‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does John Weir Contact His Team?

After the chaos at Elliot Gao’s event, Weir realized that he needed to get his team, which is not dead, back in order to be better able to track down Crowley. He has with him his father Ben, Hailey, and Edward Homm, who also reveals how Crowley’s Intaverse has already got its hands on half of Washington, DC officials’ kompromat. “Rabbit Hole” Episode 5 shows whether Weir is able to get back with his team while looking for ways to find Crowley.


Spoilers Ahead

The False Past

We find out that the blast at DBA Advisors was intentional. It was planned by Weir and his team so that they couldn’t be tracked by Crowley. Hafiz, Manfred, and Cara will have to stage their deaths so that they can disappear until Weir contacts them again. Weir suspected that Kyle was planted by someone to track their movements and decided to use him as a witness. They would send him away with an excuse, and he would return to find his office engulfed in fire. Later, Ben told Weir that they should kill Kyle, but Weir is against unnecessary killing.


Dial 300

Weir, Ben, Hailey, and Homm are at another of Weir’s warehouses. He has been dialing the 300 numbers that Ben pulled, one at a time. One of these numbers is the one from which Valence got his last call before jumping to his death. Hailey walks in and tells him that Homm wants to show him something. Homm reveals that all of Intaverse’s political donations are available for the public, but they donate to 141 entities (candidates and bodies). So finding the one person or body that is connected to Crowley’s motive will take some time. Weir tells Ben that this is why they need the team. But Ben, who is drinking a high-priced single malt whiskey, is completely against bringing in more people and getting more exposure, as it will only raise the chances of Crowley finding them sooner. He then goes to the washroom while Weir calls Cara, who is good at such political matters. In the washroom, Ben unbuttons his shirt and checks the stab wound on his waist that has been hurting.

Special Agent Madi decides to visit Weir’s ex-wife and see if she can find out anything about him from her or any clue in the house itself. She makes her way inside the lady’s house, pretending to be a mother who is helping her daughter sell chocolate and raise money for a soccer team. Madi notices a costly wine bottle that’s on the table, the Chateau Figeac. The lady reveals that it was a gift. Madi asks for directions to the washroom. Once inside, she spends some time thinking about where she has read the word “Chateau Figeac” before. Then it finally dawns on her. She thanks the lady for everything and leaves. Once back in her car, she looks up the credit card statement of one of Weir’s employees and finds the name “Chateau Figeac”. She quickly calls Anna (“Rabbit Hole” Episode 4) and tells her to track all activity on the credit cards of Weir’s employees, as well as their phone numbers.


Three guys walk into the Intaverse headquarters, and one of them hands over a bag to the CEO, stating that all that’s in the bag is what they could find. The guy also shares with his boss a piece of intel on Gao. We don’t hear it.

Cara, Hafiz, and Weir are planning the explosion and how to leave behind enough proof for their DNA to be recovered after their fake deaths. Hafiz tells Cara to take the expensive wine with her as he doesn’t drink wine. Cara decides to regift them. The one she is holding is the expensive Chateau Figeac.


The Target

Homm is finally able to close in on one politician that Intaverse is funding and has the highest probability of being nominated for the presidency by Crowley. The person in question is Nora Evers from U.S State New Jersey. As Homm is rejoicing at his latest victory, the place is attacked by a couple of men who have clearly been told to shoot them. Weir has no idea how someone could track their location, but for now, they need to focus on staying alive. Homm gets shot in his left arm, but Ben manages to shoot and kill one of them, and they all escape. When they reach a safe distance, Ben mentions that it was Valence who sold them out. Other than Weir, it was Valence who knew all the locations of the safe houses. Ben also believes that Hailey is working for Crowley. Weir rejects both claims.

