as he and his wife have been able to find a surrogate mother who will deliver their child in America in a few days. He told them that he wanted to give all his time to his wife and would give up on his acting career and driving. His declaration infuriates his fans, and they go out of their wits and start lynching Om. It is later that Vijay comes to his rescue, picking him up in his car. He tells Om that he was not the one who had attacked his family, and Om also confesses his mistakes and tells him that he had not called the media on the first day in front of the RTO office. He tells Vijay that his self-respect had been hurt when he had been insulted in front of his child. He tells him further that the gift that he had given him on the very first day was his license. The misunderstandings between the two get cleared out, and Vijay takes a selfie with one of his greatest fans, Om!


During Selfiee‘s ending, it is later revealed that Suraj was behind the attack on Om’s family so that he could defame Vijay. He was jealous of Vijay’s fame, as he was unable to gain as much fame as Vijay, even though they were contemporaries. He had made several plans from the very beginning to tarnish his reputation. It is also revealed that Vimla Tiwari was the one who called the media on the very first day, which caused all the ruckus! As the vote was approaching, she wanted to garner the limelight using Vijay. After all the misunderstandings get cleared out, Om finally hands Vijay his driving license!

Final Words

Replete with action, thrills, drama, and suspense, Selfiee is a total value for time. The film has all the layers that are required for an absolute blockbuster. Akshay and Emraan’s performances in the film are the major attractions. The point of the film lies in bringing out the clash of egos between a common man and a superstar. The film brings out how dangerous misunderstandings can be, leading to disastrous consequences. Despite the conflict, Om had never lost his respect for the icon that he once worshipped. Vijay is a true icon, as he has not left the side of one of his greatest fans, even when situations have driven Om against him. Selfiee highlights the importance of humility, even when one has reached the zenith of fame.

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