‘Rain Dogs’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: How Is The Refuge Treating Costello And Iris?

At the end of episode 5 of “Rain Dogs,” Florian is sent back to the mental facility by his mom Allegra, while Costello shifts to a refuge with Iris. But the refuge doesn’t allow residents to work, which is a bummer for Costello. After all, she needs to pay for Iris’s school. “Rain Dogs” Episode 6 shows how Costello and Florian are making do in their respective surroundings. In one word, tolerating. 


Spoilers Ahead

Old Beginnings

 Jade is praying to Jesus while Costello is listening on the couch. Her prayers include not becoming like the limping and crying refugee women on television, sending their neighbors to hell, and Costello’s prayers, thanks to Jade’s persuasion, are about their dream of getting a council flat coming true. As soon as her prayer is over, she asks Costello if she wants to make some money by webcamming. Costello doesn’t want to risk it, but she needs money anyway, so who cares? Later, when Costello is at the food bank, she meets Richard from the London Informer (“Rain Dogs” Episode 3), who works as a volunteer there. Richard wholeheartedly gives her a tour of the place after she tells him that she, too, wants to be a volunteer.


 It is Day 12 for Florian at the mental facility in Bedlam. He has found himself a friend who, for him, is more of a thing named Frida. He leaves a voicemail for Costello, asking her to visit him and give Iris a kiss for him. He misses them more than we can tell. Later, Frida reveals to Florian that she intends to be a psychiatrist when she gets out of Bedlam, even claiming to know what’s wrong with him. Florian, as per Frida’s diagnosis, has an antisocial personality disorder. In other words, violence in all relationships and big-time dad issues, But all that Florian wants to do is ram her head into the television. Instead, he walks away. No one likes having their flaws pointed out.


Costello visits Gloria at her workplace, and it is clear that Gloria hasn’t made up her mind about the abortion (she is pregnant with Paul’s child). She tells Gloria about Florian and says that she is relieved that he remembers her. Gloria, however, doesn’t want her to go back to him. Costello needs a distraction, so Gloria asks her to come with her to the abortion clinic, where she might get it done. She might.


Costello brings Iris back from school, but there is no conversation between the two. Iris is irritated and perhaps even angry at her mother for leaving Florian’s house and coming to this refuge. For the first time, she snaps at her mom, saying that she should put her up for adoption because she hasn’t done anything to deserve such a life. Before Costello could speak to her, Serena (the manager) asked Costello to join her in her office. She tells Costello that they have found a new forever home facing the sea—not in London, but in Thanet. But she isn’t leaving London, not as long as she is alive. Later, at the food bank, she tells Richard that she needs a private flat, for which she needs a job that pays well. No more volunteering. She then takes 5 pounds from him in return for letting him please himself by getting intimate with her.

Gloria finally summons up the courage to break up with Paul. She has never been loved the way Paul loves her, and she is not used to it. Paul tries to reassure her, but it’s no use. She needs space, and Paul can’t be in it. Paul leaves. Gloria sighs and calls the abortion clinic.


Big And Small Changes

Gloria, ready in her rugged makeup, is all set to have her first webcamming session. She will be joined by Jade, and they will be speaking to sadistic men who take pleasure in watching and listening to unsatisfied refugee women who have been abused, especially sexually, and are looking for pleasure. Yes, this is real, and people donate for such content. As Jade begins to speak to a dude, Gloria notices that the money count is increasing at the bottom of the screen. This is easy money. Soon, Costello gets her hands on better clothes, shoes, and even a laptop to work on.

It is day 29 for Florian in Bedlam. He leaves another voicemail for Costello, asking why she wouldn’t visit him. Frida reminds him that Costello has moved on from him. Florian reminds Frida that she might think that they have a lovely relationship, but they do not, and the only thing Florian wants from her is for her to stay away. Saying this, Florian walks one way, and Frida, saddened, walks the other.


Gloria and Costello are at the clinic for the former’s abortion. But she is drunk and isn’t legally allowed to make the decision to abort under the influence. Gloria insists on it, but Costello knows better. She takes Gloria out of the clinic, assuring her they’d discuss the whole thing properly later. She knows that even if Gloria wants to keep the baby, she will have the abortion because she doesn’t see herself as a woman who could raise a kid.

Drill Continues

Serena is talking to Costello about her behavior, which seems very unlike that of women who need shelter. She is aggressive and rude, and quite invulnerable. Costello is about to tell her that she isn’t lying about her condition when they hear a loud rumbling sound followed by the ceiling cracking. It’s almost like an earthquake has hit the refuge building hard. An alarm goes off somewhere, and it’s utter chaos. Costello rushes to her room to get Iris and finds her with another younger girl and their dolls. She grabs all that she can, including all the money she made from the webcamming, takes Iris, and they come out of the building along with everyone else. With people watching, Costello abuses the owner of the house right next to them, who has been constructing god knows what for god knows how long. Since she arrived at the refuge with her daughter, they have been subjected to a painful drilling sound every now and then all day long. As the owner is taken away by her husband or brother, probably (as if anyone cares), A sobbing Costello assures her daughter that she will make things right. Iris quietly looks at her and then turns away.


Kenneth, Florian’s caregiver at the facility, speaks to him about his words to Frida (ramming her head into the television). Florian is trying to be better and tells Kenneth that he misses Iris. All he wants to do is return to them and sort everything out. How? He doesn’t know. But he can start by trying to make them understand that all he has for them is love, but he doesn’t know how to show it. Later, as he is reading a book in peace, Frida comes and tells her that a woman and her little daughter have come to meet him. He rushes out and finds that there are no visitors for him. He returns to find Frida laughing in his face. She lied. We expect Florian to hit her, but all he tells her is that what she did was horrible. This is proof that Florian is trying to change. He is no longer the same Florian who broke Costello’s pieces into pieces. He has realized that he needs to change and is trying his best to do the same.

‘Rain Dogs’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Do Costello And Iris Leave London With The Other Refugees?

As Serena is taking some of the women and their children to Skegness (probably another refuge), Costello tells her that she and her daughter aren’t leaving London. She hugs Jade, waves Serena goodbye, and walks off with her daughter to find a new place to stay, just like old times. She meets Gloria, gives her some cash, and tells her to take Iris to dinner. Meanwhile, she will need to clear her mind. She gets herself a glass of wine and a cigarette and makes her way inside a public toilet. She enters a cubicle, shuts the door behind her, and takes a seat. She checks her phone and finds that it is her 569th day of being sober. She presses the end button. That’s what her life calls for, it seems. She then plays the latest voicemail from Florian on his Day 30 at the facility. With Florian’s voice apologizing for letting her and Iris down, tears fill Costello’s eyes as she puffs on her cigarette.


Maybe Costello will finally muster up the courage to visit Florian. As much as she hates him, she misses him, and so does Iris. Also, it is only Florian who might be able to help them, and he should because he needs them a thousand times more than they need him. “Rain Dogs” Episode 7 will show if Costello does what we think she will do. If not, then, well, there’s always another option.

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