‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ Recap & Ending Explained: Did The Old Scott Kidnap The Young Scott?

Is there anyone who doesn’t know Scott Pilgrim, a quirky, adventurous 23-year-old who loves video games and comics more than anything? He never saw himself falling head over heels for someone, but when he did, everything changed. If you’re picturing him going on tranquil dates, drinking coffee from the same cup, and watching movies with chocolate popcorn, you’re dead wrong. He wanted to do these things but had a different matter to deal with first. The girl he fell for had an impressive dating portfolio; she had dated seven men, each more evil than the last. So, in order to woo the girl of his dreams, Scott Pilgrim had to fight this army of exes and survive. 


Netflix’s latest anime, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off kicks off with the protagonist, Scott Pilgrim, who lives with Wallace Wells, his cool gay roommate. Wallace once allowed him to stay over, and Scott never left. Not a day passed without Wallace reminding Scott to get his own place or at least get his own stuff. But Scott, being Scott, paid no attention. If you didn’t know, Scott Pilgrim was in a three-piece band called “Sex-Bomb-Omb.” This was a typical teenage band that played one song over and over again.

Spoilers Ahead


How Did Scott Meet Ramona? How Did Scott Die?

Scott found Ramona Flowers standing quietly with a drink in her hand at Julie Power’s party. Julie was one of Scott’s acquaintances who believed Scott was a no-good loser. Ramona moved here from New York City after a bad breakup. Now, she was delivering DVDs for Netflix. Scott found out whatever he could about Ramona from Julie and was advised to stay away from her. But Scott had developed a huge crush on Ramona and wanted to date her. The only problem was that Scott was dating a high school student. No one had ever seen them kiss, but they were often seen holding hands. Scott ordered a DVD just to see Ramona again. Ramona, too, reciprocated his advances, as Scott was the most interesting person she’d ever met. The duo went on a date, and Scott ended up spending a night at Ramona’s house.

Unfortunately, Scott wasn’t the only one who wanted to date Ramona. In reality, before Ramona moved to Toronto, she had dated seven men, each more dangerous than the last. The list included Matthew Patel, Lucas Lee, Kyle Katayanagi, Ken Katayanagi, Todd Ingram, Roxie Ritcher, and Gideon Graves. They had even formed a group with Gideon Graves as their leader. So, if Scott wanted to date Ramona, he first needed to defeat all seven of the evil exes. Gideon called a secret meeting, where they talked about Scott’s audacity in attempting to date Ramona. He ordered Scott to be taken care of and entrusted Matthew Patel with the task. Matthew challenged Scott on the day of his band performance, and he agreed. Scott figured that it could be his chance to woo Ramona. Scott was a good fighter, but Matthew had mystical powers that made him a dangerous rival. The battle began, and unfortunately, Scott was killed. 


Why Did Gideon Graves And Matthew Patel Fight?

Even though the exes were part of one big union, they never really liked each other. Their leader, Gideon, believed that he was the most handsome and superior of them all. This was probably because he had the most money of them all. He had stated on multiple occasions that only he was worthy of dating Ramona again. However, Matthew figured it was time for a power shift since he was the one who defeated Scott Pilgrim. Gideon Graves, the richest of them all, resisted and was challenged. If Patel won, he would get everything Gideon owned: cars, music studios, and houses. But if Gideon won, Patel would pay with his life. The battle began, and for a while, it appeared that it was going to be a tie. However, Patel used his full powers and defeated Gideon. As promised, Patel was now in ownership of everything that once belonged to Gideon. 

Is Scott Pilgrim Dead Or Alive?

Ramona, in her dreams, saw Scott’s subspace highway and heard his voice. This made Ramona believe that Scott was alive and that someone had kidnapped him and faked his death. When Ramona watched the video recording in slow motion, she noticed that someone had opened a portal and dragged Scott inside. To find Scott’s kidnapper, Ramona made a list of everyone who could kidnap Scott. Guys like Stephen Stills and Young Neil didn’t even make a list, as Julie claimed that they’re way too dumb for this. Scott’s ex, Envy Adams, was also cleared of suspicion. If you didn’t know, she and Scott dated for a while, but when Amy became a huge star, she stomped on Scott’s heart with her rubber boots (not literally). Ramona’s investigation brought her to Kim, Scott’s first girlfriend. Kim and Scott met in high school. One time, Scott saved her from an armada of teenagers who had kidnapped her. This was probably Kim’s most romantic memory of Scott Pilgrim. Even though Scott was an idiot, Kim genuinely liked him.


Who Were Roxie Ritcher And Lucas Lee? Did They Kidnap Scott Pilgrim?

