Samuel In ‘School Of Lies’ Season 1, Explained: What Is Samuel’s Most Disturbing Secret?

Samuel, a prominent character in the gripping series School of Lies, which delves into the depths of our darkest childhood nightmares. He embodies a haunting perspective that some individuals, after enduring years of torment, come to embrace the pain as their new normal. Samuel’s presence in the show unveils a complex portrayal of a character who perpetuates the very pain he once suffered. For those who encounter him, Samuel is a disconcerting revelation, as they discover that beneath his seemingly innocent facade lurks the countenance of a predator.


Spoilers Ahead 

Samuel’s Tragic Past

Samuel is a responsible mentor and housemaster at River Isaac School of Education, but he hides a dark secret. For students who aspire to be like Samuel, he is an inspiring figure and someone they look up to. However, beneath this outward persona, Samuel wrestles with painful memories that continue to plague his mind. As a child, Samuel shared a close bond with his elder brother, Alden, who displayed a kind of affection that Samuel initially perceived as love. Unaware of the true motive behind Alden’s actions, Samuel believed that what he experienced was normal. As time went on, Samuel gradually came to understand the depth of the abuse he endured at the hands of his own brother.


The realization of the physical abuse he suffered changed everything for Samuel. It shattered his preconceived notions of what constituted love and forced him to confront the traumatic experiences he had endured. The scars left by his brother’s actions were etched deep within his heart, leaving an indelible mark on his perception of relationships and trust. Alden’s continuous assertion that he is protecting his younger brother cannot alter the undeniable truth that he has irreparably shattered the most formative years of Samuel’s life. Samuel, with boundless aspirations, found himself held back and hindered by the torment inflicted on him by his own brother. This cruel reality extinguished his chances of ever pursuing his true talents. The aftermath of Alden’s actions has left a lasting impact on Samuel, a constant reminder of the dreams that were left unfulfilled and the immense toll it took on his mental health.

Samuel’s Illicit Relations

Samuel’s inability to comprehend the source of his attraction towards young students, particularly Tapan and Vikram, stems from his own past. Like many survivors, Samuel may have grappled with feelings of confusion and shame surrounding his own experiences of abuse. This confusion might have led him to mistakenly believe that there was a genuine, loving bond between him and the boys when, in reality, his actions were driven by his own unresolved trauma. It is crucial to recognize that individuals who have been abused often struggle to confront and address their own toxic behaviors. Despite being ashamed of his own actions, Samuel may have found himself trapped in a cycle of self-destructive behavior, unable to break free from the patterns ingrained in him. This inner conflict likely added to his torment, as he desperately wished to change but felt powerless in the face of indomitable instincts.


Understanding the complex psychological dynamics at play, we can empathize with Samuel’s internal struggle, acknowledging the impact of his past trauma on his present actions. While this understanding does not excuse his behavior, it sheds light on the deep-rooted scars that can instigate harmful cycles of abuse. Despite the tumultuous nature of their relationship, Samuel relies on his brother, Alden, as a source of support to navigate the challenges he faces. However, Alden’s approach to helping Samuel is far from constructive. In fact, Alden resorts to destructive measures in an attempt to rescue his brother from his inner demons. Samuel’s daily existence is plagued by haunting hallucinations that serve as cruel reminders of the potential harm he may have inflicted on young boys in the past. These apparitions manifest as spectral figures, representing the victims of his actions, and intensify his already overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame.

Samuel’s Arrest

As Vikram and Tapan faced arrest in the case of Shakti Salgaokar’s disappearance, they decided to bring Samuel’s name into the spotlight, accusing him of abusing them. Throughout the grueling interrogation, Samuel seemed unperturbed by his own arrest, seemingly unaffected by the damage it caused to his reputation. Instead, his focus shifted to holding his brother, Alden, accountable for his actions. Samuel made the difficult decision to file a complaint against Alden, seeking justice for the pain he had endured under his brother’s influence. Samuel’s actions revealed a deep-seated desire to break free from the hold Alden had over him. While Samuel may have been the perpetrator of abuse himself, he now saw an opportunity to shed the weight of his past and confront the damage inflicted upon him by his own flesh and blood. By taking legal action against Alden, Samuel sought to break the cycle of abuse and establish a sense of personal agency, giving him a chance to reclaim his own life and find redemption.


Despite his intentions to file charges, Samuel found himself trapped and helpless under the weight of Alden’s manipulations. It became evident that Alden, in his own misguided way, attempted to shield Samuel from the consequences of his actions, perhaps driven by a mix of guilt, a twisted sense of loyalty, or a desire to keep his brother under his control. This revelation left Samuel feeling even more powerless, as he realized that escaping the clutches of his abusive past and seeking justice would be an uphill battle. As the story unfolds, the fate of Samuel and Alden’s relationship remains uncertain. Will Samuel find the strength to break free from Alden’s manipulative influence and find his own path? Or will he remain entangled in a web of abuse and dependency, forever haunted by his past actions? The series delves into the complex psychology of an abuser and also serves as a reminder of the long-lasting impact of abuse, not only on the victims but also on the perpetrators themselves. Ultimately, it leaves us questioning whether healing is possible for someone like Samuel, as he is trapped within the confines of his own twisted family dynamic.

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