‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does Edward Homm Know About Crowley?

At the end of Episode 3 of “Rabbit Hole,” Xander Arnaz falls to his death. John has been able to access Miles Valence’s comms data. He, Ben, Hailey, and Edward Homm leave their location to shift to a new one so that they cannot be tracked. Episode 4 shows John and Ben using Valence’s comms data and Homm’s intelligence to track down Crowley. Will it work? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Current Scenario

“Rabbit Hole” Episode 4 begins with Kyle entering Xander Arnaz’s office disguised as a delivery boy and pushing Xander off his office balcony. He then comes inside the office, brings out a bust of Vladimir Lenin, puts it on Xander’s table, and leaves. So Crowley sent Kyle to kill Xander as his punishment for letting John access Miles’ comms data. But what’s in it that’s so crucial to Crowley?


John, Ben, Hailey, and Edward Homm are at their new safe house. Ben is unable to trace who the last person was to call Miles before he jumped to his death and who sent him the last message, i.e., “Do it. Now.” They can only presume that it was Crowley, but they need to be sure. Special Agent Madi is looking at the CCTV footage of Xander’s office and is able to make out Kyle’s face in his reflection on a glass wall. She immediately recognizes him to be the intern from John’s team.

To NFT And Beyond

From Miles’s comms data, John finds out that Miles was purchasing NFTs, which is weird because he has never liked art. That’s when Homm revealed that the NFTs were how he was being paid. But for what? Homm offers more answers, but only if they allow him to check on his wife. They let him access the CCTV at his house, and he starts spilling. Valence’s comms data had emails from a guy named Elliot Gao, who is a billionaire involved in money laundering for richer billionaires. The easiest way to launder money is by buying assets like art, real estate, and other expensive things and selling them. The transactions can be traced to the sources, but it will be tough as the transactions are in cryptocurrencies and are made via numerous shell companies across multiple states and countries. Gao is the middleman in this scenario, helping a client launder money anonymously. So Miles was receiving money through NFTs from Crowley via Gao. And since Homm, a Treasury Officer, was investigating Arda Analytics, which could jeopardize Crowley’s system, Crowley wanted him dead. If John and Ben can mess with Crowley’s transactions, he will act, and this will expose him. That’s when Hailey asks them to join her as they hear the news of the death of Xander Arnaz.


The Plan

Ben plans on scaring Gao with attention that he doesn’t expect. This will make him reach out to Crowley, who will need to take action, for which he will have to reveal himself in some way. That’s when they will strike. Gao will be hosting an event at his house in a few days, and John and Ben will require the help of Hailey as well as Agent Madi to accomplish their upcoming assignment.

Madi tracks down Kyle’s address and finds his place empty. Inside, she comes across books and reports about butchering and killing, along with his DBA Advisors ID (John’s company). It seems that Kyle is a psychopath who takes pleasure in killing. She is going through all this when she gets a call from Anna, from her department, about an anonymous tip that they received, which stated that Edward Homm was investigating Elliot Gao. She asks Anna to get her the number from which the anonymous text came.


John brings Hailey to a department store to help her learn the skills she needs before she can attend Gao’s event. The skills are three in number: the first is to check if anyone is following her; the second is to not falter while speaking and especially when lying; and the third is to always listen to John. Hailey manages to score pretty well in all three lessons, and John is positive that she will pull off her assignment nicely.

Elliot Gao is at his house when he gets a call from Agent Madi, who wants to speak with him about his transactions with a company called Arda Analytics. Since he is going to host an auction that night, she tells him to arrive at her office the next day. After her conversation with Gao, she calls Anna and tells her to trace the number from which the anonymous tip came. Madi knows it must be John who sent it. But there has to be a reason behind it.


Ben and Homm are at the safe house, where Homm sees his wife hugging their neighbor Kevin (via the CCTV footage). Ben, realizing that letting Homm check on his wife serves no purpose anymore, takes the laptop and tells Homm to let John know (when he comes) that he has gone to see someone about the numbers from Valence’s phone.

Madi, who is now back at the department, gets her hands on the call log of the phone number from which the anonymous tip came. The number cannot be traced, but the log does show an incoming call. She tells Anna to trace the number from which the call came.


