‘Permanent Roommates’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Series Recap: Did Mikesh Convince Tanu?

It’s happened! Permanent Roommates‘s couple, Mikesh and Tanu are back after a long gap, but even now, the love remains the same. They faced so many problems in the previous seasons, but it was their understanding and patience that ultimately helped them work through it all. So, what’s new in Permanent Roommates Season 3? The main conflict of the show really has to do with personal dreams and the desire to stay together. Ideally speaking, the key to this is a compromise that is honored, respected, and understood by the partner, but it’s easier said than done. The couple struggles to be honest with each other about their needs, for they themselves are confused. We know Mikesh as the jolly, sweet, and lovable fellow who always managed to win Tanu over with his antics. Whether they got into a subtle disagreement or a full-fledged fight, Mikesh always stood by Tanu’s side, ready to sort things out. He might be a duffer in some cases and might’ve complicated things for her, but even Tanu knew his heart was in the right place. Tanu, the brains of this relationship, really tolerated Mikesh’s shenanigans and loved him for all his flaws, and he knew it, too. This time around, the issue seems to be Tanu’s wish to settle abroad. Mikesh, for some reason, busies himself, finding all the reasons why he couldn’t. Tensions rise when the banter reaches its breaking point. Here is a recap and ending of Permanent Roommates Season 3.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Mikesh Say Yes To Tanu’s Idea?

If Mikesh said yes to Tanu’s desire in the first episode itself, why the conflict, you ask? There is a twist in the tale. A little backstory: Mikesh used to get Brijmohan, essentially Mikesh’s father-in-law, drunk and used to give him life lessons on how to be a real man. It usually had to do with breaking male stereotypes, with a hint that probably nothing was actually going to change. So Mikesh once gave the advice, ‘Be a man and cry like a bitch!’ Time had passed and Brijmohan wasn’t exactly having the best of time. So perhaps Brijmohan had found the perfect opportunity to stick one such advice to Mikesh for a change. Mikesh was perturbed by Tanu’s desire to go abroad. They had just had their anniversary, and Tanu’s thunder was stolen by a colleague who was moving to Germany. Mikesh tried to divert the matter, and meeting Brijmohan proved to be disastrous. Mikesh, in a moment of utter confusion, listened to Brijmohan, who told him that the days of the macho men who didn’t comply with the wishes of their better half were over. The real man said yes to his spouse’s demands. Mikesh didn’t think of himself as being any less than a real man, plus the context of the conversation was more in the vein of confusing Tanu with his assent. Mikesh, without missing a beat, came back from his binge drinking session with Brijmohan and said yes to Tanu’s idea of settling abroad.


How Did Mikesh’s Mother Enjoy Her Stay?

After Mikesh and Tanu’s anniversary, Mikesh’s mother came for a surprise visit to their apartment, that too in between a ‘getting it on’ moment between the couple. Mikesh, after losing his father, cared a little extra for his mother. But even she understood that something was not right when Mikesh panicked when she had gone for a swim and did not pick up his calls. Between Mikesh and Tanu’s quarrels, she had managed to befriend a local man who lived in the same neighborhood. Had she not found this companionship, she would not have enjoyed her stay as much. This was the first time, after her husband’s death, that she had found a male companion, and even though things were strictly platonic, it was enough for her to have a memorable trip.

Why Was Tanu’s Canadian Application Rejected?

Mikesh had said yes to Tanu’s idea, but his heart wasn’t in it. First, he delayed the matter by taking Tanu to shady agents who promised to get the couple a permanent residence in Canada. Then there were other reasons brought up as to how there would be no househelp in Canada, and the subzero temperatures would not be suitable, as if Tanu was going to be deterred by all of that. Her spirits were high, and when she sensed that Mikesh was incompetent in getting the application process finished, she contacted Pranav. Pranav was Mikesh’s old roommate, and Mikesh only referred to him as the friend to whom he had once lent a hefty sum of money and hadn’t gotten it back. There was a secret backstory to the whole plot, but Tanu could only see that Pranav had his company’s base in Canada, and he could oblige her with an interview about his entrepreneurial venture. He also promised to help her with her application process, and it was an offer Tanu couldn’t refuse.


