‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 3 Recap & Review: Is Nick Fury’s Wife, Varra, Secretly A Traitor?

As the possibility of a World War looms in the background, the opposing forces of humans, led by Nick Fury, and Skrull, led by Gravik, seek to smoke out the traitors from their ranks. In the previous episode of Secret Invasion, Nick Fury was informed that aside from the bunch of Skrulls who’d accompanied their former leader Talos to Earth, a million other Skrulls had sought refuge on the planet and were living in secrecy by taking human appearances. The gravity of the situation is further addressed by the shocking revelation that the entire Skrull council is impersonating leading figures around the globe, both in administrative sectors and the media.


To add to the misery, the rebel leader Gravik is seen to be planning a countermeasure against the superpowered forces and making secretive efforts to bionically reengineer Skrulls to adapt several powers of their own. In the final moments of the last episode, another big revelation is made in the form of the introduction of Nick Fury’s wife, Priscilla, whose true identity is Skrull operative Varra. The third episode focuses heavily on the connection between Talos and Fury as they race against time to prevent another international disaster, and changing allegiances set the stage for turning the proverbial tables for the other side.

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Going Super: What Did Gravik Reveal About His Plan Against the Avengers?

As the episode begins, the newest recruit of Gravik’s core field operatives, Beto, finds himself assigned to an infiltration mission and casually questions his superior about whether the consequences of bringing chaos to humanity will be favorable for the Skrulls. Just like the recruits are indoctrinated by Gravik’s brainwashing during their initiation procedure, Beto once again gets fed the false promises and lies of the greater Skrull, making their treacherous acts justifiable. Along with the other two Skrull agents, Beto is sent to infiltrate the British Royal Navy and use a nuclear submarine to strike a U.N. aircraft.

In the previous episode, G’iah found out about Gravik’s secret initiative to experiment on Skrulls to make them stronger. Gravik had also hinted to the Skrull council members about his scheme against the more formidable, superpowered protectors of Earth. In this episode, Gravik invites the council to his experimentation chambers and shares his plan for mutating the entirety of the Skrull population even further to adopt various superpowers. He also reveals his plan about using the Royal Navy to attack the U.N. aircraft, which will inevitably initiate warfare, and the mutated ‘Super-Skrulls’ will use this ruckus as an opportunity to obliterate humanity once and for all.


Later, in his conversation with G’iah, Gravik expresses his concerns about her seemingly oscillating loyalty, which she somehow evades. In the last episode, Talos communicated with the ousted Skrull council member Shirley Sagar about organizing a parley with Gravik to discuss and sort out the situation before something unthinkable happened. Gravik takes G’iah along with her to attend the meeting.

Why Did Fury Suspect His Wife, Priscilla/Varra?

A flashback sequence of New York in the year 1998 is shown as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury meets the agency’s Skrull co-op Varra privately and falls in love with her. The scene shifts to the Fury household, where Nick Fury is catching up with his Skrull wife, Priscilla, or should we say Varra (her Skrull name), as this is the first time since ‘Blip’ that Fury has come back to his home.


Fury’s past experience with Talos suppressing information about millions of Skrulls secretly taking refuge on Earth has rattled him, and he questions Varra’s motivations while he was gone—whether she came into contact with Gravik or not. She states that Fury’s prolonged absence made her feel vulnerable, and she became herself—the self that was present long before Fury came into her life. A call to Varra interrupts their conversation, and Fury gives her space to attend to it, but as soon as Varra leaves, Fury gets really attentive to her mobile.

What Did Gravik Reveal To Talos?

Leaving New Skrullos in Russia, Gravik and G’iah fly to London as the former prepares to parley with Talos. G’iah overhears Gravik’s conversation about the impending attack on the U.N. aircraft and details about the nuclear submarine, which she secretly forwards to her father Talos using a burner phone.


Talos and Gravik meet at the National Portrait Gallery, and Talos firmly asks him to refrain from walking down a destructive path that might cause the extinction of the Skrull species. Gravik thinks lowly of human beings, but Talos is quick to remind him that as divided as the humans might seem, they will unite against a common enemy if the Skrull conspiracy blows up. Unable to reason with Gravik, Talos states that he will inform the world government about the nature of the crisis they are facing, which will nullify Skrull’s element of surprise. Gravik provokes Talos by repeatedly using G’iah’s name, which results in Talos stabbing him through the hand and threatening him before leaving. Gravik returns with G’iah to Russia.

How Did Fury And Talos Prevent The Attack on the U.N.?

Fury meets with Talos, asks for his help, and learns about the upcoming attack on the U.N. delegation. Fury calls his old associate, MI6 chief Sonya Falsworth, about the possibility of a Skrull operative being in command of the nuclear submarine and gets his address from her. En route, some funny banter ensues between two old friends, Talos and Fury, about dogs, which leads to Fury casually mentioning how he has had to clean up the Skrulls’ mess for three decades. Talos is quick to give him a reminder about how the States and Fury both profiteered from using the Skrull covert-ops in their off-the-record missions while never tending to the other side of the bargain. If anything, they should be at least thankful to Talos and his loyal Skrulls for that.


Reaching the address of the High Command, Talos and Fury manage to take out the security despite their cover being blown and try to force the rebel Skrull posing as the High Command to call off the launch as the impending disaster is about to happen. However, Skrull proves to be too adamant, and Talos can’t even use his impersonation skills as he doesn’t know the passcode entailing the command. Talos seems to be in trigger-happy mode, as after being provoked by the rebel Skrull, he ends up killing him as well.

Racing against time, Talos calls G’iah for help, who breaks inside Gravik’s research facility and informs him about the passcode. During this sequence, world leaders and important figures are seen tied in the Fracking Pods in a catatonic state, getting their memories extracted, which are being used by the impersonators of the Skrull Council. Using the passcode provided by G’iah, Fury and Talos manage to save the day, momentarily averting the crisis but perhaps only stalling it in the long run.


Is Nick Fury’s Wife, Varra, Secretly A Traitor?

On the other hand, G’iah realizes betraying Gravik in such a manner will entail severe repercussions and tries to flee from New Skrullos. She is stopped in her tracks by Gravik at the outer section of the colony, who reveals he deliberately let G’iah know about the details of the impending attack, as snuffing out the traitor in Skrull ranks was more important to him than taking care of a few U.N. delegates. G’iah chastises him, stating he will not be remembered as a leader but rather as the worst enemy of their species, which proves to be her last words as Gravik shoots her to death.

On the other side of the world, Varra leaves the Fury household, gets her gun from a vault, and is suddenly contacted by one of Gravik’s men. It seems like Fury’s absence took too much of a toll on the Skrull operative, and she decided to rely on the people she shared ancestry with. Or perhaps it is a careful ploy by her to get close to Gravik and earn his trust, given the fact that she was the one who introduced Fury to him. If not, it will likely end Fury’s credibility both to the world and to himself, and it’ll be interesting to see whether the remaining three episodes seek to move in that riskier direction.


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As the possibility of a World War looms in the background, the opposing forces of humans, led by Nick Fury, and Skrull, led by Gravik, seek to smoke out the traitors from their ranks.'Secret Invasion' Episode 3 Recap & Review: Is Nick Fury's Wife, Varra, Secretly A Traitor?