Madi tries to explain to her boss that there has to be a reason why the wine fridge that Cara bought two months ago is presently empty, despite her having spent a handful on costly wine a week before her death. This proves that Cara knew that something big was going to go down [the explosion], and she couldn’t waste all the wine she just bought. This in turn brings up the possibility that she is alive and can lead them to Weir. But her boss informs her that the DNA recovered from the scene is that of the three DBA Advisors employees. This proves that they are, in fact, dead. This invalidates Madi’s theory. On her way out, Anna informs her that they tracked an incoming call on Cara’s phone from a burner phone. Madi knows that it is Weir’s phone and tells Anna to get a location on Cara’s phone.

John, with his new team, Hailey, Homm, and Ben, has rented a cabin somewhere. Weir is still on his phone, dialing the numbers, while Ben and Hailey are with Homm, tending to his wound. Ben stitches the wound while Homm drinks from the single-malt whiskey bottle that Ben had been drinking from earlier. Hailey goes to check on Weir, who can’t help but doubt her too. He tells her that he has to consider all the possibilities. Helpless and misunderstood, Hailey leaves. Weir dials a number and hears a phone ringing nearby. He follows the direction of the ring and finds out that it is Ben’s phone. Ben was the one who last spoke to Valence.

The Backstory

Hailey finds the manager of the cabin shot dead and rushes to tell Weir and the others that they need to leave. They rush out of the cabin and into the woods as two more agents follow them with guns. No one knows how they are being tracked. Anna sends Madi a pin of the block that Cara’s cellphone has been traced to. Madi sets out on her way to the location.


Weir, Ben, Homm, and Hailey reach a warehouse and hide there. This is when Ben finally opens up about the intern, Kyle. The reason he called Valence was to warn him about Kyle. Kyle isn’t just any informant. He is a professional.

On the day of the planned explosion, after Cara, Hafiz, and Manfred send Kyle out to get dinner for them (in their other hideout), Ben tracks him for a long way. He decides to kill Kyle with his silenced pistol, but Kyle smells it and attacks him from the back, stabbing him [that’s the wound in Ben’s waist from earlier]. Kyle then runs away, calls someone [presumably Crowley], and informs him that “they” (Weir’s team) tried to kill him. The person tells him to do the needful. 


‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Where Is John Weir’s Team?

Madi follows the pin only to find herself at the DBA Advisors building. She calls Anna and asks her to dial Cara’s cell (we have no idea why Madi doesn’t have Cara’s phone number on her). A few seconds later, she hears a phone ringing. The sound is coming from the elevator shaft. She pulls apart the elevator doors and uses her flashlight to look at the bottom of the shaft. To her utter shock, she stares at the bodies of Cara, Manfred, and Hafiz. – As Manfred and Hafiz inform Weir that police are looking for him for the murder of Homm [“Rabbit Hole” Episode 1 Ending], Kyle returns and shoots Manfred and Hafiz. A few seconds later, when Cara walks in, Kyle shoots her too. Ben spots Kyle throwing the bodies of the three people into the elevator shaft but doesn’t apprehend him. Instead, he leaves the building. But before Kyle could leave, the floor explodes (as planned), and Ben tells Weir that his team is dead. Ben had no idea how to tell him about it, so he called Valence to warn him. Valence’s last words were to tell Weir that he had no choice. This is how Weir found out that Valence had turned and was working for Crowley, though unwillingly.

As Weir is trying to wrap his head around all this new, shocking information, Homm spots the agents at a distance approaching the warehouse. They need to evacuate immediately. That’s when Weir reveals that he knows how they are being tracked. It is the tracker that is installed at the bottom of the costly single-malt whiskey bottle. They leave the bottle, Weir hotwires a car, and they escape. All the agents find is the bottle of whiskey and nothing else. “Rabbit Hole” Episode 5 ends with Weir deciding to bring an end to the matter by speaking to Senator Nora Evers herself. Since they are being hunted, the only way for them to speak to Evers is by kidnapping her. That’s unless they find some other way to reach her through her heavy security detail. We are also yet to find out about the CEO of Intaverse, what his assistant told him about Elliot Gao, and what’s in the bag. “Rabbit Hole” Episode 6 will deal with a lot of stuff, surely.


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