‘Preman: Silent Fury’ Ending, Explained: What Does The Rabbit-Shaped Mannequin Represent?

In “Preman: Silent Fury,” Randolph Zaini has kept everything very simple, from writing to execution, including metaphors; hence, it helped him deliver a very promising action thriller. There was minimal dialogue in the drama section, which greatly helped the film achieve its expectations. The actors vibrantly delivered the characters’ motivations and their conflict, and the intensity of the drama as well. So let’s find out what happens in Randolph Zaini’s action film.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Preman: Silent Fury,’ What Happens In The Film?

The film starts with a dream sequence where the protagonist, Sandi (Khiva Iskak), sees his younger self running after a blue rabbit-like figure. Later, we see him as a father to a boy named Pandu (Muzakki Ramdhan). Pandu basically takes care of his father, Sandi, who works for a local gang named “Preman.” This group was formed long ago by Haji (Egi Fedly) to help the local people fight injustice, but since Guru (Kiki Narendra) took over “Preman,” the entire group has been acting like a bunch of hooligans. Guru is aiding a giant promoter/businessman named Hanoeng (David Saragih) to force everyone in the village to sell their lands. Hanoeng is planning to lay the foundation of a large company in the village, for which he needs all the land in the village. Guru, with the help of the “Preman” group, is carrying out the legal work on his behalf and creating terror in the minds of the villagers. But there is one person named Haj who raises his voice against them and refuses to sell them his land. Haji is a proud man, and the whole “Preman” group, however rogue they can be at times, fears him deeply out of respect. Haji loves Sandi very much because, for one thing, he is deaf; and the other reason is that he has a soft spot for Pandu.

When Hanoeng forced Guru to do something about Haji, Guru asked Haji to come and meet him. Haji slapped Guru in front of some “Preman” group members as Guru was trying to bribe him to leave his land. Soon, Guru asks everyone to leave them alone and hits Haji with the briefcase full of cash. Haji then attacks one of the members, named Paul, and runs away. Pandu sees everything from a hole in the wall. Haji grabs Pandu’s hands, but later, he is found by Guru. Guru kills Haji in front of Pandu, and in anger, Pandu cuts Guru with a knife, while Sandi starts fighting with the other group members to protect Pandu. Later, Sandi seeks help from Inspector Komandan (Gilbert Pattiruhu), but he refuses to help them as he doesn’t want to get involved. Sandi then goes to his wife’s house, and in between, we see Guru visiting Komandan to ask him to call Ramon (Revaldo), the barber. Ramon is known for his vicious killings and is a dangerous man to deal with. Komandan is left with no choice but to call him and ask him to kill Sandi and his son, Pandu. Guru tells one of his guys to rape Cherry (Salvita Decorte), Komandan’s girlfriend.

Later, we see Ramon investigating the whereabouts of Sandi. He ends up looking for them at Sandi’s wife’s house. Sandi’s wife is frustrated with him for all his involvement with “Preman.” She asks him to leave and never return if he loves Pandu. Soon, Ramon kills both Sandi’s wife and his abnormal brother. When he is about to cut Pandu, Sandi interferes. A long fight sequence takes place between them, and Pandu sets Ramon on fire, and they leave. Sandi is in no position to continue all the fighting, so Pandu calls Komandan and seeks his assistance. Komandan is filled with rage against Guru, so he decides to help Sandi and asks them to forgive him as he is the one to include Ramon in this commotion. However, later on, Sandi and Komandan make a plan together to put an end to Guru. Sandi calls Guru to meet, and after a long fight, he finally kills Guru by choking him to death. Later, Sandi dies in the arms of Cherry, while Pandu whispers in his deaf father’s ears that he knows how much Sandi loves him, but he can sleep now.

‘Preman: Silent Fury’ Ending, Explained: What Does The Rabbit-Shaped Mannequin Represent?

Sandi hadn’t been deaf since birth. He was a very playful and bright kid. He was friends with an introverted boy named Lucas. Because Lucas did not know how to cope with the other kids in the school, he was bullied regularly. Sandi helped him stand up to them whenever he could, and Sandi even played with him every time Lucas seemed upset. Lucas even drew a blue rabbit playfully wrestling with a monkey, and we see the same drawing hanging on the walls of Sandi’s house at the beginning of the film. Anyway, Lucas loved wrestling, and he showed that to Sandi. Sandi always did a funny monkey-like pose, so it is clear that the blue rabbit-shaped mannequin is actually Lucas in Sandi’s dream.

The other kids, seeing how close Lucas and Sandi were, started mocking their friendship in school. They even drew derogatory cartoons about them on the blackboard. Lucas did not care much, but Sandi took this situation very personally and soon started to avoid Lucas. Lucas was not a normal kid. He could not make any friends, and since Sandi was not by his side, the bullying traumatized him further. Other kids even started beating him very harshly. One day, some kids forced Sandi to punch Lucas; though he resisted at first, Sandi ended up landing the punch on him. After this, Lucas was left with no hope. He waited for Sandi to understand the brevity of the situation and believed that his best friend might return to him. But, all his aspirations turned into a void when Sandi punched him. It was not the physical pain that caused him to lose the urge to live, but the thought that he was left with no one who could understand him that pushed him to commit suicide. However, Sandi came at last and tried to hold Lucas’s hand to stop him. But Lucas smiled at him and jumped anyway, and with him, Sandi too fell, which resulted in losing his hearing once and for all. Lucas’s death haunted him in his sleep.

The fox-shaped mannequins are the students who bullied Lucas in school. At the end of the film, when Sandi thinks he has lost Pandu forever, he takes the members of the “Preman” gang as the fox-shaped mannequins and kills them all. However, we soon find out that Pandu was just unconscious for a while because of all the fighting and shooting. At his death, Sandi listened to Pandu’s last words very minutely and slept for eternity. The film ends with a scene where we see Sandi and Lucas get together one more time. Sandi asks for forgiveness, and Lucas slaps him hard. Then they start laughing and wrestling, just like they did in the schoolyard, only this time, in a much calmer place with no one to interrupt them.

‘Preman: Silent Fury’ is a Drama Thriller directed by Randolph Zaini.

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