‘Rafuchakkar’ Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Pawan Kumar Plead Guilty?

Rafuchakkar is a nine-episode thriller-drama that revolves around the life of Prince Pawan Kumar Bawaria, a seemingly ordinary individual from Nainital. However, his world takes a tumultuous turn when he is arrested and accused of conning several powerful individuals across the country. While the series starts off with an intriguing premise, the storyline unfortunately loses its momentum midway through and becomes tangled in a convoluted web of unnecessary twists and turns that appear implausible. The story, however, focused on Prince Pawan Kumar, who was faced with the daunting task of proving his innocence. Will he succeed in clearing his name? Or is he destined to be branded as a master con artist? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Summary: What Happens In Season 1?

Pawan Kumar Bawaria (Maniesh Paul), a simpleton from Nainital, found himself arrested by Shaurya Chautala (Aksha Pardasany) on the day of his parents’ marriage anniversary. He was placed in custody and subsequently brought before the court. His childhood friend, Jaidev (Akash Dahiya), stepped up as his defense lawyer, while Ritu Arora (Priya Bapat), one of the most renowned attorneys in town, became the prosecuting attorney. Pawan faced criminal charges for his involvement in a scheme where he conned several influential individuals by assuming false identities.


One of his victims was Sarvesh Pathania (Sushant Singh), a Member of Parliament who also happened to be a businessman engaged in various illicit financial activities. Pawan targeted Pathania’s daughter, promising her marriage and arranging a meeting with Pathania himself. Posing as Ajay Chauhan, son of an influential businessman, Pawan deceived Pathania under the pretext of establishing a city chopper service for faster transportation across the country. Consequently, he extracted a substantial amount of money from him. Enraged by this betrayal, Sarvesh filed a report against Pawan. Ritu, backed by Sarvesh and other witnesses, presented a series of testimonies in court to prove Pawan’s guilt as the conman. Nevertheless, Jaidev remained steadfast in his determination to prove his friend’s innocence. Among the witnesses presented by Ritu were three women, one of whom was the wife of a food inspector. These women had also fallen victim to Pawan’s deceitful tactics. Posing as Kirtan Gada, the owner of a gym, Pawan manipulated them with his captivating looks and false promises, tricking them into subscribing to his gym membership. Soon after, the women discovered that the gym trainer, Kirtan Gada, had vanished, and with him, their 5 lakh rupees. Interestingly, the food inspector, whose wife had become one of Pawan’s victims, had a connection to Pawan Kumar’s family. He was the individual responsible for shutting down Agarwal Biscuit Industries, owned by Pawan’s father-in-law. It became evident that Pawan’s motivations for committing these crimes stemmed from a desire for revenge. In light of these circumstances, it becomes increasingly apparent that Pawan Kumar was indeed the conman behind all the allegations leveled against him. The charges against him were far from baseless. However, the question remains: what drove Pawan to carry out such crimes?

Did Pathania Blackmail Ritu? Was The Udaipur Story Real?

Pathania did not have a spotless reputation, and even Ritu Arora’s husband was involved in a fraudulent incident related to his hotel business. Pathania seized this opportunity and offered Ritu his assistance in return for her serving as his attorney in Pawan’s case, with the condition that she must secure a victory at any cost. Ritu had no other option but to agree, and in collaboration with Pathania, she resorted to bringing in fake witnesses to deceive Jaidev, the defense attorney. Among these witnesses was Harpreet Singh, who testified that in Udaipur, during their destination wedding, he had been swindled by a wedding planner named Manojeet Walia, another alias of Pawan Kumar. However, this entire story was fabricated, as no such incident occurred during Harpreet’s wedding planning. In reality, his marriage had been called off due to his fiancée’s infidelity. Jaidev, determined to gather evidence against this false testimony, found that Harpreet had cheated on his fiancée, as evidenced by a picture he received on his phone. Consequently, he focused on summoning Harpreet’s fiancée to court, unaware that the evidence he had obtained was also deliberately planted by Ritu. Her intention was to mislead Jaidev and keep him occupied searching for Preeti, while Ritu herself worked towards gathering concrete evidence against Pawan. Meanwhile, Pawan was granted thirty-day bail by the court, but during his probation period, he was abducted.


Why Did Pathania Become Pawan’s Target? Did Pawan Confess?

