‘Race’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending: Why Does Yoon Jo’s Campaign Cause Controversy?

Yoon Jo has been working diligently at a PR firm, but she isn’t satisfied with her work and wants to achieve more. In the “race” of the corporate world, one can go to any lengths to get the win that they need. Despite Yoon Jo’s earnest efforts, her proposal was rejected by the Seyong firm because one of the officials had already chosen another proposal by Earth Communications through connections. However, Seyong liked Yoon Jo’s proposal better and asked the CEO of Earth Communications to steal her proposal. The CEO of Earth Communications, Dong Hoon, didn’t want to be a part of this malpractice and wanted Yoon Jo to join his company, but Yoon Jo got accepted into Seyong through special recruitment.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Recently Joined The Seyong Company?

Yoon Jo is happy about getting a job at a big firm like Seyong, but she is upset about leaving her previous firm and her boss, Hee Young. She finds it difficult to share the news with her boss, with whom she has worked for quite some time. Jae Min wants to celebrate Yoon Jo’s achievement, but she keeps on crying and says that she won’t be able to celebrate until she tells her boss. It takes Yoon Jo a lot of courage and two days of preparation to finally tell Hee Young that she will be leaving her company. Yoon Jo feels apologetic towards Hee Young, but Hee Young shows her support. Hee Young understands her dreams and her drive to achieve big things in life. Yoon Jo finally feels relieved and celebrates her achievement with Jae Min and Ye Eun. On the other hand, Hee Young is upset, but she is used to young people leaving her small agency for bigger opportunities. Dong Hoon listens to her concerns patiently, and he offers her a position in his company. He knows Hee Young wouldn’t downgrade to any position, so he offers her the position of Co-CEO in his company.

Yoon Jo joins Seyong, but she decides with Jae Min to pretend not to know each other because she wants to create her own identity. Yoon Jo joins her new team, but she is not welcomed there at all. Her boss, Eun Jeong, wasn’t informed of anything about Yoon Jo, so she called her recruitment fraudulent, and Yoon Jo’s teammate turned out to be Ji Hyo, who was her rude junior at PR JOA. Yoon Jo is still optimistic and learning her new work at Seyong. Moreover, she gets a beautiful surprise on her first day of work itself because Gu Jenny, aka Gu Yi Jung, has been announced as the new CCO of the company. Yoon Jo idolized Gu Yi Jung and the fact that she is going to work in the same company as her excites her. On the other hand, the higher officials are not happy with the announcement because it wasn’t discussed with them. They are already against Lim Ji Hyun, the new CEO of the company, and now they are planning to weaken her leadership by taking charge of the strategy team, which once belonged to Lim. Yoon Jo is going to be the face of their campaign to promote the company’s special recruitment, and Jae Min is enraged at this decision. Sun Tae tells him that Yoon Jo was hired only to promote the company and not for work, as she is unqualified. Hee Young told Yoon Jo about Seyong stealing her proposal; she doesn’t get treated right in the company, and now the promotional campaign; all of this might make Yoon Jo regret her decision to join Seyong.

What Is the Relationship Between Jae Min And Yi Jung?

Jae Min sees how stressed out Yoon Jo is, so they sing in a karaoke room to relax a bit, but they end up doing than singing, Yoon Joo lets off her stress by cursing her new boss. Jae Min cheers up Yoon Jo, and the next day, Yoon Jo shows up at work with new and positive energy. She is ready to take on all the challenges that come her way. However, instead of working, she gets handed the schedule of all the promotional activities that she has to do. She records videos, does photoshoots, and has to attend a flashy appointment ceremony. At the ceremony, she sees Gu Yi Jung for the first time, but Yi Jung doesn’t have a good impression of the whole idea of the ceremony or the special recruitment. She tells Jae Min that his idea isn’t as effective as he thinks. Jae Min treats Yoon Jo for her hard work, but Yoon Jo doesn’t think she has done anything special. She wants to work, and without it, no rewards are meaningful to her. After work hours, Jae Min goes for a team dinner, and Yoon Jo wants to talk to Hee Young about her struggle at the new job, but Hee Young is busy. She is meeting her old friend, Yi Jung, after a long time. Despite being a renowned personality, Yi Jung has her own worries, and an old friend is always needed to listen to them. Yi Jung is divorced, and her daughter, who lives in Korea, wouldn’t meet her, let alone talk to her.

Jae Min’s teammate has been suspicious of his relationship with Yoon Jo and thinks that Jae Min has a crush on Yoon Jo. He teases Jae Min at the team dinner, but Jae Min is not in the mood to even respond to it. He goes to Ye Eun’s bar and sees Yoon Jo and Ye Eun having fun. However, he doesn’t join them and goes out again after borrowing a lighter. Jae Min had quit smoking, so his friends got concerned. Ye Eun follows him out to check on him and jokingly asks if it is a matter of love. They didn’t expect it, but that is what concerns Jae Min. He tells them the story of the woman he met in Santiago and fell in love with. He is suddenly reminded of her, but his friends don’t believe in his story. All of them are drunk, and while talking about love, Yoon Jo pretends to confess her feelings to him and asks him how he feels. Jae Min doesn’t feel anything because Yoon Jo is not his type of girl. Yoon Jo gets hurt, and Ye Eun notices it. Only Ye Eun knows that Yoon Jo has feelings for Jae Min, and even if she says that she is over him, she is not. Jae Min’s story about the woman in Santiago is true, and he was suddenly reminded of her because she showed up in front of him. The woman was Gu Yi Jung, and he still has a photo of her on his phone.

Yoon Jo’s promotional videos and posters have been released, and her face is everywhere in the company and on the internet. Yoon Jo is delighted to see her face on the posters and feels proud of herself, not knowing what’s ahead for her. In Race Episode 4, Seyong brings about the controversy with this promotional campaign. The heavy promotion and plastering of Yoon Jo’s face all over Seyong’s posters and videos make people feel as if Yoon Jo is a model and not an employee. In the current market, when people have been demanding fair employment practices, Seyong’s attempt looks like they are mocking people. A discussion started on social forums that Yoon Jo’s appointment was fake because she was underqualified. The situation worsens quickly, and the team leaders just decide to fire Yoon Jo to save face. However, the final decision and Yoon Jo’s career are still in the hands of the higher officials.

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