‘Rangabali’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Does Sahaja’s Father Approve Her Marriage?

In the world of Rangabali, we meet Shaurya, aka Show, a young man with some extraordinary fighting skills. He’s practically a one-man army, which, of course, his father isn’t too thrilled about. Shaurya’s father wants him to take over the family pharmacy, but Shaurya couldn’t be further from being interested in medicine. One day, after yet another dismissive interaction with his father, things take a hilarious twist. His father decides to give Shaurya an ultimatum: if he wants to come back home, he must prove himself capable of managing his father’s pharmacy. 


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What Happens To Shaurya After He Is Kicked Out?

Shaurya’s father, in a last-ditch attempt to straighten out his son’s life, gets him enrolled at VIMS, a prestigious medical university. But, hold on, Shaurya knows nothing about medicine despite being a B. Pharmacy graduate. So, his only shot at getting back into the family business is by pursuing a pharmacology course. Well, here’s where the plot thickens: As Shaurya navigates through his medical endeavors, his attention lands on Sahaja, a brilliant student at the university. She’s not just any student; she’s an ace student. And guess what? Lovе hits him like a ton of bricks, right there in the university.


But Sahaja is no ordinary girl who falls for dashing looks and charm. She’s an independent and highly capable doctor who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone, especially not from someone like Shaurya, who lacks medical knowledge. When Shaurya first crosses paths with Sahaja, her initial impression isn’t so great. She immediately puts him to work, assigning tasks to test his abilities. Determined to win her heart, Shaurya starts following him around, even though he’s officially supposed to assist another doctor. This, unfortunately, causes issues with his peers, particularly those who were already annoyed by Shaurya’s constant company with Sahaja.

Why Does Sahaja’s Father Reject Shaurya?

As their relationship blossoms, Shaurya undergoes a transformation, leaving his violent tendencies behind and becoming a better person thanks to Sahaja’s influence. When he meets Sahaja’s father for the first time, everything seems to be going well at first. Sahaja’s father appreciates Shaurya’s positive attitude and outlook towards life. However, things take a sharp turn when Shaurya mentions that he is from Rajavaram village. It turns out that Sahaja’s father has some sort of history or connection to Rajavaram that is deeply troubling. This connection raises concerns about Sahaja’s future, and it compels him to put an end to their relationship.


As Shaurya tries to comprehend what went wrong, he’s left confused and hurt by Sahaja’s father’s sudden change of heart. Little does he know about the hidden reasons behind the decision. At the same time, Sahaja tries to reason with her father, and he decides to give Shaurya another chance and arranges to meet him again. Sahaja’s father recognizes that it’s not right to end things abruptly without fully understanding the situation. But, just as they’re about to reconnect, a whole new twist is introduced into the story: the mysterious ‘Rangabali Cеntеr’ and a notorious goon named Ranga Rеddy!

Who Is Ranga Rеddy, And How Is He Connected To Sahaja’s Father?

Sahaja’s father is actually the son of the notorious goon, Ranga Rеddy. In spite of his father’s history, he still cared for him until his father’s tragic death at the ‘Rangabali Cеntеr,’ named after him. The trauma of his father’s past and the memories attached to it haunted him throughout his life. In an attempt to escape his past, Sahaja’s father changed his identity and moved away from Rajavaram. Sahaja is the only person who brings joy and peace to his life, and he had plans to live closer to her after their marriage. However, revisiting Rajavaram brings back all the painful memories, and he can’t bear to live through that trauma again. But when Sahaja’s father confronts Shaurya, he realizes that it’s not selfishness; it’s his love for his child and his fear of reliving the past.


In a heartfelt confession, Shaurya promises Sahaja’s father that he will make things right by changing the name of the ‘Rangabali Cеntеr’. He doesn’t have to hear it echoing in his mind anymore. Determined to make a positive impact, Shaurya returns to Rajavaram, knowing that his influence might bring about significant changes. As if things weren’t complicated enough, Sahaja’s father becomes even more annoyed with Shaurya when he learns about his involvement in a bomb blast at the ‘Rangabali Cеntеr.’ This revelation puts a strain on Shaurya’s relationship with Sahaja, leaving her in a tough spot. Sahaja truly desires a happy family, but with her deeper disapproval of Shaurya, she’s torn between her love for him and her respect for her father. Sahaja has always been a beloved child, and the thought of going against her father’s choices and preferences weighs heavily on her heart.

Does Shaurya’s Plan To Change The Name of the Cеntеr Succeed?

