‘Revenant’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does The Gang Find Out Who The Evil Spirit Is?

It’s a shame that there are only 2 episodes of Revenant left when we’re just starting to see some new developments. Of course, we can’t expect any less from writer Kim Eun-Hee (Kingdom, Signal); she really knows what thrills. We can say without a doubt that Kim Tae-Ri really might be one of the best in the industry. To play an almost depressed woman who is possessed by an evil spirit who is a teenager is not an easy task, but she does an incredible job of dropping our jaws to the floor. It’s been a while since such a gripping show came our way, and we’re so excited to revisit it again.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

San-Yeong gets visited by her mother in the house at night. San-Yeong is really worried and tells her mother that it’s dangerous to be around her at night. Her mother gets a panic attack hearing those words, and San-Yeong gives her medication and puts her to bed. When she wakes up, she tells San-Yeong that back in 2002, her father had said the same thing and told her not to take San-Yeong home at night. Elsewhere, Hae-Sang goes into his grandmother’s office and creates a ruckus because she won’t tell him the name of the evil spirit.


San-Yeong’s mother says that there was something strange in his eyes when he told her those words, but San-Yeong finally tells her that her father had optic atrophy. Unfortunately, she doesn’t mention that she’s going through the same thing because she’s only worried for her mother (ugh, this is so frustrating). San-Yeong wonders if her mother had any good memories of her father. She says she did, and it was when they first moved into the house that she and San-Yeong are currently in. But San-Yeong’s mother had seen her father being handed a bag by Hae-Sang’s grandmother’s assistant with a camera in it. San-Yeong has access to the camera in the house in the present. San-Yeong’s father had promised never to bother Hae-Sang again after receiving that bag.

It turns out Woo-Jin’s father (Hae-Sang’s grandmother’s assistant) knew how Hae-Sang’s mother had died, so he wishes to save him from the same fate. But Hae-Sang’s grandmother doesn’t care a dime about him. San-Yeong finally drives her mother back home, but they make a stop at her cafe. Before San-Yeong can see it, though, her vision blacks out, and this time it’s really severe. The ghost tells her that if she finds the other two objects, her vision will be clear. San-Yeong then meets Hae-Sang and tells him about her visions when she touched any of the five objects they were attempting to collect. We see the person who put the red hair accessory on Mokdan’s head, so it’s possible that we have been seeing things from her point of view this whole time.


It is clear that both the evil spirit and Hae-Sang need the five objects to be found, but what will she do if she finds them before they know her name? They go to an abandoned building where one of the objects was hidden and search the whole place to find it. They’re unable to find it anywhere on the floor, and then they realize it may be in the ceiling somewhere. The person who had died there had died in the bathroom, and finally, San-Yeong is the one who finds the glass bottle, but when she touches it, she gets frozen in a terrifying position with her head thrown back.

When Hae-Sang takes the bottle from her, San-Yeong only murmurs the word “water” and then jumps down to find it. She says she’s so thirsty she could die and then runs to a convenience store, breaking glass and drinking multiple 2-liter bottles of water. It’s still the evil spirit talking, and she tells Hae-Sang that she had been alive for 7 days with no food and not even a drop of water, but when his grandparents found out, all they said was, “Why is she still alive.” The evil spirit reminds Hae-Sang that he should find the last objective quickly, and he knows that she’s using him to find the objects.


In the meantime, Hong-Sae finds out that Hae-Sang’s father, too, had marks on his wrist when he died, even though it was not a suicide. He had starved himself to death, and we know that it was actually the evil spirit that made him do that. But, in the same hospital, another person had died—a young boy who had come in for an accident, but it seemed like someone had killed him. Hae-Sang meets Woo-Jin’s father and informs him that his own grandmother killed Woo-Jin in the hospital. He hadn’t died from the accident. Woo-Jin had found out the family secret about the evil spirit, and so Hae-Sang’s grandmother had killed him. Hae-Sang’s mother had died because she was her father’s most cherished person. The evil spirit’s desire is to destroy the most precious belongings of the person who is possessed in the family.

San-Yeong wakes up in her house with cuts on her hand. As she bandages them, Hong-Sae visits her. Before she can take a seat across from him, San-Yeong loses vision again. She pretends to be sick, and Hong-Sae realizes there’s something wrong with her eyes. He pretends to leave, but when she falls while trying to go to the other room, he tries to help her. She finally admits that she has this disease that will not allow her to do the things that she wants to do and that she is in desperate need of the evil spirit to keep her eyesight. Unfortunately, she’s hit with more sad news when Hong-Sae tells her that the evil spirit’s next target is her mother. The previous evening, with a bloody hand, San-Yeong had signed insurance papers that would give her a good amount of money if her mother were to die. She had signed with her left hand, and we know from other scenes too that the evil spirit is left-handed.


Hong-Sae and Hae-Sang are all set to catch the evil spirit, and they tell San-Yeong to give them all the information she has, even if the evil spirit threatens to kill them. Mun-Chun had been holding Mokdan’s family registry when he died, hinting that the evil spirit belonged to her family. Their best guess is that it was Mokdan’s older sister, but they still have no way of finding out her name because the copies and originals of the registry are lost for good. Their only solution is to ask Hae-Sang’s grandmother. Hae-Sang plans on doing this on February 28th, which is a “safe day,” so even if the deity jar falls, evil spirits can’t harm you. But what they don’t realize is that anything San-Yeong knows, the evil spirit knows too.

At the end of Revenant Episode 10, we finally understand that it was Hae-Sang’s grandmother’s decision to kill her husband because he wanted to get rid of the evil spirit, but she was greedy for more. On top of that, he was abusive towards her, so the evil spirit used her desire and told Hae-Sang’s grandmother to give the wrong name to her husband, so the evil spirit would live on. If the evil spirit lives, so will Hae-Sang’s grandmother. They’ve been walking this path since then, and that’s why her family members keep dying, and she doesn’t care because she can continue living her lavish life. Finally, we find out that the juvenile ghost’s name is Hyangi, and since she’s warned Hae-Sang’s grandmother, there’s a chance they’ll never find out her real name from her.


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