‘Sapta Sagaradaache Ello—Side B’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is Priya Able To Sing Again?

Kannada superstar Rakshit Shetty is back with the highly anticipated part 2 of Sapta Sagaradaache Ello. Unlike the norm, this sequel comes out within 2 months of the release of Side A, avoiding a long waiting time for fans. The film is both heartfelt and thrilling and provides a fitting conclusion to the epic story of Priya and Manu. In 2011, Manu was left shattered after being separated from Priya for good. His hope for the future is completely taken away from him, leaving him with no will to live and many enemies to make. 10 years later, Manu is set free amidst the pandemic. Although he’s still very much in love with Priya, she’s married and has her own family to look after. Manu’s only mission is to make sure that Priya is happy, whatever life she’s leading.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Film?

After being in prison for 10 years, Manu has some energy to expend, and he asks his prison mate and friend Prakash to help him out. Even in the outside world, Manu has to live in a home that pretty much resembles a prison, and surrounded by the four walls, he’s compelled to find a companion to ease his pain. Manu finds a sex worker named Surabhi (with the help of Prakash, of course), and through her, he tries to find Priya. Manu is plagued by the memory of his promises to Priya, and Surabhi finds it rather amusing. He struggles to get accustomed to regular life in the real world, but he finds a decent job in a fabric factory to get started. He’s also dealing with his PTSD and often reflects on the things he had to endure, as well as the crimes he committed when locked up. But he finds solace in his time spent with Surabhi. Manu wants to move to the seaside, but before he moves away for good, he wants to get a look at Priya one last time. He knows there’s no way of them getting back together, and despite Prakash’s many “nos”, he ends up finding her.


Observing Priya like a stalker from an abandoned train across her house, Manu begins to nitpick about all the small things Priya had wanted when they were together but doesn’t have as a married woman. All her dreams have been completely shattered and left behind, and she’s living the exact life she absolutely didn’t want. Manu believes the culprit is her husband, of course, so he starts to learn more about her family little by little. First, he meets her son Puneeth, the easiest mark. Then he makes his way to Deepak, the father, who is now a bankrupt drunkard, spending whatever money he has on alcohol. Manu becomes good friends with Deepak, but he tries to hurt him a couple of times due to the way he’s been treating Priya. At the end of the day, he’s still got a good heart, so he can’t get himself to really cause harm. Manu makes his way into her household by stealing irresponsible Deepak’s keys. He notices a box of things that Priya still keeps of their memories together, giving him some kind of hope that they might still have a chance (oh boy!). Manu fixes small problems in the house, like a leaking tap, that may be bothersome to Priya. Vinodh, Priya’s brother (who is all grown up now), finds Manu one day sneaking out of the house and begs him to stay away from his sister, claiming she’s got the perfect life. Of course, both of them know this is untrue, and later, Vinodh tells Manu that before the pandemic, Deepak had a flourishing restaurant that went down after the lockdown.

Manu realizes that Deepak’s situation is a product of circumstances and decides to help him with everything he’s got. He learns from the man himself that he’s got a large debt of 65 lakhs. Even in the middle of all this, Manu continues to see Surabhi while dreaming about meeting Priya. More than a physical relationship, Manu tries to replace Priya’s memory with that of Surabhi, who happens to be a very different person from her. To get money to help Priya, Manu finds his ex-boss (the same mother and son who left him rotting in prison when the husband passed away), but Prabhu (the great instigator) sends him away, pretending like he never worked there. Manu creates a ruckus and manages to get a very expensive watch from the son. He sells the watch and starts the process of restoring Priya’s life to what she wanted earlier. But that’s not all; he still wants revenge on Prabhu and needs much more than some petty cash from a (designer) watch to work out his plan, so he blackmails the mother into giving him more money as well as sending Prabhu his way and turning a blind eye to whatever he does. She agrees on the condition that he leaves them alone for good.


