‘Pride: Seven Deadly Sins’ (2023) Story & Ending, Explained: What Is Moore’s Family Secret?

“Pride: Seven Deadly Sins” is a 2023 mystery-thriller film based on the bestselling novels by Victoria Christopher Murray. Her collection of stories has already inspired other films about Lust, Envy, Greed, and Wrath. However, ‘Pride’ is the fifth part, and it revolves around the life of Gabriella Boudreaux (Ella), who struggles to survive after the death of her mother. However, that changes when she becomes involved in a burglary case. Ella’s father (Ray) has no say in her bail, but Grandma Birdie offers to help on one condition. Ella must help Birdie with her bakery business until she’s stable enough to fend for herself. Well, Birdie is a successful entrepreneur who earns a living from her bakery and has a popular image in society, with her TV show giving a closer look into her private life. Birdie believes that a person should work to succeed in life. But Birdie has spent her whole life blaming her eldest daughter Tasha for dropping out of university. All this time, Birdie was so lost in her pride that she didn’t notice the monster she had bred in her house.


Spoilers Ahead 

Did Ella Really Steal? What Did Grandma Birdie Do?

The policemen confiscated Ella’s necklace from the house of a family she worked for and arrested her using it as proof. Fortunately, Ella’s grandmother, Birdie, decides to help Ella and convinces the family to drop all charges against her. In exchange, Birdie asks Ella to stay with her, but Ella doesn’t want to, as it has been 15 years since Ella’s mother (Tasha) died of pancreatic cancer. But Birdie never showed up to help Tasha or Ella. Since then, she has hated Birdie for neglecting her daughter’s medical emergency. The sudden change in her behavior was too stressful for Ella and led to an unhealthy relationship between Birdie and her. Ray decides to intervene and convinces his daughter to focus on her future, as life with Birdie would be good for her. Finally, Ella consents to her father’s wishes and realizes that she has no choice but to agree to the demands of her so-called grandmother.


Ella wants her grandmother to be nice to her, but things don’t quite go as she expects. Birdie looks at her as if she’s a criminal, which demotivates Ella. On the contrary, Ella has to work and pay rent to live in Birdie’s house. Thanks to Uncle Gabe, life is no longer monotonous, for he’s extremely warm-hearted and kind to her, but as for Gabe’s lifestyle, Ella got used to the new change. She quickly becomes a part of their reality show and the ratings skyrocket.

What Happened Between Tasha And Birdie?

Everything goes according to Birdie’s plans, as the inclusion of Ella becomes a great advantage for her. The differences between her and Ella bring in a bigger audience for the show. Even though Ella didn’t want to take part in these made-up TV shows, she had no other choice. But Ella realizes that Birdie’s life revolves around her bakery, and she does everything she can to keep it going until she discovers another side to her grandmother’s personality. Birdie sacrificed everything for the sake of her children, and when Tasha dropped out of university, it reminded Birdie of her own mistakes. Birdie was studying medicine when she became pregnant with Tasha. She decided to sacrifice her studies to concentrate on earning money to take care of them by baking. It took Birdie years to build up her business, but she never gave up.


Now, Ella was repeating the same mistake, but Birdie didn’t want her granddaughter to neglect her studies and miss out on all the opportunities that could improve her life. As they continue talking, Ella notices her mother’s photographs and jewelry. She realizes that Birdie has always loved Tasha, despite their differences.

What Happened To Grandma Birdie?

The next evening, Birdie returns from her party to find her jewelry box out in the open. Before this incident, Ella had noticed movement in Birdie’s room and decided to check. She notices Birdie’s jewelry box but pays no attention to it, for that would only get her into unnecessary trouble. Ella doesn’t come back downstairs until the next day when she’s getting ready for work. Birdie doesn’t answer her calls, and Ella decides to check her room, only to find Birdie unconscious on her bathroom floor. Later that day, Birdie is taken to the hospital, and the doctors tell her that she has fallen into a diabetic coma. Ella quickly realizes that something is wrong with her medication and discovers that it has been switched, which can only mean that Birdie has been taking the wrong medication all along.


When Ella returns from the hospital, she checks the house to make sure everything is in order. Until now, Ella hasn’t been afraid to be alone in the house, but now strange things are happening around her. Fortunately, Ella is reassured when Gabe returns from Detroit, and they have a happy reunion together. Both Gabe and Ella are happy to have Birdie back. But this unforgettable moment turns into a huge nightmare when Birdie announces that she’ll bequeath half of her fortune to Ella.

Did Gabe Accept His Mother’s New Demand? 

Birdie opens up to Gabe and Ella and says that she has been diagnosed with leukemia and decides to give Ella half of her possessions. But Gabe doesn’t like it and loses his temper, leading to an unwanted argument at the hospital. Gabe has sacrificed everything for this inheritance, and he wouldn’t let anyone take it away from him. But Gabe is unaware that he has never been a good son to Birdie. Birdie also knows that Gabe isn’t capable of running the business on his own. Moreover, Gabe’s demands for money never end, as he spends it all on alcohol and gambling. Moreover, his reaction was enough for Birdie to understand that she’d made the right call.


