Nandita In ‘School Of Lies’ Season 1, Explained: Why Does Nandita Struggle To Connect With Other People?

Nandita is the school counselor in the series School of Lies, who embodies the dedication and compassion when it comes to ensuring the well-being of every child under her care. Her character is a poignant reminder of the often-unnoticed struggles that counselors themselves face as they strive to help others overcome their challenges while grappling with their own unresolved issues. Nandita’s personal history is tainted by the betrayal inflicted by her own family, and these experiences make it difficult for her to accept drastic changes in her life. 


Spoilers Ahead 

Nandita’s Painful Childhood

Nandita unravels the complex dynamics of her relationship with her disabled father. At first glance, Nandita’s interactions with him appear strained, as if an invisible barrier separates them. But as the series unfolds, we are drawn into the depths of Nandita’s suppressed emotions, revealing a hidden wellspring of resentment towards her father. A haunting secret from her past emerges, casting a shadow over their bond. Nandita holds him accountable for his failure to protect her from the horrors of physical abuse inflicted upon her by her own uncle. The realization that her father, bound by blood ties, remained a silent witness to her suffering fuels an unquenchable thirst for answers.


With each passing moment, the simmering frustration within Nandita intensifies, demanding an explanation for her father’s inaction. She confronts him with a torrent of emotions, desperately seeking justification for his silence and longing for closure. The air crackles with the weight of unspoken words as Nandita deals with the tangled tapestry of her shattered trust and the bittersweet yearning for a connection that is forever tarnished. Even though Nandita’s father witnesses the burden of remorse weighing heavily upon him, it does little to alter the past or erase the deep scars etched in Nandita’s soul. It is within this intricate emotional landscape that Nandita tries to understand her father’s remorse while still harboring the wounds of her childhood.

Nandita’s Relationships

Nandita’s encounter with Dev presents her with a glimmer of hope and the possibility of a fulfilling romantic connection. Dev possesses the qualities of an ideal partner that any girl would desire. But Nandita’s traumatic childhood experiences cast a long shadow over her ability to navigate intimacy in relationships. The deep scars left by her past make it excruciatingly difficult for her to forge emotional and physical connections, even if she desires them. The wounds inflicted on her have left her with a deep-rooted fear and mistrust of vulnerability. She finds herself torn between the desire for love and connection and the paralyzing fear of being hurt again.


Every attempt to progress her relationship with Dev becomes a battleground between her longing for closeness and her instinctual need to protect herself. The walls she has built around her heart have become insurmountable barriers, preventing her from fully embracing the love and affection that Dev offers. During her dates with Dev, Nandita displays a peculiar behavior of refusing to eat in his presence, claiming that she is not hungry. On the surface, it may seem like a simple matter of appetite, but there is a deeper psychological struggle at play. Nandita’s reluctance to eat in front of Dev reflects her aversion to revealing her vulnerable side to others.

Nandita’s expression, seemingly frozen and devoid of joy, reflects the emotional turmoil that resides within her. The trauma she has endured has robbed her of the ability to fully experience happiness and express genuine emotions. The weight of her past weighs heavily on her, leaving her emotionally numb and detached from the simple joys of life. Engaging in counseling is Nandita’s way of channeling her energy and finding solace. But Nandita must find the courage to break free from the chains of her past, rediscover her own happiness, and allow herself to experience the full spectrum of emotions that life has to offer.


Nandita And Vikram’s Bond

In the midst of the search for the missing boy, Shakti Salgaokar, Nandita, and Vikram find themselves engaged in deep conversations, their paths crossing in the pursuit of answers. Nandita’s role as a communicator with children makes her an essential source of information, while Vikram’s impressive educational achievements intrigue her. As Nandita delves deeper into Vikram’s life, she discovers the immense burden he carries as the sole provider for his family following his father’s death. The knowledge of his father’s tragic suicide adds another layer of sensitivity to their connection. Nandita feels a heightened sense of responsibility towards Vikram, knowing about the challenges he faces.

Their bond gradually strengthens as Vikram begins to confide in Nandita, sharing his darkest secrets and vulnerabilities. However, when Nandita learns that Vikram is the main culprit responsible for Shakti’s murder, a moral dilemma emerges within her. On the one hand, she feels compelled to do the right thing and uphold justice for the young victim. Nandita wrestles with conflicting emotions. A part of her believes in the importance of standing up for what is right, seeking justice for Shakti, and ensuring that Vikram faces the consequences of his actions. However, another part of her hesitates, fearing that exposing Vikram’s involvement will not only ruin his future but also the responsibilities that he carries on his shoulders.


Nandita and Vikram’s discussions reveal Vikram’s history of physical abuse by none other than Samuel, the housemaster. Learning about Vikram’s painful experiences at the hands of someone he should have been able to trust deeply affects Nandita. It strikes a chord with her, resonating with her own painful history of abuse. The empathy she feels for Vikram grows stronger as she realizes the depths of his innate struggles and the psychological impact they have on him. Drawing from her own painful past, Nandita understands the immense pressure Vikram faces and the potential repercussions that could extend beyond him. She recognizes the ripple effect that his downfall could have on his family and the delicate balance they have managed to maintain.

In this pivotal moment, Nandita makes a difficult decision, choosing to protect Vikram and keeping his secret hidden. She understands that doing so means carrying the weight of this knowledge within her forever. Nandita’s actions are not without internal conflict and turmoil. She questions her choices, wondering if she has made the right decision by prioritizing Vikram’s well-being over justice for Shakti. In the end, Nandita’s choice is a reflection of her own journey as a survivor and her deep empathy for those who have endured similar hardships. She recognizes that standing up for Vikram means more than just preserving his future and providing him with an opportunity to rebuild his life. The secret they share becomes a burden they both carry, forever intertwined in their bond of shared struggles and the hope for a brighter future.


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