‘Rally Road Racers’ (2023) Ending, Explained: What Happens To Archie Vainglorious?

Every individual has experienced moments of uncertainty and doubt, as if they were detached from the world around them. They might ponder their existence, wondering if there’s something more profound, a higher calling, that awaits them. It is in these introspective moments that the concept of a “true purpose” often emerges—a purpose that feels intrinsic and resonates at the core of their being. Amidst the dazzling lights and roaring engines of Rally Road Racers, there lived a loris named Zhi—an unassuming, wide-eyed creature who appeared to be just another spectator in the bustling racing universe. Yet destiny had a far grander plan in store for this protagonist.


Spoilers Ahead 

How Is Zhi Different From The Other Lorises?

In the enchanting world of the slow loris village, where life unfolds at a leisurely pace, there dwells a lively and spirited loris named Zhi. Unlike the other lorises around him, Zhi yearns for more than the tranquil life the village offers. He aspires to greatness, dreaming of becoming the very best, just like his idol, the renowned racing champion Archie Vainglorious, the toad. Zhi’s energy and enthusiasm set him apart from the rest of the village. He is constantly seeking adventure and excitement, which often lands him in trouble. The villagers, with their calm and measured ways, struggle to understand his zest for life, and they can’t help but judge him for being different.


Despite the judgments and doubts, Zhi’s determination remains unwavering—he knows deep in his heart that his destiny lies beyond the borders of the slow loris village. Yet, despite his ambitions, Zhi faces an unexpected challenge—a shadow cast by his grandmother’s revered reputation. Granny Bai is a respected figure in the village, and her name carries a weight of tradition and wisdom. She doesn’t quite grasp Zhi’s true potential and seems convinced that the key to his future lies in embracing the traditional path of tai chi, a Chinese martial art known for its balance and harmony. While Granny Bai’s intentions are pure, Zhi can’t help but feel trapped by her expectations. He knows that his heart beats for racing, and he longs to chase after the adrenaline-fueled dream that Archie Vainglorious embodies. Yet his grandmother’s influence leads him to question himself, wondering if perhaps she sees something he doesn’t.

But no matter how much tai chi he learns or how well he adheres to the slow Loris ways, Zhi’s racing spirit refuses to be extinguished. It remains an unwavering beacon within him, guiding him toward the path he knows is his true calling. Then, as fate would have it, an opportunity arises that thrusts Zhi into the world of racing. As he takes his first steps into this thrilling realm, he discovers that it is not just a whimsical dream—it is where he truly belongs. The world of racing embraces his energy and enthusiasm, and Zhi starts to blossom, honing his skills and daring to believe in his capabilities. But amidst the thrill of his journey, Zhi encounters an unforeseen twist. His idol, Archie Vainglorious, whom he once perceived as the embodiment of greatness, turns out to be his biggest nightmare.


What Happens To The Slow Loris Village?

As the vibrant Slow Loris village lays in ruins, devastated by the heartless machinery of Vainglorious Industries, reality comes crashing down upon Zhi like a torrential storm. It is a grim reminder that dreams can be tainted and that even heroes can possess dark shadows lurking within. Seeking answers, Zhi embarks on a personal quest to confront his idol, Archie Vainglorious. As he stands face-to-face with the narcissistic and self-centered toad, the truth unravels before him like a web of deceit. Archie reveals his nefarious plan to transform the serene lands of the slow Loris village into muddy meadows, catering to the extravagant whims of the posh toads. The callous intentions behind his actions shake Zhi to the core, leaving him torn between disbelief and heartache. How could someone he had once idolized stoop so low, forsaking the very essence of what made racing beautiful?

But Zhi’s spirit refuses to falter, and he understands that the upcoming Grand Silk Road Rally Race holds the key to reclaiming his grandmother’s cherished house, which now hangs precariously in the balance. It is a daunting challenge—a grueling four-day race that tests the mettle of even the most seasoned racers. However, Zhi knows that it is his only chance to face Archie head-on and take a stand against the destruction of his home. Zhi makes a bold bet with Archie and challenges the narcissistic toad, wagering not just the coveted title of the race but the very soul of their pursuits. If Zhi wins, Archie will have to relinquish the deed to Granny Bai’s house and end the destructive plans that have brought misery to the Loris village.


What Happens At The Silk Road Rally Race?