The Execution

At Elliot Gao’s auction, Hailey approaches Gao disguised as Special Agent Madi. Gao had already received a call from Madi earlier the same day [thanks to John’s tip], but since he hadn’t seen her, he took Hailey to be Madi. Meanwhile, John is monitoring everything via video feeds and listening to everything she is saying via her earpiece from his spot underground, which also has access to the whole building’s electric cables. But Hailey’s conversation with Gao doesn’t last much longer as she spots among his guests Craig Payne, her former boss, from whom she stole money which resulted in her termination. She stole crypto worth $26 million. She excuses herself from Gao and tells John about this. He tells her to leave the building immediately. They need to abort the mission.

Gao gets a “private” text, including a picture of him talking to a woman who is FBI [Hailey; whoever texted him doesn’t know that Hailey isn’t FBI]. The person also tells him to wait, as someone wants to see him. Surely, the person is none other than Crowley. Gao is terrified. Crowley, whoever he may be, seems like a very powerful person who everyone respects and is afraid of.


Hailey’s escape gets tougher, and John spots the notorious blue Mercedes arrive in front of the building. This means that Craig Payne, who sent his people to grab her earlier too, has spotted her there and clearly wants his money back. John tells Hailey to stay inside. He then contacts Homm, who is waiting in a truck nearby the building, to meet him outside the building right away. Homm seems to have finally agreed to work with John and Ben to take down Crowley, Gao, and Arda Analytics. Craig finds Hailey and brings her to Gao. Of course, Craig and Gao are partners. Gao has found out that she isn’t Special Agent Jo Madi from the FBI. Crowley will decide what to do with her once he arrives.

John and Homm make their way inside the building. They need to buy Hailey more time and do their best to stall two of Craig’s guys, who are heading upstairs through the lobby. They manage to force them to take the stairs by delaying the elevators. After that, John and Homm come out of the building and return to their original spots (Homm inside the truck and John underground). They seem to be stalling them, but there’s more to their plan.


‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What Does Elliot Gao Reveal About Crowley?

Crowley finally enters the room, and to Hailey’s biggest surprise, it is Ben. So, this is what John and Homm have been stalling the men for- so that Ben can disguise himself as Crowley and bring Hailey safely out of her situation. Ben tries to overpower Gao and forces him to reveal everything he knows about his transactions with Arda. Gao starts speaking about Intaverse and Ledger when his phone pings. Gao checks it and reads the text. He then starts taking pictures of Ben. Ben has no idea what’s going on, so he takes the phone from Gao. On it, he finds a text from Crowley asking Gao to take a picture of the guy pretending to be him. The reply to the picture comes in the form of an exclamation, telling Ben that he has gotten old. Crowley now knows that Ben is alive. Before Gao’s men can receive Crowley’s order to kill Ben and Hailey, John disrupts the electrical cables, and the whole building goes dark. Hailey and Ben manage to escape and head outside the building, where John and Homm pick them up in the truck, and they leave the location. All that they have as clues are the two words mentioned by Gao: “Intraverse” and “Ledger”.

In the car, Homm states that Intaverse is a web media company that runs a low-profile dating site called GetTugether.com for Government officials and Gao’s mention of it proves that it is just another weapon for Crowley to gather Intel on the officials only to use it against them later. It is just as Ben had mentioned earlier about Crowley trying to build his own regime by gaining control of the government. “Rabbit Hole” Episode 4 ends with Kyle and his girlfriend taking part in a violent protest where people have gathered to raise their voice against the government gathering their data from Facebook and other social media platforms, their online searches and preferences, to know more about them to use it as leverage and manipulate the public to its benefit. So Ben’s words about Crowley’s motive, to use the public and its rage against the government to his own benefit, is almost done. Now, all that remains is for him to compromise the government itself (Intaverse), introduce his representative and gain control. 


John and Ben need to speed things up because now that Crowley knows that Ben is alive, he will come after him. John needs to get his team back together. But didn’t all of them die in the explosion? “Rabbit Hole” Episode 4 raises the heat for John and his team. Crowley will now come after them with all he’s got. Episode 5 will probably reveal Crowley, and if not, at least Ben’s past with him. We will also find out how John’s team survived the blast, as well as more about Intaverse and Ledger. It’s a huge conspiracy, and John and Ben have barely scratched the surface.

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