Roxie was one of Ramona’s evil exes and probably one of the most skilled fighters among the “League of Ramona’s Exes.” Roxie met Ramona in college and immediately took a liking to her. They developed serious feelings for one another, but Ramona got scared. She bailed without saying a word and never contacted Roxie again. The latter hated Ramona for this and thus joined the League of Evil Exes. Roxie attacked Ramona, but she forgave her for leaving when she apologized. As for Lucas Lee, he was the Ex-No. 2, as proven by the number 2 tattoo he had on his neck. Ramona dated Lucas when he wasn’t famous but broke up with him for reasons unknown. The anime showed Lucas as a self-obsessed man with a brain the size of a peanut. The only thing he was great at was skateboarding and doing dangerous stunts. Lucas’ talents landed him in Hollywood, and he became a movie star. Unfortunately, since he was stupid as hell, every movie he made became a box office bomb. On his manager’s advice, he flew to Toronto to act in a movie based on Scott Pilgrim’s life. The script was written by Young Neil, and Lucas Lee was playing the role of Scott Pilgrim. The script was about the scenario where Scott won his fight with Matthew Patel. In this scenario, Scott defeated all of Ramona’s exes, and they lived happily ever after. Eventually, Ramona came to the conclusion that neither of her exes had anything to do with Scott’s disappearance. Thus, Ramona crossed their names off the list.

Did Todd Ingram And Gordon Goose Kindap Scott?

As expected, Lucas Lee was dropped from the movie, and Todd Ingram filled in for him. For those who didn’t know, Todd was another one of Ramona’s exes. The duo studied at the same school and were often known for making out by ditching school. There was a rumor that Todd Ingram used his vegan powers to puncture a hole in the moon. Ramona called it the scariest thing she’d ever seen. He was dating Envy Adams but left her for Wallace. Unfortunately, Wallace ditched him and said what they had was just a fling. This left him a depressed man. Ramona believed Todd Ingram had kidnapped Scott Pilgrim. Why? Remember the footage in which Scott was pulled into a portal? Well, Todd Ingram could open such portals with vegan powers. This was the reason why Ramona took a job at the film set—to investigate further. Unfortunately, the vegan portal that was used to kidnap Scott was way stronger than anything Todd had ever made.


Remember Gideon Graves? Yes, the man who lost everything in a challenge with Matthew Patel. Gideon wasn’t his real name, but Gordon Goose. Now that he had nothing, Gordon was slacking on Julie’s couch. For those who didn’t know, Gordon and Julie share a special relationship. When Julie was in high school, Gordon was the weirdest kid in her class. His clothes were baggy, and his glasses were messy. He was fearless because of the “No Fear” T-shirt he wore every day. But after a girl broke his heart, he lost all his confidence. Everyone laughed at him, but Julie didn’t. So, Gordon Goose kidnapped Scott? No! It didn’t look like it, as all he did anymore was sleep on Julie’s couch and watch anime.

Why Did The Old Scott Kidnap The Young Scott?

Ramona finally figured out who kidnapped Scott Pilgrim and how they did it. Ramona had scratched the names of five of her ex-boyfriends from the suspect list, which leaves the Katayanagi twins. Ramona met them in college and dated both of them at the same time. Actually, the twins had no real feelings for Ramona and were just using her to flex. So, Ramona used them in return. The twins used a vegan portal that was much more powerful than the portal created by Todd. But it wasn’t possible for a human to open a portal that powerful. So, the twins created a robot for it. It was the same robot that was present at the band’s performance and every other place. But the twins were just pawns, and someone else was behind the entire thing. Scott Pilgrim was actually kidnapped by a future version of himself.


The Scott Pilgrim from the future didn’t want his past version to win the battle with Matthew Patel. He claimed it would’ve been the biggest mistake of his life. After Scott defeated all of Ramona’s exes, they got married. It went well for a couple of years, but soon they both called it quits. After that, the future Scott created a band with the Katayanagi twins. Sadly, like his last band, it failed too. Scott Pilgrim asked the twins to help him, and the twins delivered. They used their robot to time travel and kidnaped Scott so he couldn’t win against Ramona’s exes. Ramona had a plan of her own, and she also traveled back in time and wrote a screenplay. This was the same script that Young Neil said was written by his sleep-paralysis demon. Unfortunately, the movie fell apart and never made it to theaters. Young Scott found Ramona, and together, they traveled to the past.

Why Couldn’t Scott And Ramona Kiss?

Towards the end of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Scott and Ramona meet again but can’t kiss because of an invisible barrier. The only way to get past this was for Scott to defeat all seven exes. Fortunately, all of Ramona’s ex-girlfriends had gathered to attend Patel’s musical theater. Scott arrived at the theater but couldn’t even find a single ex who was interested in fighting over Ramona. However, Gideon had a plan of his own. He had rigged the whole stage with dynamite, and Julie’d helped him do it. But before he could do anything, everyone was transported to the moon by an even older version of Scott. This version of Scott had also created the invisible field between Scott and Ramona. This version was pure evil, even more bitter than all of Ramona’s exes. He was filled with anger because he was separated from Ramona and kicked out of Wallace’s house. However, the older version of Ramona joined the fight, merged with the current Ramona, and transported everyone back to where they came from. She told Scott that she loved him and to never let Ramona forget that.


In the present, Scott finally kissed Ramona, and Patel and Geidon also put their past behind them. Since everything was cleared, Scott and Ramona would face each other and eventually get married. There would be fights and disagreements, but both of them would remember how much they had sacrificed or endured for each other. Ramona tried everything to find Scott, and he, too, fought tooth and nail to convince the older Scott that Ramona was his one true love. However, it was possible they could find a new challenge in the form of Gideon (Gordon Goose) and his new partner, Julie.

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