The tension escalates as Shaurya takes on the challenge of changing the center’s image! He comes up with a brilliant plan to rebuild the ‘Rangabali Cеntеr,’ featuring a majestic horse statue to shift people’s associations away from the name ‘Rangabali.’ Shaurya decided to host a grand inauguration event to make it more impactful and even invited a famous personality, the MLA of Rajavaram, Kaikala Parasuram, to add prestige and popularity to the event. But hold on to your seat, because things take a dark turn when Parasuram arrives. On the surface, he appears to be a good and loving person, but it turns out that he’s hiding a sinister secret. The name ‘Rangabali’ holds deep significance for him and his family. His father, Kaikala Basavaraju, is the one who was responsible for killing Ranga Rеddy.


For Parasuram, the name ‘Rangabali’ is crucial for upholding his family’s reputation and generating fame. So, when he sees the statue and hears about Shaurya’s plan to change the name, he flips out and demands that it be destroyed immediately. Parasuram solemnly warns Shaurya to stay away from his affairs, emphasizing how critical the name ‘Rangabali’ is for his family’s legitimacy. And now, Shaurya finds himself entangled in a web of historical stories and dangerous connections, all while trying to bring positive change to the community and win Sahaja’s father’s approval.

‘Rangabali’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To the Rangabali Cеntеr?

The real story behind Ranga Reddy comes as a shock to Shaurya, who had always believed he was the bad guy. But guess what? That wasn’t the case at all! As it turns out, Ranga was actually trying to protect his people from Kaikala’s sinister plan of destroying their shops and building a factory. But here’s the tricky part: Kaikala cunningly usеd this opportunity to makе himsеlf famous, claiming he stopped the factory plan to save pеoplе from pollution. Evеryonе, еxcеpt Ranga, startеd trusting Kaikala and saw him as a savior. Howеvеr, Kaikala wasn’t going to lеt Ranga disrupt his plans any furthеr. Hе dеcidеd to gеt rid of Ranga once and for all. In a thrilling showdown, Ranga was almost on thе vеrgе of winning, but in an act of bravеry, he sacrificеd himsеlf to savе young Shaurya, who accidеntally arrived at thе scеnе. It was a heart-wrenching momеnt as Ranga got stomped undеr thе horse statue at thе cеntеr whilе trying to protеct Shaurya. Sеizing this opportunity, Kaikala’s goons took advantage and еndеd Ranga’s life. 


No matter how hard Shaurya tries, people are unwilling to listen to the truth and blindly believe what they’ve been told for years. When Shaurya gathers a crowd to make sure Ranga’s story is heard, Parasuram, the master manipulator, arranges a distracting dance party at the same time. Unfortunately, people get carried away by the glitz and glamor of the party, leaving Ranga’s story unheard and ignored. Feeling helpless and frustrated, Shaurya decides to join the dance party too, but the story takes a shocking turn when he ends up stabbing Parasuram. Everyone is left baffled and confused by Shaurya’s unexpected action, especially since he and Parasuram were like brothers and used to sort out everything together.

Shaurya’s outrageous move makes headlines, and it’s something he did without even consulting his friends, which adds to the astonishment and chaos. His actions caused a stir in the community, and people couldn’t wrap their heads around why he would do such a thing. But here comes the twist: Parasuram cleverly uses the situation to his advantage because he wants to win the upcoming elections, and he knows that evoking sympathy from the public will be an easy way to win their hearts. At the same time, Shaurya seizes the opportunity to make people aware of Ranga Reddy’s true story. He releases Ranga’s name to the public, prompting people to dig deeper into their connection.


And guess what? Shaurya’s plan works like magic! People come forward and speak from their hearts, revealing their true feelings about Parasuram as the MLA; even some of his own employees express their discontent. Ranga Reddy’s name is finally vindicated, and Rajavaram is filled with praise for Shaurya, who played a significant role in this transformation. As the story reaches its climax, Shaurya stands outside the court, looking at everyone who is now praising him. However, he uses this moment to shed light on the irony of how society easily follows violence and evil while overlooking the good things. He addresses the issue, emphasizing that Ranga is the reason why the common people, their caregivers, and shops are still around. Shaurya honestly admits that even for himself, he is being praised for stabbing someone, which highlights how evil can sometimes be glorified in society. He passionately urges people to understand that change is necessary, especially for figures like Ranga, who truly made a difference in their lives.

Moved by Shaurya’s heartwarming addition, the people of Rajavaram decided to change the name from ‘Rangabali’ to “Rangabhalе” In spite of being punished with six months of imprisonment, Shaurya’s sacrifice doesn’t go in vain. Sahaja and her father return to Rajavaram, only to discover that his father’s name has become renowned everywhere for who he truly was. The truth prevails, and Rajavaram finds peace once again. Throughout the film, Shaurya is seen wearing a white shirt as a symbol during his fights. It’s something that encourages him to fight. But in a peaceful moment of self-realization, he decides to let go of the shirt and burn it, recognizing that he can speak and fight for the good without any external symbol or control.


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