When Zhi’s dreams seem shattered, fate intervenes in the form of an unexpected encounter with Gnash, the wise and experienced racing goat. Gnash, a former racing champion, recognizes the flicker of potential within Zhi and sees the fear that holds him back. With compassion and empathy, Gnash offers Zhi the support and guidance he needs to rise above his anxieties. As Zhi opens his heart to Gnash’s teachings, he discovers that his biggest weakness—fear—can be transformed into his greatest strength. Gnash teaches him to contemplate, to understand that winning the race is not solely dependent on speed and skill but also on the mindset of the driver. Embracing this newfound wisdom, Zhi learns to harness his fear, converting it into determination and focus.

With patience and perseverance, Zhi hones his racing skills, inching closer to the realization that his true power lies not just in the pursuit of victory but in the art of uplifting others. As the Grand Silk Road Rally Race approaches, Zhi finds himself prepared not just to compete but to make a positive impact on those around him. When the race commences, Zhi’s transformation is evident to both the audience and his fellow racers. His accidental display of helpfulness—assisting struggling competitors and guiding lost racers—touches the hearts of all who witness it. Zhi’s acts of selflessness spark a ripple of admiration and affection, giving birth to an unexpected fan base that roots for him not just as a racer but as a genuine and caring individual.


As his popularity soars on social media, the once-disheartened Zhi begins to see himself in a new light. The admiration he receives is not solely for his racing prowess but also for the kindness and compassion he exhibits. Meanwhile, Granny Bai, observing her grandson’s transformation from a distance, realizes that in her attempts to mold Zhi into the person she thought he should be, she has unintentionally stifled his true self. Instead of encouraging him to find his own path, she has tried to impose her beliefs on him. Overwhelmed with love and regret, Granny Bai decides to set aside her desires and expectations. She approaches Zhi, expressing her pride in the remarkable person he has become.

‘Rally Road Racers’ Ending, Explained: Does Zhi Protect The Slow Loris Village?  

In the midst of Archie’s malicious plans, a new character enters the scene: Shelby, the secret loris. Unbeknownst to Zhi and Gnash, Shelby becomes a pawn in Archie’s scheme to drive a wedge between the once-strong relationship between the goat and the loris. Shelby, however, had no malicious intent. She genuinely falls in love with Zhi, but as he becomes absorbed in helping Shelby and spending time with her, Gnash becomes increasingly concerned. He knows that racing is not a place for personal distractions and tries to warn Zhi about the potential consequences. However, in his anger and misunderstanding, Zhi interprets Gnash’s words as jealousy. Driven by unpleasant emotions, he pushes the car to its limits during a race, leading to a disastrous outcome as it bursts into pieces.


In the aftermath of the accident, Gnash and Zhi have a heart-to-heart conversation about the past. Gnash reveals the painful truth about his mother, who was once a racing fan like Zhi. She ignored Gnash’s warnings and tragically lost her life during a race, leaving the goat devastated without his best friend. This haunting experience is the reason Granny Bai has always tried to stop Zhi from racing, fearing she might lose her beloved grandson in a similar way. This time, however, Granny Bai realizes its importance and sees the genuine care and concern Gnash has for Zhi. She decides to break free from her previous stance and support Gnash in his efforts to prevent history from repeating itself.

In the aftermath of Shelby’s betrayal, Zhi is left heartbroken and feeling betrayed. However, Shelby, realizing her mistake and the pain she caused, sincerely apologizes to him. Zhi decides to give Shelby a second chance. As they work through their misunderstandings, the bond between Zhi, Shelby, and Gnash grows stronger than ever before. With the support and love of his newfound family, Zhi finds the strength to persevere. This time, he enters the Grand Silk Road Rally Race with a renewed sense of purpose. Gnash and Shelby become a driving force of encouragement. Throughout the race, Zhi faces numerous challenges, but the collective effort and belief of his loved ones propel him forward. As the race reaches its climax, Zhi emerges victorious, crossing the finish line to the resounding cheers of the crowd. The once-aimless loris has proven that goodness can lead to greatness, while the weight of deceit and malicious intent will ultimately drag one down.


Granny Bai, who was once worried about Zhi’s racing ambitions, is now filled with immense pride. Her fears are replaced with joy as she witnesses how Zhi’s actions have changed history and redefined the essence of racing. Zhi’s accidental acts of kindness have not only helped others find their homes but have also allowed Gnash to find closure regarding Zhi’s mother’s death. The realization that he was not to blame for the tragic incident brings solace to Gnash’s heart, strengthening their friendship. At the end of Rally Road Racers, Zhi not only becomes a racing champion but also finds a family of his own. Meanwhile, Archie’s malicious ways lead to his downfall. His actions catch up to him, and he is taken away by his father, facing the consequences of his deeds. The difference in their destinies becomes evident—the contrast between Zhi, who embraced goodness, and Archie, who succumbed to darkness.

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