‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Nora Evers Dead? Who Was Eliza Wells?

Episode 5 of “Rabbit Hole” ended with John Weir finding out that his whole team was dead. They were killed by Kyle, who is working for Crowley. He decides to speak to Senator Nora Evers, who is supposedly Crowley’s candidate of choice for the upcoming US presidential elections. Meanwhile, protests are taking place around the country against the Shared Data Act.


Spoilers Ahead

The Past

The year is 1983. The location is somewhere in Central America. When the plan to kill a military commander goes haywire a day before the hit only because their bait died of a heroin overdose, Crowley tells Ben to reconsider what they are doing for the CIA and that they should just sell the intel, and thus the control, to the highest bidder, if not keep it to themselves. It seems that Crowley has always wanted power for himself.


The Curious Case Of 1550 Girard

Candidates keep dropping out of the presidential race due to unknown reasons, while Nora Evers stays strong with her multiple campaigns promoting the Shared Data Act. One night, Weir and Ben manage to intercept Evers’ motorcade and hijack her. Inside the car, Weir tells Nora that he knows that someone shady has been funding her campaigns, and all she has to do is give him a name. Nora tells him that what he knows is nothing compared to what her financier does. She was blindfolded and taken to a location where she was shown a case with highly compromising materials on it. All she knows is the number of the box in which the case was placed. From her details about how and where she was picked up, Edward Homm, who is posing as the driver, realizes the place where she was taken, i.e., 1550 Girard. It is a famous high-security private vault used by questionable rich people who want to hide their stuff.

At 1550 Girard, the depositor and his or her dedicated escort are given the secondary key and the master key, respectively, to access the vault. But before that, the depositor has to “sign in” to the system, get verified, enter the box number, and follow a pre-determined route to the vault; set one foot outside the route, and the whole place goes into total lockdown mode, thanks to infrared motion sensors. Once at the vault, they turn the keys simultaneously. And voila!


Weir has already visited the place with Nora’s personal bodyguard Lanneman to check everything out. He has opened an account, so to speak, and opted for a vault close to Nora’s. But these keys won’t open Nora’s vault. So he made a copy of the master key by taking a picture of it while his escort, Ronald Kolgin, was holding it and getting a scan. As for the other key, he will have to pick it. To avoid suspicion, Hailey will have to make a $20 million deposit. Once they have the case, she will get it back. As for Ben and Homm, they will be waiting in the van outside. In other words, and to Ben’s misery, they aren’t involved in the plan.

In Other News

Homm is watching a talk show that shows footage of him along with three other people [Weir (also recognizable), Ben, and Hailey] at a shootout at a motel a few days ago (“Rabbit Hole” Episode 5). This is bad news because he was supposed to be dead on Crowley’s orders. It is only a matter of time before Crowley finds out that Homm is alive. The head of Intaverse sends two of his aides out of town for a job. They are supposed to be contacted by him and him alone. They are given a file, inside which they find the details.


Weir asks Hailey to make the $20 million transfer. Hailey mentions her doubt over it and asks if everything that she has been through is just so that Weir can make her transfer the money and escape with it, leaving her penniless. Weir gives her his word because he has nothing else. Hailey makes the transfer using his phone, and with him not watching, she checks his texts to Valence in a gaming chat, asking if he’s there. It is supposed to be their medium of conversation. Why is Weir texting Valence, knowing that he is dead? She asks Ben about it. Ben tells her that it is John’s way of coping and that he needs Ben’s help. He tries to make Hailey understand how important it is for him to stay on the mission because he knows that Lanneman will cross them. Hailey knows that Ben is just trying to manipulate her. She scoffs at him and walks away. Ben is off the mission. On the other side, Kyle and his girlfriend plan to execute a mission of their own. He has a gun, too. Is this part of Crowley’s plan as well? Is Kyle going to kill someone again?