As suspicions arose that Pathania was behind the kidnapping, it was revealed to be a strategic move sketched by Pawan himself. Pawan went into hiding, simultaneously planning his next con. His target was none other than Shaurya’s father, Arjun Chautala, who was engaged in critical negotiations with a major business entity, Bharat Chowdhury, regarding an investment in his project. Pawan saw this as an opportunity and disguised himself as the assistant of Bharat to deceive Arjun, successfully looting a substantial sum of money from him. However, Pawan didn’t know that Arjun was Shaurya’s father. During his visit to Arjun’s home, a sudden encounter with Shaurya occurred, leading Pawan to inadvertently leave his fingerprints behind. This aspect seems excessively implausible, even for the sake of dramatic effect. Shaurya collected the fingerprints and found a match with those of Pawan. However, during the subsequent court hearing, when the fingerprint test was conducted to present the evidence, the result turned out to be negative. Pawan had hired an individual who incapacitated the actual laboratory technician and tampered with the fingerprint samples. Nonetheless, this time, Pawan’s fervent desire to prove his innocence was thwarted, as Ritu, with the assistance of Shaurya, amassed even more compelling evidence against him—unveiling his entire history, which served as the motive behind his series of cons.

Pawan Kumar Bawaria originally hailed from Ranikhet, not Nainital. From a young age, Pawan developed an interest in cyber-financial schemes. During one of his escapades, his mentor, Samir, was apprehended for ATM scams. Meanwhile, Pawan’s father, Mohan, worked as a bank employee and stumbled upon evidence of Sarvesh Pathania’s illicit financial activities within their bank records. However, the bank manager, who was aligned with Pathania, colluded to frame Mohan, accusing him of orchestrating the money transfers. Mohan ended up spending several years in jail, and upon his release, he attempted to confront Pathania but was unable to secure a meeting. As a result, a teenage Pawan witnessed his father’s loss of employment and tarnished reputation, which compelled the family to relocate to Nainital. This experience ignited a burning desire for revenge within Pawan, and he vowed to expose Pathania’s illegal activities one day. Pawan felt powerless to refute the entire narrative presented by Ritu in court, so he remained silent. However, he devised a daring plan to save himself.


Pawan made the decision to confess to his crimes and arranged a meeting with Ritu and Shaurya. He proposed a deal: in exchange for his confession, they would assist him in exposing Pathania’s scams. Pawan disclosed that he had secured a job as a computer engineer in Pathania’s tech firm to witness all of Pathania’s illicit financial activities from a close contact. He discovered that Pathania was promoting Fyr coins, a form of cryptocurrency designed to entice the Indian population. However, unknown to the users, installing the app required for this cryptocurrency would result in a significant amount of electricity being consumed by their computers, enabling Pathania to profit substantially. Pawan had collected all the relevant data and encrypted coins on his hard drive, potentially worth crores of rupees. To steal the hard drive, he assumed the identity of Ajay Chauhan and deceived Pathania’s daughter. Prior to his disappearance, he successfully acquired the hard drive, which had the potential to safeguard the bank balances and the lives of numerous people. Without this intervention, Pathania would have likely looted the majority of Indian citizens’ bank accounts and fled the country. Ritu and Shaurya agreed to assist Pawan, but they insisted that he confess in court.

What Was The Ultimate Twist?

The following day in court, Pawan confessed to his crimes, revealing his identities as Ajay Chauhan, Kirtan Gada, and Manojeet Walia. He willingly accepted whatever punishment the court deemed appropriate. However, in exchange for his confession, Pawan lodged a complaint against Pathania and convinced the judge to authorize an investigation into Pathania’s illicit activities. Shaurya ensured the safe departure of Pawan’s family from the country to protect them from Pathania. Pawan was on his way to prison, but an unexpected twist unfolded. Cunningly, Pawan created a smokescreen in the police jeep, rendering the guards unconscious and allowing him to escape. He emerged from the vehicle and reunited with his parents in the middle of the road. Jaidev came to their aid and secured a safe hideout for the family.


At the end of Rafuchakkar, it was revealed that the entire Bawaria family was involved in the revenge plot, with Pawan Kumar being the primary figurehead in the game. The story concluded with a joyous reunion of the Bawaria family, while Shaurya discovered that Pawan had successfully absconded. Meanwhile, Pathania discovered that the cash he had accumulated had been redistributed to the very accounts he had previously defrauded. Pawan’s intervention also resolved the fraudulent activities in Ritu’s husband’s hotel business. However, Pawan’s mission was far from over. Recognizing that there were numerous criminals like Pathania freely roaming the country and plundering the Indian people, he vowed to return with new and improved strategies to deliver them to the door of justice.

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