‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Percy Imagine The Whole Thing?

The eighth episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians shows an end to Percy’s quest to be able to stop the war between Zeus and Poseidon. Like every time, Percy is seen getting involved in new adventures just to save the world. However, in all of his quests, he is miraculously saved by his father, Poseidon. This episode will, however, keep us wondering if Percy’s quests were real or just figments of his mind. Will Percy be backstabbed by one of his friends? Will Percy succeed in his mission of saving the world and rescuing his mother? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Is Percy Able To Stand Against Ares?

Luke had trained Percy to win against the gods and the monsters that he would fight during his quest. The training made him confident enough to face off against Ares. He challenged Ares to fight him one-on-one and said that if he were the first to draw Ares’ blood, then he would take the helm and bolt from him. During the fight, when Percy was almost about to lose, Poseidon tried to save him by sending in a huge wave that shielded him against Ares. After an intense battle, Percy was able to draw the first blood and eventually win the battle. Ares handed over the helm and the bolt to him, but before leaving, he told him that he had managed to attain an enemy for the rest of his life.


Later, Percy went into a house right in the middle of the mountains, where he saw Alecto. He handed over the helm to her and asked her to take it to Hades so that he would release his mother. He also told Annabeth and Grover that even though he had missed the deadline for handing over the bolt to Zeus, he would go to him to warn him about Kronos. He wanted to let him know that Kronos wanted to instigate a war between the brothers, just to come back in power and avenge his fall.

What Happened After Percy Met Zeus?

After Percy went to meet Zeus through a secret opening in the museum, he saw that Zeus had been waiting for him to return the bolt. Percy tried to warn Zeus about Kronos and said that he was coming back from Tartarus after gaining more strength! He also told Zeus that it was Kronos who had stolen the bolt with the help of Ares. Zeus asked him to leave after he handed the bolt to him, but Percy was reluctant. He told Zeus that his entire family was a mess and that Zeus had to take the responsibility to amend things so that Kronos wouldn’t come back and make the brothers fight.


The unsolicited advice from a youngster like Percy made him very angry, and just as he was about to strike Percy, Poseidon appeared and stopped him. He surrendered to Zeus and asked him to spare his son. This brought out his fatherly instincts and the love that he had for Percy. Later, when Zeus went away, Poseidon told Percy that his disobedience was something he got from his father. Poseidon said that even the sea does not like restrictions like Percy and is a master of its own will. Later, Percy asked Poseidon if gods had dreams like regular people, and when Poseidon said that they did, he asked whether he ever dreamt about his mother. Poseidon later sent Percy back to the camp, where he again reunited with Annabeth and Grover.

Why Did Luke Betray Percy?

When Percy reached the camp, he heard that it was Clarisse who had stolen the bolt, as she wanted the gods to fight amongst themselves. Later, while Luke and Percy were discussing the prophecies and how they had all come true, Percy told Luke that he would be betrayed by one of his friends. Percy immediately realized that Clarisse was still in the camp because Luke didn’t say anything to Chiron about her. He was now sure that it was Luke who had been working with Kronos to steal the bolt. He told Luke that he had intended for Percy to be pulled down in the Tartarus, and that is why he had given him the shoes with the wings. Percy had given those shoes to Grover, and that is why he almost got pulled into Tartarus once!


Luke told Percy that the gods were his enemies, as he saw them as power-thirsty entities. He believed that the gods did not care about their own children and only wanted them to obey their commands. He wanted Percy to join him and help him attain what he wanted. To fulfill his selfish agenda, Kronos had completely manipulated and brainwashed Luke. Luke told Percy that when Kronos was in power, it was known as the “Golden Age.” He wanted to make sure that the “Golden Age” was back. When Percy refused to join hands, they got into a fight. Later, Annabeth came in to save Percy, and Luke eventually managed to escape the spot.

What Happened To Percy In the End?

Chiron told Percy that he was proud of Percy and how he had decided to remain loyal to the gods, even after Luke tried instigating him. Chiron further said that since he had become a hero figure to all the others in the camp, he had a lot of responsibility now. Later, when he went to meet his friends, Annabeth told him that she was finally going to meet her father in the human world and spend some quality time with him. Grover was happy that he had finally attained the license to search for Pan. The friends made a pact to come back and meet at the same spot from where they were taking different paths.

Later, Kronos was seen pestering Percy in his dreams and saying that they would meet again in Percy’s world. Percy woke up from his sleep immediately, and Sally was right there beside him, trying to calm him down. She asked him if he had a bad dream, and Percy said that he had again seen Kronos in his dreams. Later, we see Sally’s husband coming to their apartment to find Percy and Sally, but he is upset as Sally was getting divorced from him. He saw a parcel outside Sally’s apartment, in which was Medusa’s head; just after he had a glance at it, he immediately turned into a stone statue!

Did Percy Imagine The Whole Thing?

The eighth episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians makes us wonder if Percy was just imagining a fantasy world or if it was all real. It is possible that all of Percy’s dreams were just being shown as a series of real adventures that Percy had faced. I’d even go as far as to say that Percy was just an over-imaginative child who had started fantasizing about monsters, gods, and demigods after listening to stories from Sally. The fact that Percy had managed to win against all odds and remained alive even after fighting Ares, the god of war himself, makes it possible that he was just imagining himself as a hero. However, at the end of the episode, when Sally’s husband gets turned into a stone, it becomes quite obvious that it was not just Percy’s imagination. The season’s conclusion left us wanting for more. And we can only hope that there’ll be a second season pulling us into Percy’s journey from hereon.


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