Manu locks Prabhu up in an abandoned building in a prison-like chamber with just water and the promise of a meal every two days. In the meantime, Deepak and Priya’s lives start to become fantastic, with a new restaurant and a new house that are made exactly as Priya wanted, thanks to Manu. More importantly, Manu learns that Priya hasn’t sung since she couldn’t at the one performance 10 years ago. So, he chooses a house with a music class nearby to make Priya feel the need to sing again. In the middle of all of this, Soma, Manu’s mortal enemy, is set free, too. His right-hand man, Kali, follows Manu around and finds out about Priya. Before he can tell Soma about it, though, Manu ends up killing him, making it look like a suicide. Unfortunately for Manu, this irks Soma further, and he finds Surabhi. Soma claims Manu and he are like Tom and Jerry. Nobody knows who is chasing who. This is, of course, a warning for Manu to not hurt anybody else on the guy’s squad. Manu sends Soma off to prison with the help of his ex-boss (one last favor) to make sure he doesn’t come after Surabhi again.

Manu gets Surabhi to live with him after this, and it seems almost as if Manu is finally getting over Priya after making sure her life is settled. Still, his big goal is to get her to sing again, and only then will he set Prabhu free. All this while, Manu has been operating through Prakash in order to help Deepak and Priya, but Deepak figures out that Prakash has been lying the whole time. He asks Manu for help, and that’s when Manu ends up revealing everything about him and Priya. Deepak is stunned and can’t believe he was blind to such an open secret. Deepak sees Manu’s good intentions, though (what choice does the poor guy have anyway?). Manu promises that he will leave them alone, but he just wants to make sure Priya sings again and to show Deepak Priya’s true happiness.


What Happens To Manu?

Soma is released from prison (yet again), and his first request is for Surabhi to be brought to him. On the other end, when Manu revealed the truth to Deepak, Surbahi, too, found the old cassette in the house and listened to the recording. In her anger, Surbahi (quite literally) burned up all that was left of Priya, leaving Manu absolutely heartbroken. He throws her out of the house, saying she’ll never replace Priya. Although Surabhi was always one to say that there is no reason to believe in love and that it’s a waste of time, she can’t help but hate Priya and cry over Manu. Soma finds her like this and kidnaps her on the day that Priya is going to audition for a music competition. Manu gets a call from Surabhi’s number, and he starts apologizing profusely, telling her not to worry about Priya. Soma is on the other side and is of the mindset, “the more the merrier” (“chee!”). Manu rushes to save Surabhi immediately, all thoughts of Priya forgotten. Nobody can defeat a man in love, and action ensues as multiple men attack Manu while he tries to find Surabhi. He’s beaten up, bruised, and bleeding, and yet, there’s nothing that can stop him until he hears her voice. Soma is nowhere to be seen until moments before Manu is going to find Surabhi. Soma shoots Manu in the chest and gets close to him, thinking he’s dead, to tell Surabhi that they would make a good couple. With whatever is left in him, Manu grabs Soma and stabs him until he’s lifeless on the floor. Manu pushes the same piece of iron that he used to kill Soma across the grill to where Surabhi is tied up because he can’t move anymore.

She breaks loose and finds Manu, telling him that she will save him. On the other hand, Manu had left a piece of paper for Prakash to find—a final will of sorts. At the audition, Priya is unable to sing because she’s too upset. When they get home, and she’s putting her son to sleep, she begins to sing the same song that Manu has always loved. Manu finds a shell and puts it up to his ear, listening to the sound of the ocean from within it. Manu would repeatedly listen to the same part of Priya’s recording, where she said she would take him to her village by the sea, where no one would be around, just the two of them and the sound of the sea. As Priya serenades us with her beautiful song, Manu crosses over from red to blue, returning to the sea, where it all began. There, Priya stands waiting for him. She promises to never stop singing before she lets him walk into the water. Surabhi once said that her heart was shattered by somebody she really cared for, so instead of piecing it together, she gave the little pieces to multiple people. Similarly, Manu’s many pieces are left behind with all of the people he helped and the lives he touched. At the end of Sapta Sagaradaache Ello—Side B, Surabhi is on a beach, and she picks up a shell (a piece of manu). She is seen with a medical school book, her dream that Manu wanted her to fulfill. There’s a little shell for all of them, Manu as their guardian angel, as he watches over from somewhere across the seven seas. Finally, Manu is free from his regrets.


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