‘Rain Dogs’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Costello Get Her Book Published?

After their refuge is destroyed, Costello and Iris have nowhere to go. The others leave for Skegness, but they choose to stay back in London. Florian is still at the mental facility in Bedlam, and there’s no telling when he will see them again. “Rain Dogs” Episode 7 takes our two women to a refuge at Sunset Park in Somerset. Let’s find out how this place welcomes them.


Spoilers Ahead


Costello and Lenny are inside an art exhibition hall. She has completed her book and managed to sell it to a guy named Barnaby, who contacted her after the stunt she pulled at the refuge, whose video has gone viral. However, she will not rejoice until she sees her book on sale. She then discreetly hangs one of Lenny’s self-portraits on a wall alongside the other paintings, and she, Iris, and Lenny escape before anyone can spot them.


Fen has come to meet Florian at the facility. He gives Florian his phone and shows him the news that a publishing house has signed Costello’s novel. In other words, Costello won’t need him anymore. It’s time to sleep with Fen.

Gloria is driving Costello and Iris to Somerset. But speeding due to being drunk gets her arrested, and Costello and Iris are left on the road with their luggage in the middle of nowhere. After waiting for quite some time, they notice a carriage coming in their direction.


Florian is in another session with his counselor, Kenneth, and he informs him of how worthless he feels now that he knows that Costello doesn’t need him anymore. He also talks about how his father finally killed himself. As they are talking, Kenneth tells him to his face how he is able to leverage his money to ruin his relationship with Iris before she gets the chance to reject him due to his psychopathic behavior. Florian pounces on Kenneth for what he has just said, pins him to the ground, and tells him that he’s wrong. But we all know that he is trying to convince himself more than Kenneth. He may love Iris, but his behavior is unworthy of her love. Kenneth shoves him off, calling him a privileged little brat. The two guys pull themselves up and take their respective chairs again.

A New Sunset

Costello and Iris arrive at Sunset Park in the carriage. Their new neighbors, Gray and her son Tennessee, show them to their new apartment, which is far better than the one in the North London refuge. But there is no phone network or TV signal. Costello then meets Simon for a job as a debt collector. Simon has seen her working-class speech and even knows about her webcamming [it seems that it too has found its way on the Internet, and people aren’t really liking it]. She has also been held for assault and damage. Simon finds her strong and honest and gives her the job.


The next day, while Iris goes to school with her new friend Tennessee, Costello joins Simon on her first assignment as a debt collector. All it takes is one conversation between Simon and an old woman for Costello to realize that collecting debt is not her forte. Later on, she, Iris, Gray, and Tennessee are having ice cream by the sea. That’s when Costello tells Gray the name of her novel, i.e., Diamond Beavers. She tells Gray that her story is fictional, and it’s only because she isn’t posh that people tend to take everything she says literally. But then again, as per the Internet, women like Costello need to speak the truth. The only catch is that Gray doesn’t know if the Internet is a real place or not. All the better. She agrees to let Costello use her Internet so that she can write some new chapters and send them to Barnaby. They return home and call Gloria, who is under house arrest. Her unborn baby girl, to the surprise of Costello and Iris, is doing very well. Gloria tells Costello that her online video is receiving a lot of hate and asks her not to read the comments. This only leads Costello to look up the comments section over at Gray’s place. People are saying all sorts of things, and some have even mentioned that it is Iris that they are worried about. It is ironic, as Costello did the gig only so that she could earn money and feed Iris. She ends up going live online, abusing the people who commented on her leaked video.

‘Rain Dogs’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Does Costello Get Her Book Published?

The next day, Costello gets a call from Barnaby informing her that they cannot go ahead with her novel’s publication due to her latest actions. Doubts surrounding whether she is even a working-class woman [suspicions on her webcam gig] prevent her words from being printed on paper. The publishers also cannot risk publishing a book whose author has hurled online abuse at people. Thus, Diamond Beavers will not be published, and there’s nothing Costello, being a working-class woman, can do about it. She spends the day drinking outside and returns home, only to fall asleep on the couch. Iris covers her with a comforter, heads to Tennessee, and asks if she can use their landline.


Florian’s phone rings and he is overjoyed to hear Iris’s voice. She tells him about Costello having lost the book deal,  her new drinking habit, and that they are in Somerset. He thus dresses up, packs his bag, and walks out of the facility calmly. Florian Selby is coming to Somerset.

“Rain Dogs” Episode 8 will bring Costello face-to-face with Florian again. Costello is the one who has taken to drinking while Florian is the clean one. They have swapped roles. Only God knows how their meeting will turn out. Meanwhile, Gloria will be having her baby soon, and we can hardly wait for that. Overall, there’s uncertainty and excitement, and that pretty much sums up the lives of our beloved characters if we overlook the sorrow like always. 


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