Ella didn’t want to create problems between Birdie and Gabe and tried to resolve the differences between them. But it doesn’t work out. Ella stays out of it and decides to spend the night with Khalil. The next morning, Ella leaves early to welcome Birdie back home, but an unexpected intruder knocks her down, and she loses consciousness.

Who Attacked Ella? What Happened Between Gabe And Birdie?

When Ella wakes up, Birdie and the policemen are already at home. She looks around and finds that the house has been broken into. But to her surprise, Birdie blames her for the whole thing, believing Ella has fabricated the story to steal Birdie’s jewelry. Ella is heartbroken by the accusations and decides to go home, but Khalil convinces her not to, as she had him as an alibi for that night. Nevertheless, Ella’s public reputation is completely tarnished because everyone accuses her of burglary, even though she isn’t the perpetrator here. The police take Ella in for questioning, but the surveillance footage proves her innocence. The footage shows that a woman is involved in the burglary, but it hasn’t been possible to track her down. But Shanice (the head of security) makes it easier for Ella and proves that she wasn’t in the house on the night of the burglary.


Birdie realizes her mistake and tries to repair her relationship with Ella because that is her only chance to make things right. The next morning, Birdie announces on TV her decision to transfer half of her property to Ella, which doesn’t please Gabe at all. Well, Tasha has never complained about her mother, but Gabe always did and didn’t understand that Birdie was trying to make up for her past mistakes. Birdie didn’t want to neglect her granddaughter because of something that had happened between her and Tasha.

Why Has Birdie Decided To Give Away Her Possessions To Ella?

Birdie loses control over her son’s mistakes because he doesn’t work hard to earn the money. For years, Birdie has been taking out a mortgage to pay off his debts, and things get worse when Gabe’s ex-girlfriend Larissa interferes with getting child support. It turns out that Gabe hasn’t been paying for her to look after their son together. Birdie is shocked to hear this, and Gabe storms out of the bakery. The following night, Birdie and Shanice increase security to ensure that the burglar doesn’t reappear, as the woman has been waiting to attack Birdie and Ella again. To provide more security, Shanice installs security software on Birdie and Ella’s phones to know where they are and who they’re meeting. Meanwhile, Birdie continues her son’s business in Detroit and wants her crew members to start shooting as soon as possible.


But when Birdie looks at his shop, she’s ashamed to support him because he spent her money to buy unnecessarily expensive things. Birdie isn’t willing to spend so much money because she needs it for her cancer treatment.

What Is Moore’s Family Secret? Is Gabe Involved In The Burglary?

Gabe always blamed his mother for his failures. When he was a child, Birdie left him at home to start her career. But Tasha became his support until she decided to leave with Ray and Ella. When Tasha left, everything fell apart for Gabe, and he had to fend for himself. Despite wasting his mother’s money, Gabe doesn’t realize his faults and blames Birdie for not having enough money to live his life. Over the years, Gabe got involved in various vices, such as drug addiction and kleptomania, but Birdie never let anyone hurt her son. Even so, Ella intervenes to set things right, but Gabe ends up accusing her of stealing his share. Gabe had no choice but to stay with his current girlfriend, and that’s when Birdie noticed Tasha’s ring on his girlfriend’s finger. Birdie realizes that her son has been trying to kill her all along, but she doesn’t tell anyone.


But to leave him proves to be a great mistake. Gabe pretends to be Khalil and texts Ella from his phone to meet him in Gabe’s shop. But he attacks Khalil and Ella and tries to kill them at the same time. Gabe force-feeds her the pecan pie because she’s allergic to nuts. The anaphylaxis hits Ella, and she begins to lose consciousness, but Shanice manages to track her location with the software, and Birdie arrives at the shop in time. While Gabe is distracted, Khalil attacks him from behind and threatens him with his own weapon. In the end, Gabe is arrested for his crimes, and despite all his faults, Birdie still tries to mitigate his punishment. A few months pass, and Birdie decides to give away all her possessions to Ella and Ray. In her absence, Ella and her father take care of the entire bakery and her studies. Ella is accepted into university, and Birdie is delighted with her granddaughter’s success. Birdie is sure that Ella is the right choice to take care of her business because Ella will never cheat on her and follow her instructions.

Well, Birdie has always been there for her son, and she has worked hard to make his life better. If it wasn’t for Birdie, Gabe would have ended up a criminal and destroyed his entire life. Gabe was so preoccupied with his pride that he didn’t care about his own child either. Although Birdie paid for child support, Gabe used the money for gambling and drugs. Moreover, Birdie shouldn’t have ignored her son’s faults, but despite her forgiveness, Gabe accused his mother of covering up her sins. Even though Gabe became a monster, she’s desperate to make amends. If Gabe had listened to his mother, he’d have had a good life without worries. He made some mistakes in the past, but Birdie never blamed him. But the pride of not losing to anyone has taken over his mind and destroyed his ability to analyze what is right. Nevertheless, Gabe’s pride has taken everything from him, as there is nothing left to be proud of.


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