‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Inside Nora Evers’ Case? Is Valence Alive?

Episode 6 of Rabbit Hole ended with John receiving a text from Valence saying that he had faked his death. This comes after John steals Nora Evers’ case. Moreover, Kyle’s girlfriend assassinates Senator Nora Evers before she can meet John, take the case, and give John intel on Crowley in return. Her death resulted in the Data Act Bill being moved forward. Let’s see what John and his team find inside the case and if it can take them closer to Crowley.


Spoilers Ahead

Data And Data Act

Senator Nora Evers’ assassination has brought forward her bill in the Senate which is sure to pass it, and the president is going to sign the Data Act in 2 days. After this, the government will share consumer data and government records of Americans with three private companies, one of which is Arda Analytics.


There was nothing but documents in the briefcase that John stole. It was just a distraction. As Edward, Hailey, and Ben wonder what the documents mean, John spends his time imagining different scenarios in his head that are possible, including one that shows his father claiming that the whole mission was a distraction so that he could get the Data Act passed. In the briefcase are documents containing rows of numbers that can be anything from corporate IDs to LLCs. Ben and Edward begin scanning the documents while John goes to another room and opens his chat with Valence on his laptop. In the chat, John gets a text from Valence saying that Ben has been lying to them. However, the previous text from Valence telling John that he faked his death is missing. Does this mean that the text was John’s imagination as well? Probably. Anyway, John receives more texts from Valence stating that their chat has been compromised and that John has to find another way to reach him. A few minutes later, Hailey goes to check on John and finds that he’s gone. She also finds the chat. This can go three ways: Someone is pretending to be Valence and trying to manipulate John, Valence is indeed alive and is speaking the truth about Ben, or Valence has turned and is trying to manipulate John.


John arrives at an electronic store and uses a laptop to reach Valence, who sends him sequences of numbers to decode. Hailey calls him, but he tells her that he is onto something and he needs to do it alone. His face is still on the news as a murder suspect, but before one of the guys who works there can stop him, he escapes, presumably with the coded messages. Meanwhile, the team of the CEO of Arda Analytics intercepts John’s login into the computer and is rather surprised that he did it, knowing that he could be traced. There has to be a reason for this unless he wants the folk at Arda to find him. Hailey manages to find John after listening to a familiar announcement while she is on the phone with him. But John fools her into boarding a bus and sending her away. Hailey returns home and finds that Homm has cracked the codes. The sequences of numbers are confidential numbers (ranging from people’s personal records to their financial details, and probably more) of everyone Crowley owns. Unfortunately, they cannot give these to anyone because they cannot risk them ending up with Crowley. The best thing would be to wait for John to return and then decide what their next step will be.


John is at a church confessing hai sins when he gets a call from a woman called Liv, who tells him that she has just received a package from Valence. He arrives at Liv’s place and finds a fossil (clay tablet of Gilgamesh) with some carvings on it. If Valence is alive, the fossil means something.

Codes And Compromises 

Hailey manages to take one of the pen drives containing the soft copies of the scanned documents from Evers’ case and leaves the house. Agent Madi enters her office and finds a gift along with a note asking her to meet that person at Foucault Plaza at 3 p.m. The person apparently has information on John Weir. She arrives at the spot and meets Hailey, who tells her that she has proof that John Weir did not kill anyone. Madi brings the proof and shows it to her boss, stating that he would want to see it. Clearly, the intel is crucial.


Forget To Know

John is on his way back from Liv when he encounters Kyle, who brings him to the CEO of Arda (who is in a wheelchair) at gunpoint. This guy tells him that it had been planned all along to have the Data Act passed. After all, it was Ben who made John and Valence create Arda as a separate entity from DBS. John doesn’t believe him and pounces on him, pinning him to the ground and punching him. He then notices the old man wearing an earpiece and realizes that someone has been telling him what to say. He pulls out the earpiece and puts it on, only to hear Crowley’s voice for the first time who tells John that it was his father who was behind everything. According to him, it was Ben’s plan to bomb the AeroDelhi plane. Every death until now has occurred due to Ben. Valence figured it out, which is why Ben got him killed. After all, it was Ben who last spoke to Valence before the latter jumped to his death. Ben was not in hiding when the flight blew up but was just living three blocks away from John, and that too for a decade, pretending to be psychologist Benjamin Wolff.

Madi’s boss goes through the contents of the file and asks her what she wants in return for forgetting that the file even existed. It seems that the file contains compromising information about Madi’s boss, which the man doesn’t want the world to know about. So, he bribes Madi, who thus asks to be reinstated as the head of the task force searching for John Weir. Her boss agrees.


‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 7 Ending Explained: What Was Crowley’s Masterplan?

John returns home with the fossil and finds that his father went out. He searches Ben’s room and finds a gun. Ben returns a few minutes later, and John pulls the gun on him, questioning him about all that he has just been told by Crowley. Meanwhile, Homm finds a chip inside the fossil. Inside the chip is a video recording made by Valence. Homm tells John that he has to see it. In the recording, Valence addresses John and tells him that Crowley had ordered him to kill John to avoid any loose ends in Edward Homm’s initiative (Rabbit Hole Episode 1). If he didn’t do it, Crowley would have them both killed. So, what he was about to do was only so that John remained safe, and with help from Ben, he took down Crowley. [Valence took the chip, put it inside the fossil, and mailed it before returning to his office and jumping to his death in front of John.] The texts that John was receiving weren’t from Valence but from Crowley, who has access to all of Valence’s data. This is how he tracked down John. John apologizes to his father, and they decide to do whatever it takes to find Crowley.

All that John and Ben have are the details of the many powerful people whom they learned about in Evers’ case. This is what they have to use to track down Crowley, if they can do it at all. If not, they must use it to stop the Shared Data Act from passing. On the other hand, Agent Madi has just been reinstated as the head of the task force that is looking for John. John knows that Valence killed himself because he wanted to save him. John can also make use of Valence’s comms data to find out any information regarding Crowley. John might also reach out to Agent Madi for help. However, he will need to try hard because Agent Madi is hell bent on finding him and holding him responsible for Homm’s disappearance. Madi might even blame him for the death of his teammates.


The reason why Crowley is so ardently trying to get rid of John and Ben is because he knows these are the only two people who can put a stop to his sinister plans and destroy his house of cards. Crowley has tried numerous tactics so far to get rid of this father-son duo, but against all odds, they have managed to dodge the attacks. Maybe in the finale episode of Rabbit Hole, it will be the first time when John and Ben, along with their extended team, will try to set a trap for Crowley or plan an attack to bring down his empire of lies. They already know that Arda Analytics is Crowley’s new fort, but breaching the walls would be close to impossible, especially since Crowley is tracking their every move through the network of CCTVs at his disposal. Hence, how they reach the supreme antagonist will certainly make for an entertaining finale. Let’s wait and see what Rabbit Hole Episode 8 has in store.

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