Mikesh had now turned inward, trying to convince himself that he wanted to shift to Canada rather than deterring Tanu. But he simply couldn’t do it. There was something buried very deep in Mikesh’s heart that he couldn’t fathom. In between caring for his mother, hiding his true feelings, and also trying to keep matters cheerful, he had forgotten to cancel the previous application he had given to jolly old Purshottom Ji. Tanu had just one expectation from him—just one job—and he bungled that up as well. There cannot be two applications by the same applicant; hence, she was rejected.

What Was The Real Reason Behind Mikesh’s Refusal?

When confronted, Mikesh was happy to accept that he just didn’t want to go, although the application thing was just a mistake, he vehemently added. Mikesh hadn’t deliberately sabotaged Tanu’s plan. Mikesh’s mother, ever since the missed-call incident, was worried about his mental health, as she hadn’t ever seen him that upset. Tanu was so upset that she wasn’t in the frame of mind to see beyond Mikesh’s thin veneer of positivity. After Mikesh’s mother failed to understand what was going on with her son, she called for an intervention where Tanu finally understood the inner turmoil Mikesh was in. Mikesh was in the USA when his father suddenly passed away, and he still hadn’t processed the feelings attached to the incident.


An inherent disgust had crept into Mikesh at the idea of staying abroad. When Mikesh’s mother brought this topic up, he finally realized it was the fear of getting a similar phone call this time around, and God forbid, if it was about her mother’s well-being, Mikesh would collapse completely. Everybody was in tears, and Tanu, out of all of them, was bawling like a child. She had accused Mikesh of incompetence and sabotage, but the real reason behind Mikesh’s refusal was something else. After this episode, there was a shift in Tanu’s perspective, but as they say, God moves in mysterious ways. Immediately, she got the offer to shift to Germany as the vice president of her company. This was way better than finding a new job in Canada, and yet she made up her mind to decline the offer. Mikesh had to do something before time ran out, and the offer was off the table.

How Did Mikesh Convince Tanu?

Tanu had decided to sideline her dream. Mikesh could see what she was thinking, and he couldn’t let Tanu make that decision. It would be fair to say that good deeds from the past often help us in the present. Mikesh was unable to say his piece and convince Tanu, but when she met Pranav, she understood what Mikesh was really made of. Pranav had never borrowed money from Mikesh, but it was Mikesh who had gifted Pranav’s younger brother a brand-new laptop. The sequence of events was like this: Pranav’s business was about to go bust, and his younger brother had asked him for a laptop, thinking he was Mr. Scrooge reborn. Mikesh couldn’t bear to see Pranav giving up on his dreams and looking for a job; hence, he helped Pranav out without his knowledge. If, at that time, Pranav had betrayed his entrepreneurial spirit, he would not have a successful business with a branch in Canada. Mikesh didn’t do this out of charity; it was his core nature. Once he understood that Tanu was not going after her dreams, his heart sank.


Thanks to Pranav, Tanu saw Mikesh in a fresh light, and yet she wasn’t willing to leave the nest she had built with him. This is where Mikesh brought out his goofy charm and an honest twinkle in his eyes and had a heartfelt conversation with her. Tanu knew that Mikesh didn’t want to shift abroad, and Mikesh was aware of how much the promotion meant to her. The solution was for them to be in a long-distance relationship again. Mikesh had been in the USA, and they had managed that, and it was now time for Mikesh to stay back and Tanu to spread her wings and ace the job in Germany. But Tanu had her apprehensions about living alone, and it was only through Mikesh’s loving assurances that she could trust her decision to go.

During Permanent Roommates Season 3’s ending, Mikesh bid Tanu goodbye, waiting for the warm hugs when she returned. Until then, Mikesh had the responsibility to support her life in Germany and to be there for her. He even gave her the house key, as she would want to surprise him someday. Mikesh and Tanu are that couple that seems impervious to relationship-damaging circumstances. They always find a way and make us believe in love and that, with a little effort and a non-judgmental heart, relationships can thrive. In no way are their quarrels over, and the times ahead are much more challenging for the ‘grown up’ Mikesh and Tanu, but surely, they will cross every hurdle, for they have friends and family that want the best for them, even if they themselves sometimes cannot.


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