The Heist

The day of the 1550 Girard heist is here. Weir and Lanneman go in first, followed by Hailey, who acts as a potential client who has come to check out the place. Weir and Lanneman reach the vault with the escort. Hailey, who is being escorted by Ronald Kolgin, uses an infrared laser pointer to trip the security system long enough for Weir to be able to access Evers’ vault (844), which is near his box (800), using the copy of the master key for one lock and picking the other one, while Lanneman distracts the escort by pretending he has PTSD. Once Weir takes the box and returns to his position, the security system is rebooted by the authorities. Lanneman settles himself and apologizes to the escort, and they are about to leave when Weir realizes that he has left the master key in the lock. He tells Hailey to leave the premises immediately before someone finds out, but she decides to get the key herself.


Hailey heads in with the escort, distracts him by throwing the pointer on the floor, triggering the security system again, takes the key and returns to her spot before the escort can notice, and finally leaves the Girard, returning to the van where Ben and Homm are waiting. Meanwhile, Weir and Lanneman have also checked out and are on their way when two guys point guns at Weir and so does Lanneman. Lanneman then takes the box from Weir, and they leave. Ben, Hailey, and Homm hear the whole thing in their earpieces and rush to check on him. He seems to be just fine and has a smirk on his face. That’s when Hailey realizes that he didn’t have Evers’ case on him. He had exchanged the cases in boxes 844 and 800, putting Evers’ case in his box and his case in Evers’ box. So, the case that Lenneman took has nothing inside. Weir smiles at Ben and heads back inside Girard to get Evers’ case. They return to their hideout, and Weir returns Hailey’s money to her account. They kiss. Mission complete.

Why Was Nora Evers Assassinated?

Weir gets a call from Nora Evers asking what she can do for him. Weir reminds her that once she gives him all the intel on the guy they are looking for, she can have her case back. He texts her the address of their meeting. The head of Intaverse calls Kyle and tells him to be ready. Meanwhile, his two aides set themselves up in front of a window. One of them has a sniper rifle. Weir gets a call from Evers again. She tells him that they will have to delay their meeting because a speech has come up. Weir’s suspicion level rises. He knows that something’s wrong. As she is about to take the stairs to the podium, Kyle’s girlfriend shoots her in the head. Lanneman chases after her in the middle of the crowd that is freaking out but is shot by the sniper. Kyle’s girlfriend manages to escape the scene in a car with Kyle. So now we know that it was the head of Intaverse who Kyle was talking to all this time. Also, the bag that he received from the three guys (“Rabbit Hole” Episode 5) must have been the money for the assassination of Nora Evers.


Weir, Ben, Hailey, and Homm watch the news that reveals that the Shared Data Act has been expedited. Crowley got his candidate killed because he knew it would speed up the passing of the shared data legislation. The assassination by radicals of a senator who was willing to make a positive change would naturally guarantee the passing of her legislation. After all, she died fighting for a noble cause. Once the legislation passes, Crowley will have all the data on anyone he wants.

‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 6: Ending Explained: Why Did Kyle Kill Eliza Wells?

The head of Intaverse walks into Arda Analytics headquarters with a bag. Somewhere else, Kyle chokes his girlfriend to death in his car, removing the last piece of evidence connected to Nora Evers’ killing. Nora Evers succumbs to the wound in the hospital. The killer is identified as Eliza Wells, who has a history of depression and bipolar disorder. Weir is going through Eliza’s social media profile on his tab when it pings. He has received a reply in the gaming chat [that Hailey saw earlier] with the person on the other side telling him that it had to look real. The message is from Valence.


So, Valence is alive. He had to make his death look real to escape from Crowley. Or is it Crowley who is posing as Valence here? We do not know. Like Weir, we, too, cannot trust anyone or believe anything right now. If Valence is alive, where is he? Will he be able to help Weir in any way? What will be their next step? Also, what is the head of Intaverse doing at Arda Analytics? And what’s inside his bag? “Rabbit Hole” Episode 7 will need to answer a lot of questions.

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